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  1. glenn

    Wabi filtering & heating advise.

    i dont think there are filters that small. you could instead put a small pump in there with a hose running out in to a bucket and have the filter and heater in that bucket???? just a though.
  2. glenn

    What powerhead do I need?

    a korila 2 would be suited to a 300L tank i think. what filter do you have on it at the moment?
  3. glenn

    TTEX1200 flow with equipement?

    hi, how much do you think the flow on a TetraTec EX1200 will be reduced by putting a Hydor external heater on the inflow and a Aquamedic 1000 reactor on the outflow? enought to leave me needing another filter in a 180L even with a korila 1?
  4. glenn

    Opinions please

    i think 2 korila 2's would be fine, or a 2 and a 1. it depends on where you aim them...i think its best to have the flow going all on one direction. i dont know what the 'eheim directional flow outlets' are? (spraybars) if they are then i would but the korilas in the corners facing the front...
  5. glenn

    how is "putting diffuser undeaneath the intake" different...

    the difference is that a reactor is usualy/meant to be placed on the outlet of a external filter, this stop co2 bublles entering the filter canister. and puting a difuser under the intake goes against the filter manurfacturer's recomendation becuase if you have bubbles of co2 entering the...
  6. glenn

    Quiet closed loop pump?

    well i was looking at these yesterday morning-http://aquariums.ltd.uk/Accessory%20Buy.asp?ID=96&ProdGrp=12 i see you mentioned it, i would go for that one. in the pic it shows it with an atachment for external use and without it for internal use...i think :| i was thinking of buying one of the...
  7. glenn

    Quiet closed loop pump?

    will it be inside the tank or outside?
  8. glenn

    vids of tank flow and surface movement ?

    looks like good flow and surface movement judging by the fish and plants. looks very nice. as for vids LD has a few on youtube showing good flow (hope he dosent mind me giving a link) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiruTFYqD1Y&feature=channel
  9. glenn

    Juwel rio 180 filteration

    yup ex1200 thats what im getting for my rio 180...im also adding a korila to meet the 10x turnover rule.
  10. glenn

    Best filter to fit into Juwel rio 180 cabinet

    i have the old style, and i agree, i think the shelf is pretty useless in the new one-except for if you have a nanno and photo frames :lol: im thinging of getting a TT ex1200 or a TT ex2400, would either of these fit in the old style one.(with out the shelf)
  11. glenn

    help with circulation

    i have a juwel rio 180 (not yet running) :evil: and have just been reading george farmers article on algae. one of the reasons he says for getting algae is poor circulation. this got me wondering if i had enough circulation. so my question is 'will my standard juwel bio compact (big black box...