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  1. frothhelmet

    Solution for getting rid of freshwater limpets - Acroloxus Lacustris

    The problem is I have other snails I want to keep in the tank (which the limpets compete against), and generally these formulations contain copper which will also kill shrimp and embed itself in your silicone preventing keeping any invertebrates in that tank in the future.
  2. frothhelmet

    Solution for getting rid of freshwater limpets - Acroloxus Lacustris

    Yeah well, there was a time I liked them too. But then they blanketed my front glass and didn't go away. Any case, they compete with my Theodoxus Fluviatilis snails - so glad for them to be gone. They came into my tank on some Elodia Densa from a long-time LFS I put into another tank, and when I...
  3. frothhelmet

    Solution for getting rid of freshwater limpets - Acroloxus Lacustris

    I had a tank with freshwater limpets - Acroloxus Lacustris and they were obscuring the glass on my 37 gallon tank and didn't 'naturally go away' with time - had them for 2 years! Really bothered me in fact. No one seemed to know how to get rid of them, but I recently added a juvenile angelfish...
  4. frothhelmet

    Will an assassin snail kill nerites??

    I gave my friend some Theodoxus nerites and he had a hidden assassin snail in his tank, and yes I saw it eating one it must have killed. Though theos are smaller than the normal nerites.
  5. frothhelmet

    What unusual shrimp are you keeping?

    Cool. Morphologically they look like Crystals.
  6. frothhelmet

    What unusual shrimp are you keeping?

    So cool. Why do you think your colony died off without replenishing?
  7. frothhelmet

    What unusual shrimp are you keeping?

    What is a circulator? You just mean a filter?
  8. frothhelmet

    What unusual shrimp are you keeping?

    Just curious what shrimps everyone is keeping in the UK besides Cherries and Crystals. Post here with your experiences and pics if you can :)
  9. frothhelmet

    A Type of Nerite?

    Get some Theodoxus if you like nerites but don't like their eggs. Win win.
  10. frothhelmet

    Copepods to start culture.

    If you get moss from an established tank it will have some. That's probably your best bet. Try the forum for some moss out of a member's tank.
  11. frothhelmet

    A Type of Nerite?

    Looks to be a type of nerite. More than that I can't say as I have never seen one with a shell like that before for sale. Where did you get it?
  12. frothhelmet

    Nerite eggs

    Theodoxus Fluviatilis nerite eggs rapidly disappear and do not mess up scapes. These are the ones that successfully breed in freshwater. I would get those.
  13. frothhelmet

    Theodoxus Fluviatilis - the Ultimate Guide

    I'll just post this here for posterity. I spent several years trialling Theodoxus Fluviatilis shipments from Germany until I finally cracked the Theo code. Here are the rules for success. 1. There must be ample 'smearing' algae in the tank OR your tank must get some direct sunlight (which is...
  14. frothhelmet

    Theodoxus fluviatilis

    Well, I still have them and they are breeding well, but I moved back to the USA so can't supply them to y'all beautiful UK peeps anymore 😐. Best snail ever. Some other members still have them here. Hopefully they will redistribute 😁
  15. frothhelmet

    Rabbit snails

    Orange tylos also eat my marsilea - so in short they LOVE ferns.
  16. frothhelmet

    Betta with shrimp

    My betta ate rcs size shrimp indiscriminately and terrorised a full grown amano into constant hiding / jumping if you put them together - it constantly tried to hunt and kill it even though it can't swallow it whole.
  17. frothhelmet

    Surveying Caridina cf. Babaulti experiences

    I am pretty sure now that indeed the heat killed the babaulti's and my Hyallela. This makes the most sense. It got hot last year (30C+), but not as hot for so long (2 solid weeks this year). Oh well, try again. Thought this wasn't a problem for tropical shrimp. I ordered some green babaulti's on...
  18. frothhelmet

    Ember Tetras with Shrimp

    Embers do not view babaulti shrimp or gammarus as food. Also I have never seen Embers even peck at the decor - let alone a possible baby shrimp invisible to the eye.
  19. frothhelmet

    Surveying Caridina cf. Babaulti experiences

    Found this article. It says that Hyallela azteca die at a water temp of 33C for 11 hours. This is a little higher than any temp I saw, but not out of the ballpark. https://www.journals.uchicago.edu/doi/abs/10.2307/1538194?journalCode=bbl
  20. frothhelmet

    Surveying Caridina cf. Babaulti experiences

    As I recall they were sold to be as the smaller mexican Hyalella azteca. I really don't see any more of these in the tank - which is weird because I had so many there were on the glass. I keep about 12 Corydoras Habrosus (they breed in my tank) - which can take air from the surface, and 4 Ember...
  21. frothhelmet

    Surveying Caridina cf. Babaulti experiences

    Upon reflection it doesn't make sense that the heat killed them. As my tank didn't get THAT hot. The reason I feel fairly confident about saying this is that my tank has had gammarus for a little over a year, but they now also appear to have been all killed off...what? Nothing kills gammarus...
  22. frothhelmet

    Surveying Caridina cf. Babaulti experiences

    Interesting that this thread came back up. My shrimp decided to all go red about 6 months in. But the real reason I am revisiting this is that I just noticed that my aquarium seems sans shrimp. I think the heat may have killed them all. Never noticed their bodies. I just see now that they are...
  23. frothhelmet

    Mixing shrimp colours

    If you want multi-coloured shrimp get babaulti - I have greens, reds, and yellows and they never mix and fade.
  24. frothhelmet

    Surveying Caridina cf. Babaulti experiences

    OK so I got the babaultis. They are definitely not a green shrimp. But green, red as a decent cherry, orange, yellow, one brown, a few weak coloured ones. They are a whole rainbow. It's like I have many species in one tank. I can also say that they are super flighty, and hide super well. But...
  25. frothhelmet

    Snail Identification

    As Darrel says that snail is Tarebia Granifera. It stays smaller than Melanoides. I actually have a breeding population of black Tarebia Granifera I picked up in Switzerland - really beautiful. Happy to send you some if you PM me with your address. Cheers
  26. frothhelmet

    Surveying Caridina cf. Babaulti experiences

    And what happened? They didn't pay rent? o_O
  27. frothhelmet

    Red-nose pinocchio shrimp die early?

    Two years is decent. Did they die for no reason or a mistake? It would be cool to get some freshwater breeding red-noses. I don't know of anyone who has them. Is anyone going to Australia soon and wants to Han Solo it?
  28. frothhelmet

    Surveying Caridina cf. Babaulti experiences

    I am thinking about getting some of these shrimp and want to hear what you all have to say about them. Some claim they actually eat algae - the way amano and red-nose actually put their face down into it and eat. As opposed to cherries, tigers, and Caridina simoni simoni which in my experience...
  29. frothhelmet

    Keeping Theodoxus Fluviatilis in soft water

    Hopefully they will hold on until May, which is when they really breed like mad. The snail's shell looks healthy so fingers crossed.
  30. frothhelmet

    Red-nose pinocchio shrimp die early?

    A few years ago we had some discussions around red-nose shrimp and how basically they do not adapt to freshwater and all die inexplicably after 6 months max. Is this still the case? Has anyone kept them longer than this? I still like them and wonder if any of these issues have been solved by...
  31. frothhelmet

    Ostracoda Wanted

    Ooo nice photo.
  32. frothhelmet

    Ostracoda Wanted

    I have some. Tiny however - like bbs size. PM me.
  33. frothhelmet

    Keeping Theodoxus Fluviatilis in soft water

    So in the past I have tried to keep Theos in soft water, and what inevitably happened is that their shells would corrode and it seemed to me that the snails would begin to die off. As a result I upped the hardness. About a year ago however I did an experiment where I put some Theos from 10kh...
  34. frothhelmet

    Nerite Snails in high tech

    I tried keeping freshwater nerites (Theodoxus Fluviatilis) initially in ph 6.5-ish water, but the pitting in the shells from the acid water eventually kills them (takes a couple months). When I raised the Ph over 7 they stopped dying and started breeding.
  35. frothhelmet

    Daphnia live food harvesting link

    my 2p http://www.lfkc.co.uk/index.php?topic=472.msg3619#msg3619
  36. frothhelmet

    Carribean Dwarf Filter Shrimp

    They are super pretty. Always wanted one - but have never seen them for sale anywhere - best bet might be german sites.
  37. frothhelmet

    Rabbit snails

    Tylos ate my java fern and coral pellia - ignored crypts, anubias and moss.
  38. frothhelmet

    Got ich in a planted tank with inverts...

    Awesome thanks Alastair!
  39. frothhelmet

    Got ich in a planted tank with inverts...

