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  1. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    elo folks

    these guys are saying that i only have it on dvd or hifi equipment.. which is a bit of a joke.. I spose I could put a cd in it
  2. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    elo folks

    bloody insurance company have suddenly denied that we have accidental damage, which is rubbish! so fighting over it now.. sigh
  3. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    elo folks

    thanks folks.. im nothing like as experienced or talented as many of you.. im more of a techy geek than anything else. I do have an artistic nature but am still learning to put it into a scape that I can be proud of. Will see how it goes
  4. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    elo folks

    lol Id forgotton all about that :) isnt that what makes this place so great?? :D
  5. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    elo folks

    been soooo busy its not even funny.... just wanted to let everyone that knows me know, (well, and those that dont!) that today I was offered a full time Lecturing post at Bournemouth and Poole College in the Technology Faculty. Its been alot of hard work :cry: to get to this stage so Im well...
  6. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Some sort of eggs maybe?

    they look like nerite eggs to me too..
  7. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Pearling after a water change? Why?

    yep, exactly.. this is what I mean.
  8. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Pearling after a water change? Why?

    thats a cool experiment.. and certainly proves that plants exposed to the air will pearl on re-submersion. When using tap water I used to get 'pearling' on plants that were never exposed to the air though, which is probably more what Im thinking about with my (slightly shakey probably) theory of...
  9. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Pearling after a water change? Why?

    I still recon its to do with gases coming out of solution after being pressurised in the pipes, this can take quite a while.. since doing my water changes with 100% rain water I get no hyper pearling at all. Personally I dont think its anything to do with the plants, I just think its gases...
  10. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Feeding wild birds

    sure it wasnt a beef eater? odd facial hair and silly hat? :lol:
  11. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Feeding wild birds

    had gold finches on the Niger sead feeder the other day, amazing how they find them huh.
  12. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Aquascapes 2003 to present

    Re: Six years of 'scaping I agree!
  13. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Feeding wild birds

    you could get some squirrel proof feeders that have cages around them, that might help!
  14. Matt Holbrook-Bull


    be very careful with terrestrial composts, more often than not they contain NH4 as part of their fertiliser mix. Same with terrestrial liquid fert mixes. Aquatic plants dont require anything like the levels of ferts that terrestrial ones do, so most terrestrial growing mediums are way to rich...
  15. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Tropica Nursery

    amazing place that, Id love to visit. I used to work in greenhouses at that scale, awesome pieces of engineering! Until I fell through the roof of one :shock:
  16. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Feeding wild birds

    Recently I decided to renew my bird feeding tactics by adding a much better selection of feeders to my cat proof cherry tree. Before improvement I just had 1x 2 port seed feeder which never really got any interest at all. Out I went to our local little pet shop and spent £15 on a proper...
  17. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    From scratch.. pretty much

    no i was really silly and didnt get a pic before I cut the whole lot back. It was a pale yellow/white, maybe 4cm across, beautiful. Looked extremely like a chrysanthemum oddly!
  18. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    From scratch.. pretty much

    been a long time since I updated this! after a long time of having er.. no time, Ive pulled it all apart for a rescape. I didnt have the time to maintain a jungle type affair and it all took over.. the Lotus actually managed to cover the entire tank and flowered! Amazingly. So Im starting...
  19. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    My new toy - from monday 20th

    the new street tripple is to die for as well. running the new 675 engine. id have had one but for the fact that Kerry would have never got on the back!
  20. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    My new toy - from monday 20th

    oh I had that ages ago! itll be nice to be able to stow helmets and jackets on the bike if we go out anywhere and not have to a) lock them to the bike, or b) carry them around. so it does have its advantages! might be an old mans bike but it still goes like a train! and Im feeling like an old...
  21. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    My new toy - from monday 20th

    so am I!! 6 foot 6 :) I look silly on anything smaller
  22. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    My new toy - from monday 20th

