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  1. Lozbug

    Using oak as hardscape

    None that i can remember? That tree is awesome!
  2. Lozbug

    Using oak as hardscape

    i have a large piece of Oak in one of my tanks, fallen off dead bit, i soaked for 2 weeks prior to use, it's been in the tank since 2007, been just fine. Has Java moss & fern growing on it, the BN plecs often scoot about on it.. when it went in, in 07' 08'
  3. Lozbug

    Aquascaping Thursdays!

    Nice Work! :)
  4. Lozbug

    My AGA entries

    just beautiful. i'd be proud if i ever have one close. very nice work
  5. Lozbug

    120cm NA

    wooow george that is beautiful!