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    90x45x45cm - 2011 IAPLC entry #577 - The Unknown Valley

    Re: 90x45x45cm - The Unknown Totally agree with Paulo, a full shot would be much appreciated! This tank is truly inspirational, and extremely original, I love it. Its going great by the looks of it too! :D
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    Nano Riparium (formerly Betta Biotope)

    Thats grown quite a bit! Looks pretty neat, well done :)
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    Which arrangement?

    Thats some nice wood! If your going for a 'jungle edge' look, I would go for scape 5, but if not I would go for scape 4 and have 2 'bushes' with some white sand nearing the middle. What are the tank dimensions? Also, my opinion may be different from yours, so go with what you feel fits best to...
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    [IWAGUMI] My First Iwagumi - Juwel Rio 125 (THE END)

    Re: My First Iwagumi - Juwel Rio 125 It looks spectacular!
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    60 cm opti-white - Update

    Re: 60 cm opti-white - Hardscape time! Phwoar! That looks fantastic Jek! :) Certainly inspires me to rescape!
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    [IWAGUMI] My First Iwagumi - Juwel Rio 125 (THE END)

    Re: My First Iwagumi - Juwel Rio 125 It looks fantastic, looking forward to see if this evolves too! :thumbup:
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    80cmx45cmx45cm Low-Tech Opti White (Update: Fish Pics )

    Wow, them odessa's are stunning mate! The tank is looking mighty fine as well :D Im jealous :oops:
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    Tom's Bucket O' Mud - The End

    Re: Tom's Bucket O' Mud Tom, it looks amazing! Definately makes me want to go and buy a 90x30x90! :lol: The stand sounds interensting, do you have any pictures?
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    Get excited and make something.

    Well that was a very interesting video! Love the two scapes above, especially the hydro bush :) I agree with ghost, them jars do look pretty good! Thanks :)
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    New Member

    Welcome to UKAPS! :)
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    NA Style Baby... (Update 24.12)

    Re: NA Style Baby... Wow, that is absolutely stunning! Fantastic job! Makes me want to start over again :P I think a darker coloured crypt would look nice, not sure about how the balansae would be, but once again great job :D
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    Get excited and make something.

    Well thats a very interesting picture! Them tangs are lovely ( I think they are tangs anway :P)
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    New journal [short term] ISLAND UPDATED 7/4/2011

    Re: New journal [short term] ISLAND Damn it is looking lush! Everything is just perfect, and I bet when you get them huge crypts it'll look even better! Stunning tank mate
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    Forrest Bridge 300lt. Vid update 5 may. Emergent growth!

    Re: Forrest Bridge. Update 19 Feb, new plants, lights and pi Its looking great mate, the marine tank is coming along nicely too! :)
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    Shingetsu [update] new pics! 19/2/11 Go away diatoms!

    Its looking superb! The scape is top notch, and when them plants get going it will look fabulous. The lilaepsis will look great there, I fancy trying some myself!
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    My 2nd iwagumi

    Makes me want to rescape, and get some riccia haha :) Its looking mighty fine!
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    80cmx45cmx45cm Low-Tech Opti White (Update: Fish Pics )

    Re: 80cmx45cmx45cm Low-Tech Opti White Looking great! When those swords grow hopefully you'll have quite an impressive looking wall. In general when everything grows it will look even better! Good job mate, the hardscape is fine, and will probably look better when the fern grows ;)
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    Celestial's Planted Tank - Update

    Yeah that would have been, but I'm sorry I'm not that interested anymore mate. Thankyou! :D
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    Celestial's Planted Tank - Update

    Thanks :) Yeah I'm selling the guppies as soon as they're all grown up, I only got them for a breeding experiment - I didn't really breed them either, I bought them pregnant aha :)
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    New journal [short term] ISLAND UPDATED 7/4/2011

    Re: New journal [short term] ISLAND Its looking lush! :D
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    Celestial's Planted Tank - Update

    Followed Garuf's advice, removed the sword and attempted a triangle scape. Here it is: And here is my guppy tank (no adult males) with the sword in. Despite there being no light, the sword hasn't been doing too bad really! :D
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    Looks great mate :) Love the shrimp, and the tank looks good too. Well done :D
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    My news :) :) :)

    Congratulations mate! :D
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    60*30*40 Green Paradise HAC 5th place.

