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  1. glenn

    Plant ID please.

    This came with my riccia and has continued to grow despite being tied to fossalised rock. i think it it glosso :?: (sorry for such a big image, i wasent asked what size i wanted when i uploaded it :s)
  2. glenn

    how are these plants with liquid co2?

    Marsilea hirsuta Eleocharis parvula i will be using easycarbo? any bad experience between easycarbo and thses plants? :thumbup: thanks for any help
  3. glenn

    what plant is this?

    sorry no pic...just imagination :wink: its a bulb plant. vivid green. max length about 2M (79") at its peak of growth. dies of during winter and grows back again when warmer. leaves/vines are about 2cm acros. its not a demanding plant as i have no co2 and low lighting. thanks in advance :P
  4. glenn

    aquaticmagic mosses/cresses

    hi, can any one explain to me why when aquaticmagic say that (for example) flame moss is extremely hardy, withstands fluctuating water chemistry and no co2 is needed but charege you allmost $10 for 2x2" :shock:...is it just me that finds this very expencive for 2x2 inches of flame moss, or am i...