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  1. JEK

    60-P "Succession"

    Well, I'm hooked again. Just picked up an ADA 60-P. I have a pretty good idea about the hardscape already: The lighting is a Twinstar 600ES. filtration will be an Eheim Classic 250 and an Azoo skimmer. The Eheim is maybe a bit weak for flow, but I will supplement with a powerhead if necessary...
  2. JEK

    16 l shrimp jungle

    Hi guys! I'm getting back into the hobby after about 8 years without aquariums. I wanted to start out without investing too much so I've bought an Azoo Flexi-Mini (31x21x24 cm, 16 litres, 150 l/h HOB filter and 7 watts LED) with a tropica nano CO2 system and a cal aqua CO2 checker. The...
  3. JEK

    60 cm opti-white - Update

    I've just ordered a 60x30x36 cm tank and equipment. Looking very much forward to start my first hi-tech planted, that's not a nano. :D Specs: Lightning: Arcadia overtank luminaire 2x24 w (the old model) Filtration: Circulation only, no filter. I'll be using a koralia nano 900 l/h. Substrate...
  4. JEK

    30 cm nature aquarium

    Well, I decided to start a new journal since I'm making a whole new layout in this tank. For hardscape I'm using dragon stone and plants will be glossostigma, Bacopa, H. micranthemoides, R. wallicii, Taiwan moss and maybe Anubias var."petite". I have two main ideas for hardscape and placement...
  5. JEK

    "Lost in Oblivion" 27 litres

    Finally I got this tank started.:) Plants are HC, Anubias "petite", java moss (on the wood), taiwan moss (on the rocks), Hydrocotyle, bolbitis and H. pinnafitida in the bachground. I think H. pinnafitida will be removed and instead i'll plant blyxa or maybe vallisneria nana, but i not sure if...
  6. JEK

    Johan's 30C - Ryū no yama

    Hi, I'm going to start my my little cube again. Specifications: Aquarium: 30x30x30 cm Lighting: Aquatic nature solar boy duo 26 W Filter:Eden 501 Heating: Jäger 25 W CO2: Easycarbo Nutrition: TPN+ Substrate: Seachem Flourish Black Hardscape: Red moor wood and/or dragon stone. Or branch wood...
  7. JEK

    Mini M V3

    Some pics of my latest scape. I have made some minor changes in the hardscape since the pics were taken. Needs some more plants off course.:) Riccia and Eleocharis acicularis will be added soon. I'm considering changing the microsorum to anubias barteri "petité". Specs: Tank: 36x22x26...