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  1. glenn

    Jewellery Anyone?

    environmentally friendly knuckle dusters??? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. glenn

    These look interesting!!

    i beleive TGM use somthing very similar if not the exact one (the jumbo one) to grow their plants. very effective:thumbup:
  3. glenn

    Emeresed start up for utricularia graminifolia?

    i had some in my propergator. it died, probably from a combination of changing from a submerged form to emersed form + it being my 1st time trying to grow plants emersed so i probably done somthing wrong... :roll: EDIT: i got mine from TGM also.
  4. glenn

    Glenn's Propagator.

    yeah i have 2 misters, one with macro in and one with trace in. then a couple of sprays a day. :thumbup:
  5. glenn

    Glenn's Propagator.

    thanks for the great idea ed, im glad i kept the yeast and bottle with airline. but last time i made it with warm water and yeast in the bottle, once the yeast cooled down it stoped producing co2 so i stoped it. any ideas why?
  6. glenn

    Glenn's Propagator.

    well im not to shure, i was reading that there is somthing like 100-200ppm of co2 in the air, so way higher than in water, but even so, some people inject co2 in to their propagator to try and raise it even higher. and im at school in the day so opening the lid every now and again cant be done...
  7. glenn

    Glenn's Propagator.

    its not a vallis, the vines just look like vallis vines. :roll:
  8. glenn

    Glenn's Propagator.

    so i have had a propagator sitting round for a while, and befor i set my tank up i think its a good idea to see if i can grow my own platns emersed so nearer the time i dont need to buy as many when it comes to planting if i allready have a few. its a normal 40x25x25cm heated propagator. i wont...