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    English woodland Long overdue update

    Re: English woodland (Picture update 4th dec) looks very nice john. :)
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    Supperglue plants to wood.

    i agree, superglue gel is a very good option. i use this to glue stick coral frags to rock and it works very well indeed :)
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    Nano Tropica Aquacube 20x20x20cm [Now planted!]

    Re: Stus Hardscape for Tropica Aquacube really looking forward to this one developing :thumbup:
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    Improving my photos

    ps will muller your storage..........elements is not so bad. in my humble opinion i really wouldnt worry about filter pipes and all that malarky. although very very relevent if you were entering a competition i would just say keep clicking until the memory card is...
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    CO2 Tubing

    now that is a bargain :clap:
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    CO2 Tubing

    TMC have now released their plant range and while the majority of it is perhaps not the best they are doing 2m packs of clear silicone tubing which seems supple enough. i can get prices tommorow :)
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    450d lenses or compatibles

    i always do john :wink:
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    First slr photos

    stunning :D
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    450d lenses or compatibles

    pah, stop reading and get snapping starkey :lol:
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    450d lenses or compatibles

    a bargain at Jessops........do they really exist. :lol: looks like you got one John :D
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    450d lenses or compatibles

    at blackminster mate, but near enough. you are more than welcome mate :D
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    450d lenses or compatibles

    if you want to pop in and see me john you are welcome to bring your camera and have a "play" with my lenses. not that they are pro equipment but it may help....................would be good to see you :D you could critic my emmersed set up too :evil: :D
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    Pictus cats and amano shrimp

    snack me thinks :thumbdown:
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    450d lenses or compatibles

    the 18-55mm kit lens is junk. its amazing what a good bit of glass can do :thumbup:
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    JM Livefish do an excellent service and everything is delivered with "fishkeeper care" unlike other delivery companies. however timeframes and costs may have to be a little more flexible but they may be worth considering :)
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    450d lenses or compatibles

    hi john, long time no speak :) i have a 350D with a canon 100mm macro lens which provides nice fish shots. i also have a 55-200mm sigma lens with macro facility which also seems to do a nice job, especially when i want to fire off some basic shots without setting up the tripod and remote...
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    Stopping redmoor from floating

    boiling will help to a certain degree in my experience or siliconing them to pebbles or slate.
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    Shrimps and Snails

    char, i am guessing you treat the discus with kusuri wormer plus on a regular basis. trust me, you do not need to do this. it is marketing which is making people do it.
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    Planted Discus Tank Story

    i am dosing it in a 200g tank at the moment with no effect on the discus whatsoever, however that is with stendker discus which i am sure would survive a nuclear attack :lol: :D
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    Fishless cycle - not enough plants for silent - which ammoni

    could you not get some mature filter media from your LFS? i try and give anyone who comes in with a new tank some media if i can. ok so it might not cheat the system but it will certainly shorten the looooong process of it. :)
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    The Cryptarium

    Re: Marks Crypt Tank - Osaka 260L this i really really like....................im not sure about the "tree" sticking up but please please do not take this as a critisim ( i couldnt do better myself) i think this will look very nice once filled out..........but then i am a crypt fan :oops: :D
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    Aquatic plant management in the UK

    amen to that. i sometimes dont understand the thinking behind this nation of ours.........we kind of "put up the blikers" to problems until they get out of control...........then have to enforce massive measures to irradicate said problems at GREAT expense to us...the tax payer.....instead of a...
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    JBL Cristal Profi E-Series

    as an ex JBL emploee i saw these filters in pre and obviously post production. their predecessors were quite honestly pants but these ones (i have one running on a tank at present) seem to be very good value. i have and always will be an eheim man but i do think these are a good...
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    What is the perfect c02 system for a juwel rio 400 aquarium?

    i have days like that too :lol:
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    Photoshop elements 7

    it does seem mind boggling at first but once you get going its not too bad (not that im an expert or anything :roll: :D ) what are you trying to do, i have 6 but im sure its not that much different.
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    Rock Formations in Nature - Post your pics

    stunning shots stu, how long was the shutter kept open to acheive the effect?
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    JBL or Tropica Substrate?

    wouldnt know if that is the case. i have grown plants in both substrates will excellent results dosing with plant nutrition plus.
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    JBL or Tropica Substrate?

    jbl aquabasis is a perfectly usable substrate imo as is tetra complete. tropica is very good but the two mentioned above will certainly do the job you require :)
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    Budget Rimless tank - Removing clearseal glass bits??

    i have a 18 x 15h x 12 clearseal tank with the braces removed and there os no problem. did it with a 2 ft and emptied it again. the bow was too much for my liking :shock:
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    camera people

    taken with a canon 350D with a canon 100mm macro lens using the pre set camera macro settings.
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    Discus & CO2

    james is quite right imo. discus do not like high levels of co2.
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    Youtube planting vid - early GF???

    at least he is enthusiastic and trying. from small acorns, mighty oaks grow. we were all acorns once, many of us including myself still are :? :D
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    50 of what tetra?

    bentosoi white fins or green lines.....................hubba hubba :D
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    My latest tank...

    so thats my plan of doing a journal on my 200gallon and asking PFK if they want it well and truely down the pan then? :roll: :lol:
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    Please help me.... Whats Going Wrong?!

    nitrate and phosphate sponges are an add on with the filter and not included as standard so its not that. :?
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    Business Startup

    i have a shop and sometimes find it difficult to meet minimum order some weeks. to be honest i thought about doing this years ago. i spoke in depth to a friend who has his own specialist reef shop, and the conclusion we came to is a fish house is a must. a large amount of stock will need to be...
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    Business Startup

    be aware that customers will not have the same appreciation of tanks that you will. if a fish gets ill it will have to be removed IMMEDIATLY...........they will not want to hear "the tank will be a funny colour while treating" they will want a "perfect" looking tank at ALL times with no effort...
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    My Planted Discus Tank !!!!

    looks stunning as always jazz 8)
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    deep tank ideas

    hi guys, i know what plants i could/want to put in there..........its just the layout i am pondering. i do have a picture in my head now and im starting to drool :lol: all pics are much appreciated, especially of your tank jazzy. im sure it is stunning as always :wink:
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    deep tank ideas

    i am not convinced with the led lighting systems as of yet. i will wait till the systems are proven before i move forward on these.
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    deep tank ideas

    im not sure of the rules of the forum so i wont say in public in case it goes against forum policy :?
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    deep tank ideas

    200 gallons after sleeping on it i think i will go for the fern and crypt low maintanance stylee with a shoal of 5 or 6 17cm discus. i will of course post pics when i start :D
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    deep tank ideas

    hi george, we have met before at hayling island (i am a former JBL rep) nice to talk to you again. i am not afraid of doing work on the tank.......................long handled scissor type things are availible and although a bit more clumsy than a nice pair of curved scissors i think they will...
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    deep tank ideas

    hi nicky, i have my own aquatic shop so getting hold of plants is no problem. i will read through that thread......thanks :D its like a painter having a blank canvas and not a scooby what to paint lol :lol:
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    deep tank ideas

    hi all, i currently have a 72 x 30(h) x 24 inch marine fish only tank with sump. running my own business and energy costs and time restrictions mean the tank is not what it should be and i am thinking of a planted set up. i am struggling for inspiration........... i am thinking of a dutch...
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    JBL T5 lighting

    Hi John, I think Claudia from JBL replied to your e mail mentioning me. Are you the same chap I dropped an item to when I was working for them? Either way there is a possibility I could help you with your quest :lol: