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  1. laimyzaz

    GA in-store display - Moss forest 180L

    Very impresive tank :thumbup:
  2. laimyzaz

    Laimis's Juwel Rio 180

    Thanks :) Moss was split into portions,one left for myself,one given as "pay it forward" others were sold so i can buy some dry ferts :roll: In the place where moss was i'll put a stone with Riccardia graeffei attached to it,not sure where moss will be yet
  3. laimyzaz

    Laimis's Juwel Rio 180

    thanks :) I'll have some this or next weekend.It all depends on what the weather will be like,cos i don't want to post it when it's cold :?
  4. laimyzaz

    Laimis's Juwel Rio 180

    Yes,i would like to add some colours to it,but not really sure what plants would be best for that,as i want something that is not growing too fast like my pogostemon stelatus.Any suggestions? :) Never had any problems with staurogyne,it just grows :D It's one of my faworite plants
  5. laimyzaz

    Laimis's Juwel Rio 180

    Thank you all for your nice comments :thumbup: I'm glad that you like it :)
  6. laimyzaz

    Laimis's Juwel Rio 180

    Hi everyone :) I think it's time for some update of my tank progres.Setup is now 2 months and 2 weeks old.Any coments are welcome :thumbup: I think i'll get some other plant instead of pogostemon stelatus in the right corner as it's growing too fast :?
  7. laimyzaz

    Laimis's Juwel Rio 180

    some update photos of the tank.1 month and 5 days after start.Pogostemon stelatus reached the top so i had to cut the tops and replant it :) ignore all the equipment in this photo :oops:
  8. laimyzaz

    Laimis's Juwel Rio 180

    Thanks :) Yes,i washed it before puting it in the tank
  9. laimyzaz

    54L Fire Amongst Green (final photos, scape completed)

    Re: 50L Green and Green Nice looking tank :thumbup:
  10. laimyzaz

    Laimis's Juwel Rio 180

    The flow does'nt seem to be to strong plus koralia 2 is 2400l/h maybe thats why yours is too strong :?
  11. laimyzaz

    Laimis's Juwel Rio 180

    Thanks,i'll update it every few weeks or so :thumbup:
  12. laimyzaz

    Laimis's Juwel Rio 180

    Thanks :)
  13. laimyzaz

    Laimis's Juwel Rio 180

    Thanks nayr :D My ottos already are lost in it as i don't see them very often :)
  14. laimyzaz

    Laimis's Juwel Rio 180

    Thanks ceg :D
  15. laimyzaz

    Laimis's Juwel Rio 180

    Hi everyone :) After spending lots of time on this forum and gathering information about planted tanks i've dicided to do my first journal. Set up Tank-Juwel rio 180 Lighting- Juwel T5 Highlight (2x45W) Substrate-Tesco cat litter Co2 system-Pressurised Filtration-Fluval 4 plus(internal)+2 hydor...
  16. laimyzaz

    My litlle 250L garden.

    Very impresive and healthy looking tank :thumbup:
  17. laimyzaz

    juwel rio 400l (new pics 03032011)

    Re: juwel rio 400l (new pic 10052010) Very impressive tank :thumbup:
  18. laimyzaz

    My tank

    Hi, here is my tank Tank: Juwel rio 180 Lights: 2x45W t5 for 10 hours CO2: Pressurised Internal filter -Fluwal f4 +2 koralia2 Substrate: gravel from LFS Dosing: EI with 50% WC once a week. Plants: Staurogyne,blyxa,p.helferi,Proserpinaca palustris,round pellia,Riccardia graeffei and few others...
  19. laimyzaz

    monosoleneum (eronous pellia)

    Hi,all i did was that i attached it to a stone using hairnet.It took about 3 weeks or so for it to start growing.From my experience it didn't liked strong flow so better keep it that part of tank where the flow is not strong.Hope this helps :thumbup:
  20. laimyzaz

    How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

    I found it through an internet search when i was looking for an information about pressurized co2 system. Lots of useful information here :thumbup:
  21. laimyzaz

    Parasite... uninvited guest in tank... can anyone identify?

    I have loads of these(they look like ones in the post above) in my shrimp tank,but it does'nt seems that they effect shrimps in any way.Shrimps are active and breeding as normaly so i'm not realy worried about them being in the tank!
  22. laimyzaz

    Inspiration thread - Post your sources of inspiration!

    hi,found this page- http://www.aquazoo.lt/galerija_arturo.html last pictures look realy good
  23. laimyzaz

    Where to get CO2 Cannisters and Refills

    Hi, this place does FE refills for £15+vat 97a Rochdale Road Bury BL9 7BA
  24. laimyzaz

    recommend a reg and soleniod

    Hi, i got my from here: http://www.lunapet.de/co2_zubehoer-c-9_14.html it has good reviews from ppl who's using it
  25. laimyzaz

    Aaron's 216l journal!

    Nice looking tank :thumbup:
  26. laimyzaz

    Jewel Rio 180 Maiden Planted tank - New photos 21/10

    Re: Jewel Rio 180 Maiden Planted tank i have 4 spieces of moss and i've also tried to do moss wall using xmas moss,but with no success :( it just would'nt grow,then i've tried peacock moss and it grows realy nice,so not sure why xmas does'nt grow :?
  27. laimyzaz

    Laputa - Tbro's Nano

    very nice lookoing tank :thumbup:
  28. laimyzaz

    Where to buy in the North West.

    Shop Name: BRITAINS AQUATIC SUPERSTORE Location: 225 Folds road Bolton Lancashire BL1 2TW What they Offer: Tropical and Coldwater fish and plants
  29. laimyzaz

    Where to get CO2 Cannisters and Refills

    yes,my local FE company is asking 18+VAT,but then i found this place :D thats their internet page http://www.gascylindersuk.co.uk/
  30. laimyzaz

    Cat Litter - Cheap, but be careful!

    Hi, i want to set up small tank and use cat litter as substrate. What is your expierence using it?is it still solid after few months?
  31. laimyzaz

    Where to get CO2 Cannisters and Refills

    They also sel co2 cannisters Full 2kg cannister-£30 :D
  32. laimyzaz

    Where to get CO2 Cannisters and Refills

    Hi, i've done my refill in this place: Gascylindersuk 340 haydock lane haydock industrial estate haydock merseyside. 2kg refill-£6
  33. laimyzaz

    Where to get CO2 Cannisters and Refills

    Hi, does anyone know where to get co2 refill in bolton or around bolton? thanks