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  1. frothhelmet

    A 'little' box of chocolates, licorice n allsorts - baby chocco fry

    When you add the Chocolates it should be goodbye Mr. Fry. They are good hunters.
  2. frothhelmet

    Shrimp Tank - Juwel Rekord 60

    From which photo? The tank has changed so many times lol The most recent 'full-tank' shot. That moss looks gewd.
  3. frothhelmet

    Shrimp Tank - Juwel Rekord 60

    What is that moss in the bottom left-hand corner of you shrimp tank? Spiky? I must say, your tank looks incredible. Btw, am now thoroughly worried as I have just set up a 60l with Amazonia II.Who would have thought that ADA would sell garbage? Terrified as to what will happen in 6months...