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  1. Matt Holbrook-Bull


    had an amazing bit of luck today.. went to my LFS, just to pop in to see what they had about.. managed to buy 6 ruby nerites for only £10! think thats quite mad, theyre quite big as well. Also managed to get 2 denison barbs for £14, which I recon isnt too bad either! Who says the LFS is...
  2. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Snails surface skating

    In case you've not seen this before, snails really do skate around on the surface! This little (1.5cm) Leopard Ramshorn snail really seems to love it and does it whenever hes not feeding or sleeping! He adjusts his buoyancy by taking more/less air into his shell.. this allows him to remain...
  3. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Apple snails pic

    lovely arent they? they do so love home grown cucumber
  4. Matt Holbrook-Bull


    I just love snails, they leave your plants alone, and they stuff all the algae they can find! At the moment I have 2 nerite stripy jobs, and Ive just ordered these amazingly cool purple apple snails. Isnt that amazing! Im hoping I might get these guys to breed, unfortunately, Nerite snails...