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  1. frothhelmet

    Stunted frogbit roots

    The leaves are healthy, but your frogbit roots are being eaten. You added a new partially or fully vegetarian fish like a Serevum and it is eating the roots. Look at them, they have been systematically 'cut'. Many things eat frogbit roots. Ramshorn snails for instance will eat the fine filaments...
  2. frothhelmet

    Amazon frogbit

    Ramshorn snails eat frogbit the fine hairs extending out from the taproots but not the taproot itself, and never the leaves. Could be another snails though. Also older leaves can also just get old and deteriorate.
  3. frothhelmet

    Plant I'd needed

    Living Waters Croydon usually has some and they ship. I would also ask them about any other fern-looking plants they might have - as they always have the rare and unusual.
  4. frothhelmet

    Plant I'd needed

    crepidomanes auriculatum is also very fern - like but grows very slowly.
  5. frothhelmet

    Growing plants hydroponically out the back of your tank

    Let's face it. As much as we love our pretty aquatic plants, nothing removes fish waste from water better than emersed plants - whether floating, breaking the surface from the substrate, or hung on the back with roots dangling into the water. I am looking for some good - 'grow out the back of...
  6. frothhelmet

    Flowering floating plants

    Are there any floating plants that we can keep under a tank lid that will flower in an aquarium? I can't think of any...
  7. frothhelmet

    Yoghurt and blended ferns

    We all know this works with moss. Ferns like similar conditions as moss, so I wonder if blending up fern rhizomes and mixing with yoghurt could produce similar results. Does anyone know?
  8. frothhelmet

    Help me find a good small lily!

    nymphaea micrantha is goregous and stayed relatively small for me as a lotus.
  9. frothhelmet

    Afro Moss

    Couple photos of afro moss from my karoo dream journal.
  10. frothhelmet

    Experiences with Ranalisma Rostrata in Hard Water

    I got some Ranalisma Rostrata about 3 months ago from Alastair. It was growing gangbusters in his Chocolate Lake with high light and without CO2. But now that I am growing it in these conditions it doesnt really grow for me at all--does stay alive though.... Unlike Alastair the water I have is...
  11. frothhelmet

    Black leaves on Bolbitis

    I'm pretty sure it's not BBA. Have a look at the photos. I also keep rams in this tank and used to have BBA many years ago until I added them. I think it's probably just an old leaf syndrome as some of the commenters have said. The bolbitis has been growing like crazy in this tank for many years.
  12. frothhelmet

    Black leaves on Bolbitis

    I have a bolbitis in London concrete tapwater under medium light. It grows really well but a couple of the leaves are turning dark/black especially near the leaf edges. It doesn't look like algae on the leaf but almost. Anyone know what this is?
  13. frothhelmet

    Moss wall

    Yeah but it's a very 'special' algae.
  14. frothhelmet

    Afro Moss

    I agree with Darrel. Come to think of it it does look like a leafy liverwort-type. Hopefully I will post some better pictures soon. Cheers.
  15. frothhelmet

    Moss wall

    I never really managed to get a nice moss wall. Was always a bit patchy and never really looked great. Will be interesting to see how this fares. Cheers.
  16. frothhelmet

    Afro Moss

    No it's none of those names because it stays a micro size. It is also less transparent than those photos. Could be related though. Nice pictures.
  17. frothhelmet

    Afro Moss

    Just wanted to share some close ups of this new moss I got at Living Waters Croydon. I keep it low tech. Enjoy.
  18. frothhelmet

    Best Long Term Moss

    From what I gather java moss is the most resilient and handles higher temps (30C) the best, it also grows 'quickly'...though no moss really grows fast without CO2. Other good mosses that I have tried which attach include peacock, wiror, and Drepanocladus adunculus-...
  19. frothhelmet

    Best Long Term Moss

    Not all mosses will attach to hardscape. Many do, but for instance weeping moss does not. My favourite long term moss is fissidens, as it grows slow (less pruning), is basically unkillable, and looks good.
  20. frothhelmet

    'Kids' Project. Moss on Bogwood in the Garden

    This is going to end up one algae-infested soupy mess. You can go no flow with mosses, but then you must keep them very well shaded. This is going to be outdoors with tons of light, no shrimps to clean, and no flow/filter. This is a recipe for disaster. Go emersed, or shade the thing and add...
  21. frothhelmet

    Do Snails eat pelia?

