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  1. nel.pogorzelska

    Question regarding Ropefish

    I've tried live BBS, micro worms and daphnia and... the fry ate absolutely nothing. I made a mistake though. I found it this big in my main tank and I should have left it there. I don't know what it was eating there, but it was alive and big. After moving it to a separate cycled tank it ate...
  2. nel.pogorzelska

    Question regarding Ropefish

    Ropefish don't really breed in captivity. There are maybe two documented times when they really bred and no records of fry reaching adulthood. That being said... Yes, my ropefish were breeding for some time, my biggest female passed though. They breed only when old enough, mine started being...
  3. nel.pogorzelska

    Question regarding Ropefish

    You can try nano-noodles - kuhli loaches are really cute and you could get 10 of them in a 40b. Not ropefish, but it's something ;)
  4. nel.pogorzelska

    Question regarding Ropefish

    90 cm is a legend, no scientific information on such a long ropefish. They reach 40 cm easily though, still big fish. They can get used to something around medium-high light over time. I agree that they can destroy scapes easily. Uprooting plants is like a hobby for them. I have to replant some...
  5. nel.pogorzelska

    Question regarding Ropefish

    Ropefish are rather social fish. I would get at least 75g and 3-4 ropes. They really behave different (and less skittish) when kept in a group.
  6. nel.pogorzelska

    BBA on Sponge Filter

    You don't even have to rinse it really, H2O2 will quickly fall apart and in a tank it will be in a low concentration not harmful to fish and plants.
  7. nel.pogorzelska

    BBA on Sponge Filter

    Dip the sponge in hydrogen peroxide (1:4 H2O2:water is enough in my opinion.) for 10 minutes, it will die and fall of.
  8. nel.pogorzelska

    Lighting period

    If your tank isn't exactly in front of the window, daylight won't do much so don't worry about it. Wysłane z mojego myPhone S-Line 16 GB przy użyciu Tapatalka
  9. nel.pogorzelska

    Lighting period

    8am-5pm is 9h, 3 pm-10 pm is 7h. It means your plants will get less light, so you might want to consider 1pm-10pm, if the plant growth was nice with 8am-5pm. If you don't want to stress your fish, you might do this change gradually. Change to 9am-6pm for two weeks, then 10am-7pm and so on. I...
  10. nel.pogorzelska

    Aquael Turbo but which model

    I have Turbo 1000, but only as mechanical filtration. I really like it, it's incredibly quiet, but it's big. I use it only when I have too many particles in water - put it in with some fine sponge for a few hours, take it out. I'm not even sure, if it will fit in a 65 litres tank. I understand...
  11. nel.pogorzelska

    Chihiros A series feedback

    I'm waiting for mine to come (a1201), it will be over my nano tanks. I hope it will do nicely.
  12. nel.pogorzelska

    Filter cleaning, how often

    I'm cleaning the sponge on the intake weekly (tested it, after 2 weeks flow slows rapidly). Canister filter on it's own and HOBs on other tanks are getting cleaned when I see that flow is too weak to my liking. I have a tank with HMF too, never cleaned it yet.
  13. nel.pogorzelska


    This is beautiful! I absolutely love it. Maybe next year I should try something like that too.
  14. nel.pogorzelska

    What do you feed your bettas?

    Thanks, I'll get the sv2 version, it looks just right for my bettas!
  15. nel.pogorzelska

    What do you feed your bettas?

    Could you post a photo with the granules size on your hand or something to compare? One of my bettas is notorious slob and won't eat anything too big. So I don't know, if I should buy the size 1 or 2.
  16. nel.pogorzelska

    What do you feed your bettas?

    Wow, they really do ship it everywhere. Well, I guess time to try it. Edit: I like the fact, that it's phosphate free. Maybe I'll use it for my ropes too, if they'll like it. In my ropefish tank phosphates are always off the charts.
  17. nel.pogorzelska

    What do you feed your bettas?

    Never heard of it and I can't really find opinions about it, but the description sounds nice. Maybe I'll try it, if I'll find a store that ships to Poland.
  18. nel.pogorzelska

    What do you feed your bettas?

