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  1. Egmel

    Unknown Invert ID required

    About 2mm long these guys have a hard shell and small antennae from one end. They are independent movers, sometimes by picking up the current other times in a more determined manner but I've as yet to work out how. Other occupants in the tank are some Malaysian trumpet snails, some tubifex worms...
  2. Egmel

    Conundrum... Inverts Dying - Water Parameters?

    Since moving to my sisters I have lost all of my shrimp (more than I could count even during the move) and all of my Malaysian Trumpet snails. However my apple snails and all my fish are fine :? The only thing which has changed with the move is the water as she's with a different supplier...
  3. Egmel

    Iodine for shedding?

    I seem to remember reading that iodine helps shrimps shed. I ask because I found a second half shed dead shrimp this morning and I wonder if it might be because my water is too hard and they're having difficulty shedding properly. Any recommendations?
  4. Egmel

    What critters do you have in your tank(s)?

    Just wanted to find out what the most common 'critters' were that people kept. I know the list is incomplete but the poll is limited to 10 options so I tried to pick the ones that would come up most often. If you've got something unusual then it'd be great to hear what and maybe see some photos :)
  5. Egmel


    I've posted this on TFF but seeing as I think he came in on my last greenline order I thought I might have more luck here... Anyone know what this is, I've seen a couple in the tank but this was the only one I was able to catch, about 1cm long and it appears to be a predator of some kind, the...