    Hiya - so I bought some Nannostomus unifasciatus today - and in my opinion one of them has 3 spots of ich on him - bought inadvertently. The tank they are in has plants and inverts (shrimp and snails). The recommended treatment (without medication) is to bring the tank up to 88F and then add...
  40. frothhelmet

    Hydra removal

    FYI I have read that Asolene Spixi will eat hydra. Never tried it though...
  41. frothhelmet

    Snails from the MATRIX0:)

    If they are flat miniature ramshorn snails = Gyraulus sp. I have kept them loads and they are no trouble and I think look cool, especially when they twerk their bodies around. The pink rams I kept them with eventually out-competed them and they disappeared. Every tank could be different though.
  42. frothhelmet

    Shrimp gassing

    I have killed shrimp before by putting them into a VERY high CO2 environment. As I was acclimatising them they stopped moving and picking up food with their feet. When I put them in the tank they all started pinging and dying in short order. Luckily if I caught them and put them in a tank with...
  43. frothhelmet

    Showing off a few of my shrimp

    yeah. the quality of their bloodlines really shine through.
  44. frothhelmet

    Showing off a few of my shrimp

    where did you acquire those shrimp from? incredible colours.
  45. frothhelmet

    Shrimp safe fertilizer

    I use Tropica +NPK and without NPK and often overdose and have no problems with my shrimp (Caridina Simoni Simoni) or various snails.
  46. frothhelmet

    Inbreading in snails

    smaller life forms are less susceptible to inbreeding problems. You will never have to worry about this being a problem for the health of your stock unless you are inbreeding for many many generations...ie like CRS.
  47. frothhelmet

    Help Shrimp Can't Molt!

    Little updae. Interestingly the shrimp was fine carrying his carapace around for a week or so. Then he just appeared normal. So even though he had a hard time molting, still alive. Whew. Water was quite hard gh around 8.
  48. frothhelmet

    total carnage

    Yeah I have to give a hat-tip to London Dragon. Panacured Tylomelanias, rams, MTS, and various shrimps, and never any issues. Sometimes it takes 2 doses, but the planaria always disappear for good and leave everything else unaffected. gotta love it.
  49. frothhelmet

    Help Shrimp Can't Molt!

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Interestingly, the half molt eventually seem to slough off, and now the shrimp seems fine, but it took many many days. Really strange.
  50. frothhelmet

    Help Shrimp Can't Molt!

    Ok so I have 2 pretty rare and expensive Macrobrachium Kulsiense, and one them has been trying to molt for over 36 hours, and is still half-in and half-out of its carapace (mostly in). It's face is covered by the carapace, and I am pretty sure it can't feed properly like this. I highly doubt...
  51. frothhelmet

    Do i have baby Amano's?

    Mark, you will sell them to the forums at some point won't you? Not only do I want them, but med-size shrimp that are peaceful and breed in freshwater are super rare, and there have to be quite a few hobbyists who would be interested. And if they eat algae like the amanos so much the better for...
  52. frothhelmet

    MTS, Snails

    Depends on the species. Melanoides grow to about 2.5cm, Tarebia about 2cm. We have some introduced MTS in Hawaii I collected in the wild and they grew to 6-7cm however. But in tanks they stay smaller.
  53. frothhelmet

    Red Ramshorn Questions

    Very easy to remove eggs, and they dont leave a mark when removed. They are just a soft gelatin-like substance.
  54. frothhelmet

    microscopic mystery animal

    I have these in my shrimp only tanks. I dont know what they are, but they are only about .5cm long. They sometimes like to swim by flicking their bodies back and forth, but the mostly crawl on the glass like a caterpillar. They are not planaria. Fish like to eat them though. Dont worry if you...
  55. frothhelmet

    Do i have baby Amano's?

    Well Mark, I must say those shrimp look like amanos to me. Whatever their identity, if your 'amanos' eat algae like real amanos, who needs a real amano...So, do they?
  56. frothhelmet

    Ramshorn outbreak

    photo please ;)
  57. frothhelmet

    Horned nerites

    Ph >7, Kh >5. Anything less and they wont like it. If you are little bit under they can tolerate it, but go more than a few decimal points and their shells will start to seriously corrode. I am having that problem on a tank at the moment with Ph 6.7 and Kh 3. I killed two nerites in there in...
  58. frothhelmet

    Horned nerites

    In my experience nerties cannot be supplemented with any food but algae on hard surfaces, they just ignore it. If you dont have enough of that or if you water is too soft and acid they will wither away and die. Your nerites behaviour is worrying Sajit. Let us know how it goes though...
  59. frothhelmet

    Baby Rabbit Snail?

