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  1. nel.pogorzelska

    Lighting period

    If your tank isn't exactly in front of the window, daylight won't do much so don't worry about it. Wysłane z mojego myPhone S-Line 16 GB przy użyciu Tapatalka
  2. nel.pogorzelska

    Lighting period

    8am-5pm is 9h, 3 pm-10 pm is 7h. It means your plants will get less light, so you might want to consider 1pm-10pm, if the plant growth was nice with 8am-5pm. If you don't want to stress your fish, you might do this change gradually. Change to 9am-6pm for two weeks, then 10am-7pm and so on. I...
  3. nel.pogorzelska

    Filter cleaning, how often

    I'm cleaning the sponge on the intake weekly (tested it, after 2 weeks flow slows rapidly). Canister filter on it's own and HOBs on other tanks are getting cleaned when I see that flow is too weak to my liking. I have a tank with HMF too, never cleaned it yet.
  4. nel.pogorzelska

    Carpet plants that don't need regular trimming

    I didn't even know this plant exists! Now I have to find it somewhere and check how it works for me. I love testing new plants.
  5. nel.pogorzelska

    Is This OptiWhite Glass?

    It doesn't look like optiwhite, but maybe it's closer to guardian? As @zozo said, coloration depends on % iron content. So it's a continuous scale, you can get anything in between. If you think it looks look - get it, that's all that matters.
  6. nel.pogorzelska

    Ikea kallax as an aquarium stand?

    Kallax is moving from side to side easily, but if you add some small brackets it should be fine. I'm using Besta for my smaller tanks and I usually just put some brackets or thick board in the back and it works great.
  7. nel.pogorzelska

    Rare Killifish

    I have the same problem here in Poland. I had them once, but had some problems and lost them. Now I cannot source them again. They appear sometimes in a local shop, but you never know when...
  8. nel.pogorzelska


    I think this list a little bit better: http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/8-general-planted-tank-discussion/174461-planted-tank-acronyms-list.html