    One of my bettas is lazy and won't eat pellets too. I'm giving him Naturefood Kristall size XS and he loves it. This is half of his diet though. The other half is frozen mosquito larvae, bloodworms, daphnia, tubifex, brine shrimp. The other betta eats those frozen food and krill, OSI Red Power...
  19. nel.pogorzelska

    'Trident' fern - Normal transition?

    I found out that a leafless rhizomes tend to do good in rather dark tanks. So if I remove all the leaves from a rhizome or cut part of a rhizome without leaves I leave it in a darkest place in the tank I can find. I don't really understand it, but they always grow new leaves faster this way...
  20. nel.pogorzelska

    Carpet plants that don't need regular trimming

    I didn't even know this plant exists! Now I have to find it somewhere and check how it works for me. I love testing new plants.
  21. nel.pogorzelska

    Is This OptiWhite Glass?

    It doesn't look like optiwhite, but maybe it's closer to guardian? As @zozo said, coloration depends on % iron content. So it's a continuous scale, you can get anything in between. If you think it looks look - get it, that's all that matters.
  22. nel.pogorzelska

    Golden cobra snakehead group tank

    Woah, looks like a tin of sardines. Beautiful sardines, but the tank looks so small.
  23. nel.pogorzelska

    Ikea kallax as an aquarium stand?

    Kallax is moving from side to side easily, but if you add some small brackets it should be fine. I'm using Besta for my smaller tanks and I usually just put some brackets or thick board in the back and it works great.
  24. nel.pogorzelska

    Mosses that do or don't attach to Hardscapes!

    I don't have normal weeping moss, but mini weeping is attaching rather nicely. I can add Fissidens miroshaki to the list, it attaches to everything and it's really hard to scrape it. I have it on lava, river stone, wood, if some of it lands on some soil... Now you have mini balls of miroshaki.
  25. nel.pogorzelska

    Possibly a dumb question... How the heck do you count your fish?

    I have no idea how to count fish when feeding, they're everywhere and crazy. I just try to sit a bit and count in threes a few times. I have to do this only with my congo tetras though, other fish are easy to count. (Hello Mr fish, you are the only betta in this tank, are you there?)
  26. nel.pogorzelska

    Rare Killifish

    I have the same problem here in Poland. I had them once, but had some problems and lost them. Now I cannot source them again. They appear sometimes in a local shop, but you never know when...
  27. nel.pogorzelska

    Sea of Ferns - Tank Closed

    Just for fun I've put the stocking into aqadvisor 230%, even if aqadvisor is not accurate this is so wrong and there are sooooo many warnings about incompatibilities. I agree in 100% - this is the reason for algae.
  28. nel.pogorzelska

    Ropefish playground

    Yeah, I've messed up the link at first, the photo was there after a few minutes.
  29. nel.pogorzelska

    Ropefish playground

    Noodles are doing good, I'm hypercautious though. Here is a happy noodle in his new hiding.
  30. nel.pogorzelska

    Congo Tetras Slowly Dying

    Congo tetras live 3-5 years, so it's possible they are just getting old. Don't know how young they were when you got them, but assuming a few months, they might be reaching 4 years now. I've heard they can reach 6 years, but usually they'll live those 3-5, so it's definitely time for them :(
  31. nel.pogorzelska

    Ropefish playground

    It's quartz sand ~0,5 mm fraction from local garden supply. Similar to pool filter sand I guess.
  32. nel.pogorzelska

    Ropefish playground

    Today I did full water test (I really don't remember the last time I've done such a complete test!): pH 6,7 NO3 <5 ppm PO4 0,5 ppm K 14 ppm Fe 0,1 ppm dKH 3 dGH 5 Ca 35 ppm Mg 18 ppm TDS 167 ppm NH4 0 ppm NO2 0 ppm I'm using my sister for testing. She started biotechnology this year, so it's...
  33. nel.pogorzelska

    Ropefish playground

    When I bought the tank years ago it was meant for discus. 60 cm tall. I don't really like the dimensions, I prefer longer tanks (length is only 2 times height), but I knew nothing about scaping in middle school ;) Before the disaster I had a 10 cm layer of sand, so it hadn't looked like it's...
  34. nel.pogorzelska