    They grow slowly but steadily from what I remember. When they are really little they do seem to grow a bit faster though.
  60. frothhelmet

    Baby Rabbit Snail?

    I used to keep Tylos for a while, and yep, what you got there is a little baby. Congrats :)
  61. frothhelmet

    ID Shrimp

    That's a cherry shrimp. Looks a bit like the 'blueberry' RCS shrimp they sell in the US, which can be anywhere from blue to black.
  62. frothhelmet

    Shrimps in my intake

    wow, all i did was make a suggestion. i didnt expect the fan-fish inquisition :twisted:
  63. frothhelmet

    Shrimps in my intake

    turn down the flow rate?
  64. frothhelmet


    Caridina Simoni Simoni - kept it for 2 years now. Red-nose - lasted only 6 months :( You can see him here eating my BBA, and yes he wasn't just picking at it he did eat it. Good ol' boy he was.
  65. frothhelmet

    Filters on Shrimp Only Tank?

    I dont like the stocking method. The filter clogs in one day...Foam block is a good idea, or just use an internal filter. Eheim also makes a prefilter sponge if you are using their stuff. In any case, good luck.
  66. frothhelmet

    What is the best snail species?

    Ramshorn is the best snail for algae. It eats BBA, algae on the glass, and just about everything else except spirogyra (if you find something that eats spirogyra let me know). It doesn't touch plants. MTS is also good at eating algae on the glass, but it wont touch BBA. These two snails are good...
  67. frothhelmet

    hydra in the aquarium.

    another natural cure is asolene spixi which will eat hydra...and your plants.
  68. frothhelmet

    help a noob

    ramshorn snails are the best snail to rid you of all sorts of algae. MTS will eat algae that ramshorns will except BBA. Nerites are the best snail to clean hard surfaces, but they wont eat anything but algae and can easily die of starvation and will leave eggs everywhere that cant hatch. Other...
  69. frothhelmet

    Shrimps for a bowl?

    for what it's worth, I kept Caridina Simoni Simoni in a ~2 liter bowl for four months during the summer and it survived and grew. However, when I returned it to a tank its colours greatly improved. Since I kept this female singly I do not know if she would have bred in the bowl. An interesting...
  70. frothhelmet

    Easiest Shrimp To Breed

    As a shameless plug, Caridina Simoni Simoni is very hardy and also breeds very well.
  71. frothhelmet

    Red-Nose Freshwater Death

    Mini-ramshorns (Gyraulus sp.)? I am pretty sure they are regular ramshorns (Planorbis sp.). If you want mini-rams I got some...
  72. frothhelmet

    Red-Nose Freshwater Death

    I was searching for the previous thread but I couldn't find it so I am writing it here. My red-nose which I had for 5 months died inexplicably. It grew a great deal and was very pretty but died for no apparent reason. a1matt had three that similarly disappeared for no apparent reason. So mr.luke...
  73. frothhelmet

    Vibrio harveyi bacteria cause death and shrimp glow in dark

    Re: Vibrio harveyi bacteria cause death and shrimp glow in d I dont think it is really possible to treat shrimp for diseases they may have or be exposed to, as any chemicals you introduce risk upsetting them more. I would recommend trying to keep the tank as healthy as possible. Frequent small...
  74. frothhelmet

    Acclimating Shrimp

    You cant look at shrimp and tell they are 'ready'. But if they are pinging around you know they are not ready, in fact, they are on the verge of death and you need to stop the acclimatization until they have stopped flicking themselves and swimming madly around. This is what 'pinging' means. In...
  75. frothhelmet

    Acclimating Shrimp

    Depending on how different your new water is from the shrimp water, this acclimatization recommendation will kill your shrimp. For example, I have changed 1/2 of my water over one hour and killed 50% of my shrimp population as a result. If you want to be sure you do not kill your shrimp, the...
  76. frothhelmet

    Do Blue Tigers Breed True?

    I can't tell for sure from what is online whether or not blue tigers will breed true or produce non-blues as well. Cheers for your experiences every1.
  77. frothhelmet

    Live Shrimp Import Permission

    Like many of you, I want to bring a bag of shrimp back to the UK in my luggage to keep for myself. The shrimp will come from outside the EU while I am vacation. Does anyone know what documentation hurdles I will have to clear to do this legally? No cheeky responses that I can just "chance 'em"...
  78. frothhelmet

    Mail order Shrimps

    No, that's 8 Euros for cardinal shrimp. Which is a delicate and beautiful sulawesi species. Their prices are quite good overall in my estimation.
  79. frothhelmet

    Mail order Shrimps

    Take a look here. http://www.1a-wirbellose.de/invertebrate-shrimp.php You can also google the word 'garnelen' for more sellers. goodluck
  80. frothhelmet

    What Shrimp Species would you like to be more available?

    deep down i still want to get a colony of Caridina Simoni Simoni going again. Still just have the one female...
  81. frothhelmet

    so many nerites so little time

    time is hardly the binding constraint. the real problem is lack of any supply of these beauts. Be so cool if they bred in fresh...
  82. frothhelmet

    micro crabs?

