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  1. J

    Stepping back into the hobby - Lido 200

    Hello all - been a few years since I last dabbled in the hobby - I've just bought my own place and first port of call was a planted tank! Quick run down of the setup: Juwel Lidl 200 Dual 28w T5's Pressurised CO2 Insert substrate Aqua essentials fertilisers Sieryu stone Redmoor wood First fish...
  2. J

    8L Nano for Shrimp

    This is my first proper go at a nano so here goes: The tank is a TMC microhabitat with a clip on LED lighting unit and built it 150lph filter. The substrate is TMC nutrasoil and fertilisation will be TPN+ and Easy Carbo The hardscape is Blue Stone from The Planted Box and the proposed plants are...
  3. J

    Jack's 70 Litre High Tech

    Bit of basic info: Equipment: 2*11W compact T5's, pressurised CO2, Tetratec ex 700 Ferts: Substrate (Mulm, peat, dry powders and sand), TPN+ at the moment, but I'll be using my dry salts when it runs out, and a few ml's of Easy Carbo daily. Fauna: Hyphessobrycon amandae or Ember Tetra * 12 I've...
  4. J

    Jack's 40cm set up

    Hello :) Having planned this tank for a few months now, and saving up the money to buy resources, I figured that now would be a good time to start the journal and run through what I have so far and what plans I have. :D So here goes: Tank: Arcadia arc 35 Litre tank Filtration Azoo mignon...
  5. J

    Rotala rotundifolia

    Hi all, I'm planning on having some of this Rotala in my next scape, now I have the choice of 1*15 watt T6 tube or 2*15 watt T8 tubes, Do you think I could get away with growing it under the one T6, or should I go for the twin T8's? ps. The tank is a 60 litre 2*1*1 and I will be dosing EI and...
  6. J

    2*1*1 plant placement

    Hi all, I have a 54 litre 2*1*1 to play with and it will be a lowish tech setup (15 watts T6, Full EI, Liquid carbon dosing) I currently have this rock placement and was wondering what people thought: Ignore the terrible photo, I didn't have time to take a proper shot and the shells have been...
  7. J

    FSO trace mix

    I've started dosing EI on my tank, and I still haven't mixed up my traces which are due tomorrow, what is the recommended dose? I have shrimp so I want to avoid dosing too much copper if possible. Cheers, Jack
  8. J

    Comp_nov09: Carbonated miniature

    yeah, sorry about the cheesy name :D Name: Jack Middleton Tank Dimensions: 6*6*6 units will be confirmed later ;) Aquascape Name: carbonated miniature Hardscape/Materials used: ADA zebra stone, Play sand Plants: P.Helferi Fertilisation: 0.1ml of TPN+ and 0.1ml of Easy carbo About the...
  9. J

    Traces in tap water

    Hi all, will my fluid sensor traces breakdown in my hard ph7.2 tap water? I'm guessing so with the Chelator they use? Sorry if grammar is poor, on the iPod. Cheers, Jack
  10. J

    Ideal values for NPK

    Hi, I'm just wondering what are the ideal values for N, P and K in a high Tech, densely planted aquarium? I'm just asking as I'm working out how many grams of each substance i should put in my own PMDD+PO4 solution to achieve appropriate levels I have so far gathered that 1ppm is appropriate...
  11. J

    Working out doses.

    Hi all Ive read both the pins but i still don't understand how you go about working out the amount of each substance is needed, I will be dosing micros and macros on alternate days I Have the following and I am making the shift from TPN+ because I believe the Ammonium nitrate in it is causing...
  12. J

    excess nutrients

    Hi all I have heard this mentioned on a forum a few times and i wondered whether it is true as i don't think it is! This person claims that excess potassium will restrict iron uptake, surely this defeats the whole point in EI?! This person has an amazon sword with pin holes, potassium...
  13. J


    Hi all :) In my tank pictured below there is a gap at the back, The main plant in this tank at the moment is cryptocoryne willisii, and it grows quite compact at a height of 10-15cm with the former being the majority, Is there any other crypt that remains will grow to about 20cm? I know...
  14. J

    Could I source my own cheap CO2 kit?

    Hi all, I want to inject CO2 into my 125 litre, but my mum doesn't like the Idea of me tampering with an extinguisher, not that its really any different than attatching a reg to a CO2 bottle, :roll: I was thinking, would it be possible to source a CO2 bottle, solenoid, reg, check valve...
  15. J

    EI on my rio 125

    My rio 125 goes through bottles of TPN+ like nobodies business, i have enough to last me till christmas so for christmas im going to ask for dry ferts. I want to dose the powders dry instead of mixing them up if possible. Ive had a scan through the pin but still dont know how to estimate, the...
  16. J


    has anyone got any information on the new product that can produce CO2 using electrolysis? i cant remember where i saw the info, but if any of you know anything about it all info will be gratefully received.
  17. J

    Im sick of paying over the odds for TPN+

    Hi all Im sick of paying over the odds for TPN+ for it to last 2 seconds, so do any of you have a dry powder recipe that will be of a similar specification to the TPN+? I dose 5ml a day on a 125 litre tank and growth is very good and I have no algae, considering this is an immature tank I'm...
  18. J

    Cherry shrimp

    Hi all Following a recent visit to my local maidenhead aquatics, I am going to be buying some cherry shrimp (I have owned them before) :) I have a few questions before I go and buy them. They have for sale, normal cherry shrimp £1.50 each, and then in a couple of tanks along they have...
  19. J

    No Mans land

    Hi all I recently left another forum because of terrible moderation and ive been registered on here since january, so i may as well being to post my progress. A run down on stats etc: Rio 125 56 watts of T5@ 6 hours a day Tetratec ex700 and a Koralia 1 Clay cat litter capped with sand TPN+...
  20. J

    tetanus booster

    hi all i had one of these about 10 years ago and im due another...the last time i had the injection the initial jab didnt hurt...but in a period of a month my arm was killing me and was very tender and the pain wouldnt go away, and i remember telling myself i would never have it again, (i was...
  21. J

    a generall query regarding plants that match

    im wanting to set up a jungle tank...but with a twist...a HC carpet, has anyone ever done this before? its just that you dont see many jungle tanks with HC...does anyone have any pics? thanks, jack
  22. J

    clay based substrates

    does anybody know of any clay based cat litters that are safe? i cant get hold of any tropica or JBL...so this must be the next best thing. thanks jack