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  1. JEK

    Nature pictures

    Here's a Capercallie. :D
  2. JEK

    Nature pictures

    Just checked the swedish names and it's Tetrao tetrix, "Orre" in swedish. We also often see Tetrao urogallus, very beautiful bird. The males can be rather agressive in the springtime. I've heard many stories about Capercallie males attacking humans, but I haven't been lucky enough to experience...
  3. JEK

    Nature pictures

    Still browsing trough old photos (feeling really nostalgic today :) ) and thought I'd share some of the nature pics with you. Maybe they can give some inspiration for aquarium layouts... They're from Sweden and the photos are taken by my brother. I've no idea what they're called in english...
  4. JEK

    Ultra-wide angle (UWA) and aquascaping

    I know this isn't really relevant to the topic of the thread, but I hope it's okay I answer Nick16... Look at world ranking 3 in the 2008 IAPLC contest. That's actually a rather unsharp and blurry picture. At least it is in PFK 12/2008 - I don't have the IAPLC booklet so I can't tell if it's...