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  1. oddn0ise

    Anubias Disease!

    This week I have retrieved a floating Anubias leaf a day. Could this be the beginning of the disease you mention, any suggestions on what to do next?
  2. oddn0ise

    Trimming Helanthium Tennelum

    Do you guys trim Tennelum or leave it to grow naturally. I do like the natural look but not sure whether it's better to trim it...
  3. oddn0ise

    carpet options with corys

    I've got a fair few Cory's and my Tennellus has been thriving and Stauro too, so I'd say both were good options. Interested to see how you get on with the Marsilea. Corydoras_Loxozonus_Panda_Similis by oddnoise, on Flickr
  4. oddn0ise

    Plant book

    There are some interesting books by Takashi Amano that can be bought online or in the bigger book shops...