    Ropefish playground

    Ropes are back in their tank, stressed, but exploring their "new" tank eagerly. I've put them back on Friday and yesterday (Saturday) I did a 100 litres water change, another tomorrow. If the ammonia goes up too much, I will do 100 litres everyday, that's the maximum I can do with my RO (my...
  35. nel.pogorzelska

    Ropefish playground

    I don't really have any more ideas of what could have happened... It was all going great for more than 10 years and for last two years I didn't change much. I guess it will be one of those unsolved disasters :/ I know ropes are breathing air (they really don't mind being out of water, many...
  36. nel.pogorzelska

    Ropefish playground

    No power outages - family was at home, just never looked into my room. I have really fine substrate (0,2-0,3 mm), so it might have participated. The problem with large dead fish is only cories were really probable to die out of nowhere... And those are small fish. It's hard to believe that a...
  37. nel.pogorzelska

    Ropefish playground

    The filter was cleaned 3 weeks ago (usually I'm cleaning it once in 2 months), I have massive surface aeration (additional wave maker 2500 l/h directed to the surface), I'm doing weekly 30% water changes (with trimming and cleaning the sponge on the filter intake), fish were looking incredibly...
  38. nel.pogorzelska

    Ropefish playground

    Sadly I think bacteria in my filter are dead too. Bloom must suffocated them. The filter smelled horribly (same as the tank), so I'm guessing it's not in a good shape. Good thing is I have 5 other tanks and I can take some filter media from each. Those tanks are much smaller, but seeding media...
  39. nel.pogorzelska

    Ropefish playground

    Right now I'm at home 3-4 days a week. So today I came home, first thing to do: let's check the tanks. The tank was dead. Horrible bacterial bloom, all fish dead. So after crying a lot I started breaking down everything. A little ray of hope. Four out of five ropes survived. They are now in a...
  40. nel.pogorzelska


    I think this list a little bit better: http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/8-general-planted-tank-discussion/174461-planted-tank-acronyms-list.html
  41. nel.pogorzelska

    Ropefish playground

    As my blyxa infestation is getting more and more severe echinodorus tenellus began to mix with it. So tenellus went out today. I've planted some Alternanthera reineckii mini and pogostemon helferi. Both are from tissue culture, we'll see how will they do. News: I've started mixing my own RO...
  42. nel.pogorzelska

    1ft Cube - Jungle Scape

    I have exactly same sized tank with 8 CPDs, betta and some random shrimps. I think boraras brigittae would be a better choice, but now that I have those CPDs I'll probably stick to them. I have 2 females and 6 males, they're breeding regularly, but the eggs are eaten. They were in the tank...
  43. nel.pogorzelska

    Nature 40

    I've always heard that you shouldn't keep them together longer than needed. It's great to hear it can be done! Though it seems risky.
  44. nel.pogorzelska


    If I take some water from my tank and leave it for 24h it will reach the pH of 6.8, with CO2 I'm getting to 6.0, at night... it's 6.2, not much higher, so this is how much CO2 the plants are producing at night. With high plant mass you might need higher flow at night. I see you have min flow at...
  45. nel.pogorzelska

    Ropefish playground

    Thank you! @sciencefiction yeah, their mouths are big, every fish I put in the tank has to be chosen based on that. Most tetra would be eaten (congos are probably the only tetra, that would be fine here).
  46. nel.pogorzelska

    Ropefish playground

    Update! My echinodorus collection is growing, I have major, vesuvius, aflame and Reiner's kitty now! Other new plants: legenandra thwaitesi, some crypts (purpurea and some other). Big bushfish are just the grumpiest fish ever.
  47. nel.pogorzelska

    siporax vs matrix vs biohome etc

    Get the cheapest. Actually I've switched most of my biomedia for sponges. Think about the substrate in your tank. I have around 50 liters of sand in my tank, my filter (eheim 2028) is around 8 liters. The filter is nothing compared to all the substrate where bacteria live too. So I'm using my...
  48. nel.pogorzelska

    Critique my hardscape Complete novice scape

    For me it's a bit too much of everything. Two types of driftwood, rocks... But the easiest trick is the substrate - small tanks look much better with fine substrate. I like normal play sand or poll filter sand the best.
  49. nel.pogorzelska

    Red & Green - End of days?