    Re: 60*30*40 Green Paradise Very impressive! All the plants look great, and so does the scape - it has a very natural feel to it. That HC pot is huge!
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    Shingetsu [update] new pics! 19/2/11 Go away diatoms!

    Re: Shingetsu [update] new pics! 8/2/11 Its coming along very nicely mate! :) Have you got any ideas on stocking yet?
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    13G Celestial Pearl Danio Tank

    I have 4 CPD's myself, but they always seem to stay in the lower part of the tank, how are they with you? The tanks looking great, when everything grows it will look great, especially the java fern. Keep us updated! :)
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    first tank above 100l (70x40x40)

    It looks great! Very compact and healthy growth, puts my tank to shame :lol: When that microsorum becomes available could I have some please?
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    +2.5ft Iwagumi Shallow Tank

    Wow! Thats a great carpet! With these dimensions it makes he tank look at least 5 foot :lol: Good work!
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    Get excited and make something.

    The picture on the link is very interesting, and I love the wabi kusa above it. I'm rather drawn in by the concept, looks natural and like a piece of a river :) Loving the thread, Garuf, good work and thank you!
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    13G Celestial Pearl Danio Tank

    Sounds like its gonna be good, looking forward to Sunday! :D
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    The lost world. Weluvbettas Nano. :)

    Re: The laughing Budda mountain! Looks good mate, I'd keep it as this. Well done :)
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    Celestial's Planted Tank - Update

    Not as far as I know, if they did spawn the eggs wouldn't last too long haha.
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    My Eheim Scubaline 240L Planted Discus Tank

    Looks good mate! Good job! I like the large selection of plants, when it fills out this will look fantastic :D
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    Celestial's Planted Tank - Update

    Thanks for the comments :) Yeah I think that I have some slate pieces in the shed, its just sourcing the riccia/moss thats the problem, I think I'll just get it off eBay and see how it goes. Bettas, I love my ram too, he's awesome! I named him Harry :roll:
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    NayR's Opti-Nano: UPDATED PICS (16-01-11)

    YES! Dwarf puffers are king! Love the tank, the compositon of the wood and stones together works great, makes a little moss bridge effect haha :) Lovely tank bro :)
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    13G Celestial Pearl Danio Tank

    Looks great mate! And yeah, the planting is rather sparse, but when they fill out it should look good. I would personally add some stems at the back, and a few more rocks to fill up the space. Good job! :D
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    Moving tanks downstairs?

    Ok thanks :) I have a few buckets that I'll use and also a sealable container - about 3 gallons.
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    Moving tanks downstairs?

    Hey guys, I moved into the downstairs bedroom and am bringing my two tanks with me, but I don't really know the best way to go about this. I was thinking: Bag up fish, Drain water, Move tank downstairs, refill with 1/2 same water and then top up, add fish?
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    +2.5ft Iwagumi Shallow Tank

    wow looks very nice! good job, will be following this! :thumbup:
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    My Dymax IQ3

    Very nice I like the wood its nicely positioned, good job + keep the pictures coming! :thumbup:
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    juwel rio 400l (new pics 03032011)

    Re: juwel rio 400l (newly setup) Wow! That really does look like an antelope haha :) The hardscape is looking pretty good! :thumbup:
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    If you could have any career...?

    I would love to be 3 things: 1- Marine Biologist 2- Zooligist 3- Work in an aquarium I have chose my subject options around these, as I really want to have a career involving aquatic life ect.
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    Celestial's Planted Tank - Update

    I added a bunch of Vallisneria Tortifolia, Amazon Sword and Cabomba ??, I'm quite happy with the outcome as I feel the tank is more complete now. The CPD's seem to enjoy swimming in and out of the cabomba :lol: Any criticism wuold be helpful :) My ram harassing my poor corydora: FTS...
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    Thats a fantastic start, already looks like its been growing for at least a week haha :) Good Job :thumbup:
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    Amazon inspiration or why plants do better with flow.

