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  1. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Record UK entries in the ADA contest

    thats brilliant to see such an increase. Ive been hoping that UK entries would increase now that the Society has such a wonderful member base.. we have such huge talent on here. If you have entered, and youre on here, we'd love to know if youre one of the 12+... one of our aims is obviously to...
  2. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Mr Amano's home tank!! (must see)

    yeah Im with you on that one aaron. somewhere on www.barrreport.com lol
  3. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Anyone entering the ADA 2008 aquascaping contest?

    lol aint that the truth! :lol:
  4. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Anyone entering the ADA 2008 aquascaping contest?

    you should go for it Saintly :) at the worst case, the Judges constructive criticism can be very useful!
  5. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Tree scape

    these competitions seem so tied to the personal preferences of the judges.. all of those top tanks are mind blowing! How on earth can they say one is better than another!?
  6. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Green fishing line

    yeah i know its not totally invisible, but its pretty good and better than the green stuff.. is all i was getting at :)
  7. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Tree scape

    amazing scape! although I prefer the first one as well :) it has more in it to look at.. grabs the attention for alot longer. both are still amazing though.
  8. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Moss mesh

    thats a really interesting idea :) I wonder if this could be good for Riccia stones. Would save a whole lot of messing about wouldnt it?! I cant think of any reason why you cant use it, its used in many many food processing systems for humans, so on that basis Id be fairly confident it wont...
  9. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Green fishing line

    flourocarbon is very cheap.. http://www.swiftys-fishing-tackle.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=19_21_37_182&products_id=4649&PHPSESSID=981523897384b66f8422af92750af912 something like that would be good, goes really tiny diameter and stays pretty strong.
  10. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Green fishing line

    Eds right, a good bit of flouro is probably best. As Im sure any fisherman would agree! Its engineered to be invisible underwater
  11. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Ultimate nano?

    now thats what im talkin about
  12. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    My nature-scape

    looks great :) but loose the plastic plant pots!
  13. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Need some help people

    Tim, I love the methods youve used for designing your scape from an image.. thats truely inspiring :) if it works out, you should do a tutorial on it :) keep us updated, facinating to see how that works out.
  14. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    undersoil heating

    In the early days of planting, an under-soil heating system does show some benefits.. the same techniques are used in terrestrial propagation widely throughout the horticultural industry. however, I question the use after the first few weeks of planting. Once the root systems are established...
  15. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Hardscape Help

    youll still be able to grow HC or Glosso in the sand Tom, no problem at all :) both feed heavily from the water column as well as via roots so shouldnt present a problem.. might be a little slower to spread, but not much.
  16. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    What do you think?

    I really really love the rocks in this tank :) maybe with my new lighting (when it gets here) I should redo mine.. again..
  17. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    120cm NA

    i love it :) shame about the 125 mate.. that really sucks!!
  18. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    PFK Tank

    bye bye.. well, he was correct on one thing...
  19. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    PFK Tank

    play nice in the sandbox coley.. Clive was quite right to quote Tom, and hes entitled to his opinions as well.. thats why were here, to have Discussions.. not arguments.
  20. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    PFK Tank

    understand what your saying Clive, but I really can guarantee that my co2 is high.. but yet it still survives. I find it hard to believe that having adequate co2 in the tank would KILL it, as all plant life utilises co2 to survive, so why would BBA be any different? CO2 cannot be damaging to...
  21. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    PFK Tank

    :) ive done that many times trying to sort it out, on this and other tanks.. right up until the drop checker is very nearly yellow. are we sure that its not one of Excel's active ingredients killing the BBA? after all, thats its other use.
  22. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    PFK Tank

    having said that.. I have loads of BBA and i know my co2/flow is fine.. I think the known causes of BBA are as yet, inconclusive.
  23. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    60cm Iwagumi layout

    thats really amazing Zig, not only on the scape.. but your photography is truely awesomely executed. Incredibly impressed
  24. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Oliver Knott

    to me it looks like a cheap back street pets at home attempt at a display tank! just without all the cyanobacteria
  25. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Aquascaping tips for a tall tank

    is that one of those Aquaone tanks chrisi? Friend of mine has one exactly those dimensions, planted up with plastic plants, she finds it very difficult to get the height in it. One thing id suggest, if you can get hold of it, put cork tiles all over the inside back glass, stick it on with...
  26. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    riccia netting

    Ive just used all my spare stuff, and ive had a few algae issues to cope with on my new setup. Hopefully I should be selling again in the next few months :) Ill let everyone know and do it for less than I normally do :)
  27. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    riccia netting

    that dude.. is an amazingly cool idea! its a nightmare trying to find sources of netting that are a small enough weave. and also, your stones are going to look stunning when its all grown up :) you might need though to add more riccia next time you do it, unless your more patient than i am! i...
  28. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    riccia netting

    discovered a really surprising thing today. today i bought some fruit for the netting to use in netting riccia down to rocks. Normally I look for green netting, but this time i got blue thinking, oh well itll be ok in a few days. The mad thing is, its almost totally invisible compared to the...