    Maybe if they are starving ramshorns will eat pellia. I can confirm however that yellow and orange tylomelania (sulawesi elephant snails) that I have kept demolished java fern and mini-pellia (riccardia graeffei).
  22. frothhelmet

    mini bolbitis in a non co2 set up

    I grow it fine non-CO2 tank. Have soft and acid water from ADA Amazonia I though...
  23. frothhelmet

    Elatine hydropiper

    I have limited experience. It is fine with lower temps, surprisingly it doesnt require CO2, I had it growing decently in ADA Amazonia I on a 80 liter with 55 wats of lighting and no CO2. That said, I think you need to add CO2 to get the best out of it. You will want a fine substrate to hold it...
  24. frothhelmet

    Hymenasplenium obscurum

    I keep Crepidomanes auriculatum, and I can confirm that when you Google image Hymenasplenium obscurum that the crep fern is identical. Thanks Darrel.
  25. frothhelmet

    Bolbitis Gametophyte Show and Tell

    Hiya, I just edited this post because I have been corrected that what I have is actually a bolbitis gametophyte (not bryophyte - sounds too similar for me). Apparently given a little more time it will start to porduce a rhizome like ferns do. I will keep ya'll posted. I just wanted to share...
  26. frothhelmet

    Best Way To Attach Anubias To Driftwood?

    don't forget the twisty-tie method. my personal favourite.
  27. frothhelmet

    bolbitus difformis

    Hard to say. They may need an immersed to emmersed transition time.
  28. frothhelmet

    bolbitus difformis

    Keep the light level low to keep the algaes from invading it. Soft slightly acid water is better. And I like ramshorn snails to keep the algae (including BBA) at bay. But ideally put them above the water line :P
  29. frothhelmet

    weeping moss or taiwan moss?

    Let me just second this point. When I was over at Tropica last month Mick who was in charge of new species said he loved weeping moss's drooping effect, but the only problem was that it would NEVER attach to anything, no matter how long it was tied down, and that he was looking for a moss that...
  30. frothhelmet

    Cleaning moss

    shrimps clean the moss and keep it healthy. problem solved.
  31. frothhelmet

    Mini ferns.

    Possibly. Here is a photo of crep. This fern grows very 'upright' and is very light green. http://cgi.ebay.com/Crepidomanes-auricu ... 3a549a4acb Here is a photo of mini-bolbitus. not a species of bolbitus. I dont know what it is, but it is more branchy than the crep. Interestingly, I have...
  32. frothhelmet

    Mini ferns.

    Actually crepidomanes auriculatum is a different fern altogether from mini-bolbitus. I have both and I would say that both are originally terrestrial ferns. The crep will grow under water and likes CO2 and high light. I am currently trying to cultivate the mini-bolbitus. I have only had it a...
  33. frothhelmet

    What Fert Deficiency on my Anubias is this?

    The brown areas on the leaves started appearing recently. The leaf with the huge brown area is about a week old and the brown-ness appeared a couple days ago. The other leaf turned a bit brown a few weeks ago. The tank is 20l, I have 3l of ADA Amazonia I. It is low-tech, I do ~20% WC/week, I...
  34. frothhelmet

    Disinfecting Plants Removing Pests with Carbonated Water

    Does anyone know how long I have to dip aquarium plants in heavily carbonated soda water in order to kill snails and their eggs? I remember hearing someone say this could be done, and then I tried to look on the internet to see how it was done and found nada. Cheers!
  35. frothhelmet

    German Red Moss

    Check it out towards the bottom of this page. It is almost Red! http://www.aquarieninfo.de/pflanzen/moose.html
  36. frothhelmet

    Low-Light Floating Plants

    Thanks all for your input and offers. It turns out that the only floaters I have are Phyllanthus Fluitans, Frogbit, and Salvinia Minima. So sounds like I am pretty much good to go. Dwarf water lettuce looks cool too. Going to have to keep my eye out for it!
  37. frothhelmet

    Low-Light Floating Plants

    Are there any plants that will grow on the surface under low light? Azolla?...
  38. frothhelmet

    Plants for a Bowl

    What plants will survive and grow in a 3 liter bowl with daily fertilized water changes, indirect sunlight from a window, and no filter or water movement? Will the classic unkillables of Java Fern and Java Moss be able to grow? What about anything else? Or will it all just stagnate and algae over?
  39. frothhelmet