    Hey Garuf, could you find the breeding post for us. Would love to check it out!
  83. frothhelmet

    do big shrimp eat baby shrimp

    This guy begs to differ... http://ukshrimp.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=1328
  84. frothhelmet

    Malaysian Trumpet Snails (MTS) Really Do Eat Algae

    I always thought it was a marketing ploy, but it really is true, and they do a good job. I got that soft fluffy algae on the glass in one of my tanks and I recently put some Melanoides Granifera in, and they are mowing right through it. Photography was difficult, but you can sort of see the...
  85. frothhelmet

    medicines for fungus.

    I wouldn't dose any medication into a tank with CRS. If you think your fish are struggling now think about what it would be like if an untold number of unfindable dead CRS were rotting in the tank as well! I am going to refer you to a little trick that a1matt taught a number of us. Get a big...
  86. frothhelmet

    Invert Deaths

    One thing that screams out to me as a potential problem is that your Kh is 0. Your other parameters don't appear problematic and 50% weekly WC's will reset toxic levels of anything. I would add some crushed coral shell to the tank, or if you are using RO for WC's start using some tap-water and...
  87. frothhelmet

    Shrimp proofing an internal filter

    Check this recent post. Panty hose is the way to go. viewtopic.php?f=38&t=10976&p=117446#p117446 Although, the U2 has an odd shape, with multiple outlets...you may have to get creative with this one...
  88. frothhelmet

    Invert Deaths

    Well McPhil, you certainly do stock low for 240l! As to why your nerites are dying you still haven't told us your water parameters. Nerites will head to the surface and stop moving when the CO2 is high/ water is acid. Also, what kind of nerites are you keeping? Perhaps the ones you have are more...
  89. frothhelmet

    Invert Deaths

    From the stocking of your tank I can see that it is small. If your Ph is above 6.5 and your Kh is above 5 you can be almost certain that your nerites are starving to death. Nerites will NOT eat any prepared foods deliberately no matter how hungry they are. They behave like robots, pushing...
  90. frothhelmet

    Amano shrimp

    Post this in the For Sale/Wanted section. You will get a better response.
  91. frothhelmet

    Minimum Shrimp Breeding Population

    How many Shrimp do you need to start out with to ensure that you can maintain a viable breeding population indefinitely? 20 enough?
  92. frothhelmet

    Is this Rare?

    Does this mean that your assassins are not killing your Clithon's (except the baby ones?). Have you had any other survivng veligers? Pretty cool!
  93. frothhelmet

    spotty snail - what is it?

    Good info on Theos here. http://mikes-machine.mine.nu/Theodoxus_fluviatilis.htm
  94. frothhelmet

    Freshwater sponges.

    Here is an interesting account of the sponges that come in on the Sulawesi Tylomelania 'Sponge' sp. http://www.crustaforum.com/board/showthread.php?t=1286
  95. frothhelmet

    spotty snail - what is it?

    Tell me this isn't a picture of your snail (first picture on the left, first snail on the left) http://www.weichtiere.at/english/gastro ... water.html and apparently they lay eggs both on their shells and on other objects. I think we have a match!
  96. frothhelmet

    spotty snail - what is it?

    Hmmm, sounds like you have Theodoxus Fluviatilis. It is a freshwater nerite that is capable of breeding in full freshwater and carries its eggs under its shell ( although you describe them laying on dark surfaces...). Its coloration is also very variable with stripes, dots, and combinations of...
  97. frothhelmet

    Fire Red shrimp bred

    Where did you get them?
  98. frothhelmet

    Fire Red shrimp bred

  99. frothhelmet

    Hairy Trumpet Snail, Thiara Cancellata

    Got this response :) http://www.forums.rareaquatics.co.uk/sh ... 9#post3999
  100. frothhelmet

    Nerite's Effectiveness as an Algae Eater

    Update. Day 2 Glass Day 3 Glass Pas mal non?