    I pick my new toy up on monday! woohoo! Triumph Trophy 1200 cant wait.
  23. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    [FoF] October 2008

    wicked job guys and girls :) gutted I coudlnt be there! on the plus side though, Kerry moved in fine.. just need to build an extension now to fit in all the shoes and handbags!!! :lol:
  24. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Cannot rid of ammonia.

    are you sure its NH4 killing your fish? do you use a drop checker to check your co2? it seems incredibly odd that youd have and NH4 problem that far in... maybe we need to look elsewhere for the cause
  25. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    From scratch.. pretty much

    my co2 is fine clive, I have a yellow drop checker with 10x flow around the tank. I cant fit any more in. I do think the salts laying in the Glosso are having a detrimental effect as well.. and I have ALOT of bba.. which definitely thrives in harder waters. at the end of the day, these tests...
  26. Matt Holbrook-Bull


    Re: Can I use John Innes no.3 in aquariums? sorry to contradict, but I would say definitely do not use it.. 1. it will have high amounts of NH4 in it.. 2. it will be FAR too nutrient rich.. aquatic plants need far far less feed than terrestrial ones.
  27. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    From scratch.. pretty much

    bba is a funny thing isnt it. George says that it will thrive in hard water, despite co2 levels.. my tap water is about 150mg/l carbonate hardness (calibrated test kit).. which is pretty damn hard I recon. Cut with 50/50 rain water, the tank sits at about 90mg/l.. Ill give it a few weeks on...
  28. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    From scratch.. pretty much

    black brush continues to be a pain in the rear.. after talking with George for quite some time on MSN, Ive decided to do a 50/50 cut with rain water (I live in a nice clean air area and i refuse to use RO due to its environmental impact). Already things seem to be picking up. The rain water...
  29. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    From scratch.. pretty much

    pics later :) after I get home! Ive been on msn! just maybe not when you have! :lol:
  30. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Google Chrome

    its exactly the same engine that runs both Chrome and Safari anyway.. its just different in the jangly bits.
  31. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Google Chrome

    Chrome is based on WebKit which is the platform that Safari uses.. This is very hard to code for as it really has quite a mind of its own when processing some style sheet properties and some scripting as well.. as we've known for quite along time with Safari! Until they come in line with the...
  32. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    How long to leave plants before introducing apple snails?

    if your apple snails are feeding on living plants then they dont have enough to eat... they eat ALOT, far more than one might think. weigh down some cucumber (take the seeds out first as they make the tank cloudy) for them and theyll leave anything alone.
  33. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    F1 is a complete joke.

    absolultely, a joke indeed.... Lewis did everything he should have to prove he had no advantage at the time and yet he still gets a 25 second penalty???? what the hell is that about.. how can they justify a whole 25 seconds.. telemetry showed Hamilton traveling 6kph slower than Kimi, surely...
  34. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Isnt going as well as i thought it would *pics*

    for easy EI try the calc in my sig. I swear by it.. its handy to convert to grams if you have a scale. Although TPN+ is technically still EI, using dry salts will enable you to fine tune each fert individually as you need... for example: GSA add more P04.
  35. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    CO2 Reactor for my tank??

    dont bother with them.. lots of wastage and they look terrible in the tank. Cant beat a ceramic disk IMO
  36. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    280L 'Cangai Crossing'

    Id be quite happy if I never saw them again!!! Nice scape but.. oh my..
  37. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    What water conditioner do you use?

    request a water report from your supplier, that will tell you how much/if your water has chloramine or chlorine in it.. then you can make your choices from there.. its likely that inner city areas will probably have more in it due to water recycling, rural areas less so.
  38. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    P.Helferi lacking nutrients?