    I have 5 Hara Jerdoni and I would definitely get more. They love baby shrimps and are quite good in finding them though. I have them in 30x30x30 cm cube tank with CPDs and some cull shrimps.
  50. nel.pogorzelska

    Congo Swamp Monster (750l biotope)

    I wouldn't worry too much about plants not doing good in freshly started tank. They need to adjust, just fertilize, give them time. When Nymphaea's roots will be established you will have another worry - it will cover all the surface. Mine is sprouting around 10-15 floating leaves every week...
  51. nel.pogorzelska

    Ropefish playground

    For now it's just a little taller than b. japonica (it's in the back), I don't think it grows much differently. Maybe a little bit slower, but no big problems. Thank you! My fish choice was kind of random at first. I had a free tank after I failed with discus. Somehow I've found ropefish...
  52. nel.pogorzelska

    Ropefish playground

    Kribensis are much worse when it comes to plants. Ropefish tend to uproot carpeting plants when looking for food (they're adorably bad ad finding food), but after having big monte carlo carpet floating, I went with echinodorus tenellus and seems like it has strong roots. On the other hand...
  53. nel.pogorzelska

    Ropefish playground

    This tank is with me for more than 10 years. At first it was a discus tank, but after I completely failed with them I got 5 little 20 cm ropefish. They're with me to this day and this tank is dedicated to them although they have other tankmates now. The tank was never restarted after ropes where...
  54. nel.pogorzelska

    Congo Swamp Monster (750l biotope)

    I have 4 butterfly fish in my 345 liters tank. They love to stay under lily pads, but wherever the surface is not covered they might jump. When food is appearing they won't even think before jumping, maybe with enough cover they won't find a place to jump out... Nice thing about them is they...
  55. nel.pogorzelska

    Clay to fix hardscape

    With normal clay you would have to bake it (or however it's called) before putting it in the water. Potting/natural clay will dissolve into water without some thermal treatment.
  56. nel.pogorzelska

    Led lights for red plants

    It can make sense to use lights like this when you are growing your plants outside of the decorative tanks. Cultivating them for another tank or selling them. For the tank that is to be watched, the problem is obvious. But it's good to add some red and blue to the LED mix to get better...
  57. nel.pogorzelska

    Fertiliser may be affecting water analysis.

    Well, my fish were never having breathing problems (I never have NO3 levels like that though), but from what I've heard fish like otos or hara jerdoni aren't taking NO3 around this level good. I have to admit it's only what people are saying and not some scientific experiment data. I prefer to...
  58. nel.pogorzelska

    Fertiliser may be affecting water analysis.

    I'm not talking about killing fish, but harming them. And yes, 30-40 ppm nitrate for most fish will at least slow their growth and make breathing harder. I believe we should strike to make their homes good, not only tolerable. High nitrate will shorten their lifes, they won't die in a week, but...
  59. nel.pogorzelska

    Fertiliser may be affecting water analysis.

    Most fertilizers are composed of simple salts like KNO3. This NO3 ion is exactly the same thing that's dangerous to our fish if over 30-40 ppm. It's not some other magical insoluble NO3. Ammonia usually comes in form of urea. Urea is transformed into ammonia by bacteria and this ammonia is the...
  60. nel.pogorzelska

    What's the latest consensus on the effect of high KH on plant growth?

    There are some problems with chelators with high pH. High KH is causing high pH. Never heard of GH having anything to do with that actually... High GH means only that you will need to dose more to maintain proper balance (high magnesium and calcium stopping plants from taking other nutritions)...
  61. nel.pogorzelska

    Hello from Poland

    I've been in the hobby for most of my life. 3 years ago I've changed simple fish keeping into some fun with planting and aquascaping. Those are my current tanks: 345 litre ropefish tank (5 ropefish, 4 african butterfly fish, 3 bushfish, lone blue gularis waiting for his growing lady, kribensis...