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  1. tam

    Swap from RO to tap & rain

    I'm moving and logistically it would be easier to swap from remineralised RO to tap+rainwater, I think. I currently use RO remineralised with Salty Shrimp GH/KH to about 220 TDS. The tap water report is: 311 mg/l (or parts per million) :Calcium Carbonate 124.4 mg/l (or parts per...
  2. tam

    Something dense for the back

    I need help with picking a plant(s). I want to fill out this blue bit particularly, at the moment it's the tail end of a very large anubias that's front end is escaping out of the tank, wrapped with some pennywort (which is a bit messy looking). I was wondering about maybe a sword? Haven't...
  3. tam

    Eggs or Gravel?

    My fish were gathered in one spot this morning looking like they were feeding. So I syphoned the area in case the ember tetras had been egg scattering. But I can't tell if I've just carefully rescued some sand or there are eggs in there too. What do you think?
  4. tam

    Media for small plants

    I have one of these to use as an emersed planter: I want to use quite small plants e.g. u. graminifolia, mc, mini hairgrass and I was wondering what the best thing to grow them in would be - obviously the root structure is a lot smaller than big emersed plants. I didn't know whether I should...
  5. tam

    Bringing blackwater daphnia colony (+1 shrimp) inside

    I've had a bucket of daphnia running all summer, started it with a bag from the LFS in a black 15L (ish) bucket about half full. Had rainwater and some decomposing raspberry leaves to start and I've topped it up a few times with old tank water as we've been short on rain. Only upkeep was...
  6. tam

    CO2 Effecting fishes sense of smell

    Anyone see this on the BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-44925495 "Fish are losing their sense of smell because of a rise in CO2 levels, according to new research."
  7. tam

    90cm Low Tech Wood, Cobbles & Emersed (Probably)

    Just paid the deposit on a new tank :D - 90cm opti-white from Aquariums4Life. About 6 weeks wait now so time to order everything else. The rough plan is a low tech river/streamish look (not high flow) with cobbles and wood and emersed growth to one corner. Aquarium: Opti-White 90cmx45x45...
  8. tam

    Resolved! Google blocked

    Not sure if this was a deliberate choice, but do you realise you've blocked google indexing the forum pages? It means they are missing and/or have no info other than the link in google search results so hard for people to find it (or use google to search within the site). Tamsin
  9. tam

    Which tank/filter

    I think I need a bigger tank... can you help me work out what? I want something about 90x45x45 but it would sit on my desk so I've a little wiggle room in those dimensions and I don't need a cabinate. I like the rimless/braceless. It will sit in the corner so I'll see left and front sides. I...
  10. tam

    RCS calcium food

    Can anyone recommend a cherry shrimp food. I've just noticed a band across the back of one of my shrimp which I think is a moult issue - also lost the biggest one a couple of days ago. I've had them a couple of months and they are multiplying, seen a few successful moults. My water is about GH6...
  11. tam

    Slightly sad floating plants

    Lately my floating plants have been looking a bit sad. Everything else is doing ok, but maybe a bit slower growing that it has been. It's a low tech tank with slow growers, uses RO remineralised with Tropic Remin to about 6GH, about 20% water changes. I'm using TNC Completed dosed weekly...
  12. tam

    Rotting anubias

    The anubias I planted here: https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/planted-tank-for-catfish.51350/ aren't doing too well. A month on and there is slow but new growth from the ferns, but the anubias not really anything and it's now shedding leaves. The leaves themselves look healthy but are rotting...
  13. tam

    Planted tank... for catfish

    This is my parent's catfish tank, it's been around in various iterations since before I was (30+ years). It currently houses four Syndontis (angelicus, decorus, eupterus?, and something stripy) and a adopted clown loach we need to find a new home for with some clown loach friends. It looks...
  14. tam

    Cryptocoryne sizes

    I've got what I'm fairly sure is Wendtii brown (right) - I've had it years. It grows about 8-10" tall. I was thinking about replacing it with something a bit smaller but the crypt descriptions vary on height imply it's part down to tank conditions and I don't know if anything I put in the same...
  15. tam

    Old Substrate

    My (low tech) tank has been running about four years now, and I'm wondering about root tabs. I'm pretty sure it was JBL Aquabasis I put under the gravel but I'm guess that's long run out of nutrients. While I'm doing liquid ferts (topica), I can't help wondering if plants like cypts with their...
  16. tam

    Ferts = Ammonia?

    I'm hoping someone can help me work out what's going on with some tank readings/shrimp issues. I got five cherry shrimp last saturday - lost two within 24 hours and another yesterday (not sure about the status of the other two), so I got them the shop to test a water sample and they said my...
  17. tam

    Pump dosing bottle

    The top fell off my bottle of tropica fertilizer - can you buy similar bottles with pumps I could decant it into which deliver set amounts of liquid? I think the tropica bottle is 1.2ml per pump but 1ml would be close enough for me. Thanks Tam
  18. tam

    Low tech trimming

    I was just wondering if you trimmed/pruned differently in low tech v. high tech? I lot of the trimming videos seem to be high tech tanks and very dramatic. Which is fine with high tech because the growth rate is so fast, but are there a different techniques when regrowth is going to take a lot...
  19. tam

    Javafern - Brown Splotches

    My javafern has brown splotches on its leaves... It's definitely the leaves themselves not algae growing on them - it goes all the way through. It's growing new leaves (centre) but they start getting little brown dots (left/right leaf) which develop into big splotches (second from left)...
  20. tam

    Emersed to Immersed

    Okay, so I've got lots of lovely plants growing on the window sill, they are bursting out of the propagator - what the best way to get them back into a tank? Plant as they are, rise the water level gradually, chop off the tops and just plant the roots... what works best? My tanks low tech...
  21. tam

    Window Sill Bowl

    I've seen a few very cool little planted jars etc. on the forum, and I thought I'd give it a go... Oops? I thought it would settle but that's after 24 hours. It's aquatic soil (had some leftover from potting up pond plants). If I empty and refil a few times will it eventually clear or do I...
  22. tam

    Upgrading to LED

    Hi, I'd like a little advice on lighting. I've an AquaOne 510 (75l 54cm deep) which comes with two 11w PL lights. I was wondering about swapping to LED and looking at the GroBeam 600? Do you think this would make a difference, and would I need one or two? I don't want super high light...