    Clives right, thats 2.7wpg of T5, which (according to the June or July 07 edition of TAG) outputs about 3 times the effective light of a T8 due to its operating temperature difference. (thought Id quote the source this time clive! :wink: )
  39. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Happy Birthday George

    happy birthday mate :) keep safe
  40. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    phosphate overdose

    I dumped an entire 100 gram pot of something in my tank a few months ago and nothing seemed to mind! I did get to it pretty fast though. Im sure theyll be fine :)
  41. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    phosphate overdose

    no big deal at all dont worry :) contrary to popular belief, our tanks can take huge amounts of PO4 with no problems.. in fact, you might see a growth spurt!
  42. Matt Holbrook-Bull


    so long as you always pay with paypal youre nearly always covered.. ebay can actually take the money out of the sellers paypal account if they dont respond to enquiry emails.. paypal is the way forward
  43. Matt Holbrook-Bull


    as Clive has suggested.. its wise to read the EI article as it outlines WHY we dose and how to dose. Irrespective of which route you take, its worth reading this first. There are many schools of thought, alot will depend on your tank size, how much light youre using and your available spending...
  44. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Spray Bar holes - Making them bigger

    yes itll work fine, but it will decrease the ferocity of the flow through them obviously. I also drill downward facing holes to send some flow down the back of the tank.. this can help reduce dead spots directly under the bar.
  45. Matt Holbrook-Bull


    [img]http://img146.imageshack.us/img146/9558/sigsmallbn0zd8.jpg[/img ] My Tank Journal code tags rock ;) hehe
  46. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    From scratch.. pretty much

    Ive reduced the light in the tank from 160w to a partially shaded out 130ish watts.. Im struggling to add enough ferts to stave off deficiencies in the H. Polysperma as it reaches the surface!! Now the tanks quite settled in, I dont mind slowing it down. Pics soon... Ive added some...
  47. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    where to find nerites

    southern aquatics at creekmore in poole have loads.. and are practically giving them away at about £1 each! If you hurry they might still have some. I asked for 6 the other day and got 9 for a tenner
  48. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    ADA style cabinet?

    saintly that looks awesome :)
  49. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    rooting wisteria

    Hygrophilla Deformis should root like a weed.. is it rotting off at the stem? also are you dosing ferts and providing any carbon? It should root in any substrate, fertile or not.. its equally able to feed from the water column or the substrate so a fertile substrate isnt necessary. Be...
  50. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Otocinclus Vestitus Fry

    Re: I HAVE BABIES! grow your own!! very easy
  51. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    diffusion problems...

    the best way to avoid any issues is to make sure you vasaline any o-rings during maintenance.. should avoid any drying out of the rubber due to co2 that way.
  52. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Outside the wire...

    amazing pics G :) keep safe dude :) much respect
  53. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Auto dry salt dosing, possible with this?

    hmmms.. maybe its pectin based then. well if its veggie then we have no worries.
  54. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Java Fern Decay???

    Im not sure how big that filter is.. usually we'd only directly inject into an external canister as it has further for the gas to go allowing for a more complete dissolve. The problem with the internal is that it wont have much media to trap any undissolved gas. You could try though.. use a...
  55. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Auto dry salt dosing, possible with this?

    the only thing that bothers me is that gelatin is made from animal bone.. wonder what it will leech thats all.
  56. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Java Fern Decay???

    if youre dosing normal EI then it looks to me like the only thing left is CO2 which is causing things not to grow properly.
  57. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Auto dry salt dosing, possible with this?

    itll be dead nifty if this all works! are we happy with the dissolved capsule being in the tank? any idea whats in the shell?
  58. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Short roots

    dont worry, once the plants have established itll soon reach far enough down.
  59. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Planting Bulbs?

    I dont think it makes much difference at all how deep you plant.. so long as you have a half sensible substrate thats healthy.
  60. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    UKaps ADA Showcase - Comments

    Re: UKaps ADA Showcase this is exactly the reason we got going in the first place :) Graeme's hit the nail on the head. Everyone should be very proud of all their hard work.. without the input from all our members we'd have nothing to look at or read.
  61. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Microsorum narrow

    If you leave them on there, theyll get pretty big pretty fast, then usually the plant detatches them and they float away. If you like you can leave them on there till they get an inch or 2, then take them off manually and wedge them between a few stones to get bigger :) you could always share...
  62. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Auto dry salt dosing, possible with this?