    Amazing video, the water is so clear! The fish at 6:00 are fantastic!
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    Celestial's Planted Tank - Update

    Re: Celestial's Planted Tank Thanks Garuf, yes I will add some moss in the future, but how would I add the new sand into the tank? Would I remove the substrate at the front and then use the plastic to keep the substrate in place? Thanks, Celestial
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    Celestial's Planted Tank - Update

    Re: Celestial's Planted Tank Here it is, sorry about the photo :oops: and as you can see I only have the crispus and crypts leftleft, but I'm planning on adding some moss and other plants.
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    Celestial's Planted Tank - Update

    Re: Celestial's Planted Tank - New Pics Added I have rescaped this tank, but only have the crypts and the Aponogetum Crispus left, I'll add the pics in the morning Thanks, Celestial
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    where's the cheapest place to buy opti-white tanks?

    www.acaquatics.com do custom tanks, so if you get in touch and ask for a low iron glass (aka. Optiwhite) should be able to get one, and as you look at the prices, you'll soon see how cheap they are. Hope this helps, Celestial.
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    Sorry, I dont know how i didnt notice that...
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    My first iwagumi 60x30x30cm

    The tank looks huge! Looks fantastic and you have shed new light on what I can do with my tank now, thankyou! :D That carpet is worthy for the gods... and I mean it. :clap: Thanks, Celestial
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    Magpie's 'Learning Curve' 90 x 75 updated 14/7 pics

    Re: Magpie's 'Learning Curve' 90 x 75 opti-white Any updates on pictures? It's looking pretty amazing... :clap:
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    Anyone? Please? :lol:
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    Hey guys and girls, I was wondering whether anyone knows where I can get my hands on some Aquadip products, the food looks fantastic and I really want some :lol: So if anyone knows could you please help? Thanks, Celestial
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    [IWAGUMI] Project Scree - New plants and lights

    Re: [IWAGUMI] Project Scree George, you never fail to make me jealous :lol: Scape looks great, and plant and fish choice sounds pretty awesome too :)
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    Celestial's Planted Tank - Update

    Re: Celestial's Planted Tank - New Pics Added Yes, a Juwel Korral :) Yeah you can take out the filter, change/clean the sponge. If the wire isn't placed how it likes it though it does make a lot of noise :( And thankyou :) I have decided that tomorrow I will add more gravel to create a higher...
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    Celestial's Planted Tank - Update

    Re: Celestial's Planted Tank - New Pics Added Thankyou :) I've had the crypts for about a month now and have been doing fine, I have 5 growth tabs where they are planted and add ferts weekly (5ml JBL Ferropol), so hopefully they'll stay strong :lol: Thanks, Celestial.
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    Celestial's Planted Tank - Update

    Celestial's Planted Tank - New Pics Added Heres the pics, in the one of the crypts you can see that I am unfortunately suffering with some algae, but here they are: Crypts: In and around the rocks I will be tieing some riccia down to add to the greenery. Please critisize and say...
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    Celestial's Planted Tank - Update

    Celestial's Planted Tank Just rescaped the tank because I was bored :lol: Some plants died, Elodea Densa, Vallisneria and the two stem plants which names I can't recall at this moment, think one may have been Rotala something. Will add pics shortly. :) Thanks, Celestial.
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    Magpie's 'Learning Curve' 90 x 75 updated 14/7 pics

    Re: Magpie's 'Learning Curve' 90 x 75 opti-white Woooooaaaa thats deep lol :D This will be very interesting because of the strange dimensions I'm sure! I think that if you have the plastic edges in you can take them out when filled - and I'm sorry but I can't help about creating dead spots I...
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    Where Can I Buy A Bare Glass Tank?

    Try acaquatics.com or just look up a clearseal, there's always the option of DIY though :D
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    Andrew's 90cm

    Wow, looks impressive :D Welcome to the forums and great looking tank :) Do you know what you would be able to get a full tank shot? Thanks, Celestial.
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    volcano joke

    I have one, but I'm not quite sure I'm allowed to say it :thumbdown:
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    My venture into my new 760 ltr planted tank .

    Re: My venture into my new 760 ltr aquariam. WOW! Looks fantastic! It already looks nice and lush :clap: You should be proud. :) Thanks, Celestial.
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    Krish's 60cm Fern Mountain

    I like it :D :thumbup: What type of Ikea Cabinet is it and do the fish ever argue? Thanks, Celestial.
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    My venture into my new 760 ltr planted tank .