    Floating Plants, Gas Exchange & Evaporation

    If you use enough floating plants can you; 1. Impede surface gas exchange and imperil the life in your tank 2. Significantly reduce evaporation in open-top tanks, providing a kind of 'natural hood'. I guess it would also depend on the species of floater. What plants in everyone's experience...
  40. frothhelmet

    Java Fern Varieties

    Questions Answered! Here is their reply below. Dear Gerard The plants, all of them, are no longer in production for one reason, simply because we do not sell enough of them! We will not sell the again within the next two or three years, but maybe later on. The Narrow and Windeløv versions are...
  41. frothhelmet

    Java Fern Varieties

    Would they deign to reply to moi? Let's see...
  42. frothhelmet

    Java Fern Varieties

    I have Java Fern Trident. But only some plantlets from my sisters tank. The bigger new leaves from the plantlets are growing in the Trident form, so it seems to be at least 'semi' stable as a variety. Still growing super slow for me though, and some parts leaves are still melting. Never had much...
  43. frothhelmet

    Will Pellia (Monoselenium Tenerum) Self-Attach?

    I have read conflicting reports. Will Pellia self-attach over time? Or do you have to use a permanent non-degrading attacher like a hair-net or fishing-line in order to hold it fast?
  44. frothhelmet

    Java Fern Varieties

    I have a couple questions on some now very hard to find Java Fern varieties. Does anyone know the story behind Java Fern 'Tropica'. I have read that plantlets of it do not have the same 'dentate' leaf pattern of their parents. Is this true? Is this why Tropica stopped selling it. I also head...
  45. frothhelmet

    Keeping Mini-Bolbitis

    Interesting question. The website also talked about Bolbitis Difformus and said that it did not really grow underwater either, just putting up a few small leaves but generally wasting away. I talked to Graeme at TGM about B. Difformis in one of the display tanks (small one with the amano filter...
  46. frothhelmet

    Pellia Bleaching

    Big thanks to Neil (Nelson) for giving me a huge bunch at the TGM meet. Hopefully won't turn to dust in my as it wont be used to neglect like the other piece...or will it ;P
  47. frothhelmet

    Keeping Mini-Bolbitis

    A Japanese website I was looking at says this plant grows excruciatingly slow and stunted underwater. Apparently it is not an aquatic. The guy selling it says it grows fine with CO2 and Med light. I trust the guy as he resent me a large order of plants when it never arrived with no questions...
  48. frothhelmet

    help with right plant for iguwami corner

    OMG, it's one of those picture frame tanks! Hmm considering the limited space you have back there, how about some regular hairgrass (Eleocharis Acicularis) to fill in that corner. BTW, why you have a black/white gravel combination?
  49. frothhelmet

    Keeping Mini-Bolbitis

    It is available here. http://cgi.ebay.com/Mini-Bolbitis-Live- ... 19bac01b2a This plants looks awesome. Does anyone know if this is really Bolbitis, if it is really an aquatic plant, and if so what water parameters are necessary to keep it? I can't find any of this info on the net. Many...
  50. frothhelmet

    low tech carpet plant other than crypts?

    Some say Marsilea species are good plants for carpeting low light tanks. I cannot comment from experience though...No matter what though they tend to grow super slow.
  51. frothhelmet

    Pellia Bleaching

    Yeah I know! The place where I got it had it in a biorb with an airstone and it was super green and bushy. And yet when I give it strong light and CO2 it fades away...Don't understand it. Nope, don't use liquid Carbo. Quite flummoxed really.
  52. frothhelmet

    Pellia Bleaching

    I got some 'Pellia', Monosolenium Tenerum, recently, and when I put it in my tank the dark healthy colour bleached out to pale green sickly colour and it when from 'crispy' to rather limp. Here is a horrible picture of some of it (it is lying on the bottom in various locations in my tank). Is...
  53. frothhelmet

    marsilea hirsuta: growing upwards?

    Marsilea does not need high light. It does fine with low light set-ups. Could be emersed growth, but even growing submerged Marsilea will on occasion send up long stem leaves. You should cut these off to prevent the plant from going 'leggy', if that isn't the look you want.
  54. frothhelmet

    Australia's Mini-Glosso

    I guess the Antipodeans have something to offer other than distinguished culture and fine manners. Check it out. http://www.aquagreen.com.au/plant_data/ ... ndrum.html
  55. frothhelmet

    plants in a pail for the meantime? Is this okay?

    I have kept various plants in 'suspended animation' this way for a while. If you push it for more than a week anything but Javafern, anubias, and some mosses will hate you for it.