    PVA! yes thats em! I add about 12 grams of salts every time to my tank, so a 1 gram capsule would be a bit small, maybe they go bigger.. like horse tablets or something!
  63. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Gardening websites?

    hahaha I like that
  64. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Auto dry salt dosing, possible with this?

    how about putting the powders in tiny PVC bags? all you fisherman will know what I mean. would be easy to make them up On hitting the water, the PVC bag will disolve into an inert nothing, leaving the powder perfectly packaged. the only thing would be the humidity melting the baggies...
  65. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Gardening websites?

    we need a thread about chav removal.... we have an infestation here too!
  66. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    My lights have failed

    weird.. do they have any kind of started capacitor in them like they all used to have? If thats gone then nothing will light.
  67. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    From scratch.. pretty much

    I find it goes red if its low in Potasium.. and gets very veiny if its lacking in Nitrates or Phospates.
  68. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    UKaps ADA Showcase - Comments

    Re: UKaps ADA Showcase ahhh course :) looks stunning. It has a very unusual look to it with the Microsorum in front, a very good look though IMO.
  69. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    UKaps ADA Showcase - Comments

    Re: UKaps ADA Showcase thats lovely George.. whats the red plant? it looks amazing
  70. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    UKaps ADA Showcase - Comments

    Re: UKaps ADA Showcase they are truely amazing guys.. some incredible work there for sure! Dont worry Chrisi :) Ill never be anything like half as good as that either :) but its still nice to do our little bit huh? :)
  71. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    From scratch.. pretty much

    perminantly. :) I have pretty high light, so that seems to be its level... I tend to just watch the plants and respond to them if theyre showing signs.. the H. Polysperma is my main barometer, it goes very red if starving.
  72. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Low Maintenance Carpetting Plant

    should be fine.. its a nice easy plant provided it has enough ferts. Also easy to farm quite a quantity from not very much so its cheap as well. Weekly trimming is fine.. you could get away with less than that.
  73. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Kandahar, Afghanistan

    the panasonic Lumix has a Leica lens anyway :) and you dont need a mortgage to buy it :lol: Great pics mate :) keep safe
  74. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    ADA Results, NOW IN!

    Re: ADA Results woo!!!! well done all :) Dan will be giving George some lessons when he comes home :lol:
  75. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Fluval Fx5 & Co2 Diffuser

    any co2 dump is minimal.. co2 disolves so fast in water that any gasses in the dump are likely to be only air anyway. The noise level is not added to by the co2.. because of the route of the water flow through the filter. The gas has a very long way to go before it hits the impeller.
  76. Matt Holbrook-Bull


    colour temperature makes no difference to the plants whatsoever.. its purely down to your own personal preference. :) dont beleive the hype that all the manufacturers ram down our throats. We've tried and tested.
  77. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    BGA in planted aquarium

    Jaycat, I think youd really benefit from reading the Estimative Index thread in the articles page. :) Itll explain all about co2, dosing and water changes in there. This will go a huge way towards solving your BGA issues.. I think that filtration should be lower on your list of priorities in...
  78. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    blackout raise temp of tank??

    blackouts are an extremely effective way of resetting an algae issue... but as the others have already said, dont forget to solve the cause of the algae issue or itll just reoccur. blackouts wont solve your algae issues, but they will give you a clean slate to start over... ONCE youve fixed the...
  79. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Gardening websites?

    oh noes!!!!! thats horrible! you know, sometimes I wonder about the human race...
  80. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    New 500l tank project plans

    awwww.. thats a shame.. i was hoping for some top building tips!
  81. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

    and lovely fish they were too :) I think you met me as well.
  82. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Internet Purchase Problems?

    A UV will only kill whats currently in the aquarium, it wont treat the cause of it.. so itll just reoccur. So really its a waste of money IMO.
  83. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Gardening websites?

    the BBC gardening website is great.. especially the plant finder. Theres also now a gardeners calender section, together with a huge resource section on how to do different jobs if youre not sure. http://www.bbc.co.uk/gardening
  84. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Internet Purchase Problems?

    ebay buying is pretty ok so long as you remember to look at a sellers feedback stats and/or any negative feedback.. Ive often forgone buying from the cheapest seller due to a poor score or some worrying feedback comments from buyers. As for the rest of the net.. try to use sites on...
  85. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Fluval Fx5 & Co2 Diffuser

    I run an FX5 with a rhinox 5000 directly under the intake strainer.. its no problem at all. I find my CO2 usage much more efficient than placing the diffuser somewhere else 'in tank'.
  86. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Pruning - A general guide to plant maintenance

    you can plant tiger lotus as deep as you like, not sure about the other though as Ive never kept it.
  87. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Arcadia Luminaire - unimpressed

    I hve the same unit over my tank. As I have a large wooden lid over the top the wires dont bother me.. however.. after dropping my entire unit in the tank once (when it was on!) :lol: I was forced to strip it down to er.. dry it out :oops: it would be very easy to re-route the cable along...
  88. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    From scratch.. pretty much

    I would do, but its so damn big it would blow everything out of the ground.. so i place it in a corner, and use the length of the tank to reduce the flow. I think its just more a flow issue.. Ive just moved the flippin great Hygro to the other end, and put the LA in the middle.. Itll be...
  89. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    From scratch.. pretty much

    I cut that one back by half every week pretty much.. Im only using it as a weed for the time being to provide biomass.. as things settle in Ill replace it with other species.
  90. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    From scratch.. pretty much

    cheers :) its getting there.. you wouldnt think with 2300lph Id have flow troubles! but with such a wide tank its not as easy as I thought.. the H. Polysperma in the middle blocks current madly. Hopefully using a spraybar with no end on it will help move nutrients into that end better.. Id...
  91. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    From scratch.. pretty much

    Front shot :) just added the bar to take some flow to the back left corner.. I recon thats why things are struggling over that side.
  92. Matt Holbrook-Bull


    lol Tom :) for some reason there seems to be a real shortage in the UK. Maybe you should ship some to Richard, I know he was struggling to get supplies.
  93. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    From scratch.. pretty much

    So.. what are we? 6 weeks in? Made a few changes as you can see, with more coming. The LA in the corner furthest from the camera is struggling, no clue why. Also, the Cabomba is also struggling, mostly due to my Denison barb using it as a salad bar!! Its coming out in a few days to be...
  94. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Low Maintenance Carpetting Plant

    some of the crypts are quite nice and dont require much maintenance.. just pulling it up where you dont want it. Hemianthus C. not too bad either. Glosso is a thug though and needs a firm hand to keep it in check... itll go nuts upwards, outwards anywaywards.. also needs replanting from time...
  95. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    UKAPS Calender 2009

    yeah me to
  96. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Liseys 60cm high-tech

    hope you feel better soon Lisa. Neck injuries and seatbelt damage are the worst. Dont worry about your tank :) tanks can be recovered, people are more important!
  97. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Record UK entries in the ADA contest

    thats brilliant to see such an increase. Ive been hoping that UK entries would increase now that the Society has such a wonderful member base.. we have such huge talent on here. If you have entered, and youre on here, we'd love to know if youre one of the 12+... one of our aims is obviously to...
  98. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Flowers [updated]

    facinating thread :) thanks for sharing. great to see the flowers of the plants we take for granted every day.
  99. Matt Holbrook-Bull


    lol yeah.. that and the new girlfriend. :oops:
  100. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Livebearers and baby shrimps....shrimplets if you will.

    if you can put a pile of gravel in the tank temporarily the baby shrimp will have something to hide in.. it needs to be very course to allow them between the stones but it will work pretty well. The babies will naturally seek out a safe hiding place. this might allow you more survivors.