    Re: My venture into my new 760 ltr aquariam. Looking good :thumbup: The pictures are getting me excited :lol: Thanks, Celestial.
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    24l/5g Nano

    I meant like how much ml per week of the normal Ferropol not Ferropol 24. Thanks, Celestial.
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    What a shame. But, if he likes your tank, he might let you upgrade and/or even get one himself! Oh, and which side of Lincoln are you? I'm in Louth so if you have any spare tanks/plants/fish I will gladly buy them! Thanks, Celestial.
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    24l/5g Nano

    This tank is fantastic! I wish I could have a tank as green as this :lol: How much JBL Ferropol do you pour in weekly? Thanks, Celestial.
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    My venture into my new 760 ltr planted tank .

    Re: My venture into my new 760 ltr aquariam. http://www.java-plants.com/ is really cheap with a relatively wide range of plants, it also has pretty good reviews aswell. Thanks, Celestial.
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    Am I the youngest?

    Ok thanks guys. :)
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    Am I the youngest?

    I know its a rather odd question but am I the youngest on this forum? Im 13.
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    My venture into my new 760 ltr planted tank .

    Re: My venture into my new 760 ltr aquariam. Wow! Thats a lot of plants! It'll take ages to plant but I bet it'll be worth it :D It also looks quite a bit of money aswell, may I ask where you're getting the plants from? And are you planning to do jungle style or are you going to 'scape it...
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    60x45x45 Optiwhite

    This is going to look awesome! :) Where did you get the stones and Manzanita from though? And what type of stones are they? Thanks, Celestial.
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    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Re: Saintly's 'savannah dreaming' Love it! Fantastic as I expected, and will look even better once it fills out! :thumbup:
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    Aquascapes 2003 to present

    Re: Seven years of 'scaping - updated Feb '10 Love them all! I'm so proud to be in your forum :)
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    Time for a new scape (The End)

    Re: Time for a new scape Looks fantastic! I wish my Eleocharis did something like that, mine has done nothing for the past 2 weeks!
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    Wayney's 2nd tank

    Sounds good :) Good any pics?
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    George's 120cm - Nature's Reflection v2

    Love it! Looks great :thumbup: I have the same problem with my Twisted Vallis, but I have seen good news as there are some shoots coming up next to it. Wish I had a tank like this! :lol: Thanks, Celestial.
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    Third Times A Charm - Ark's Nano

    Looks like its gonna be good :) :thumbup: Where did you get the plants from if you don't mind me asking?
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    Celestial's Planted Tank - Update

    Re: My First Ever Fish Tank/Planted Tank Thanks :) Thankyou and yes I am going to my LFS on Saturday to get some more plants.
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    Celestial's Planted Tank - Update

    Hey UKAPS, I've been on the forum for a while but havent made much posts. I got my first ever fish tank 2 weeks ago after months of begging my mum for one. It is a planted Juwel Korall 60 and resides next to my bed. Fish: 5 Celestial Pearl Danios, 1 German Blue Ram Plants: 18" Collection from...
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    400l rescape

    Wow I love it :) Like the video aswell :) :thumbup:
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    Newly setup planted tank

    Great looking tank :clap: But may I ask where did you get the plants from and what are the small plants infront of each log? Thanks
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    Saintly's 240L 'savannah dreaming' scape finished

    Re: Saintly's 120cm latest scape Sounds good, can't wait :D
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    100litre planted tank

    Looks lovely :) Its so clean and the aquascaping is great too! Good job :thumbup:
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    how many cardinal tetras

    432 Litres when full to the brim to be precise :)
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    60cm Rescape

    Maybe a risen circle of rocks, with the crypts inside, almost like a volcano. Then maybe hairgrass in the background? The jungle edge was lovely, so I'm sure you can think of something good :wink:
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    my 1st ever fish tank

    I think that maybe if you got the piece of wood as it is on the 1st picture and turned it around and placed it on all 3 legs. The thickest side of the wood would be near the filter on the right, with the other two 'legs' facing towards the front left corner. You could then add some tallish...
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    Where to buy in the Midlands.

    Shop name: Lincs Aquatics. Location: Woodthorpe Hall, Woodthorpe, Lincolnshire, LN13 0DD. Stocks coldwater, freshwater and marine fish, tanks and equipment. Tanks nice and clean. Large amount of tanks. It used to be an aircraft hangar so it is very big.
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    My latest aquarium

    Ok thanks =] Does it smell at all though? Because my mum hates the smell :P
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    Bird pics

    Wow, I love the photo of the duck that you uploaded on Flickr on the 31st of December, its fab =]
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    My latest aquarium

    Dont you ever suffer with water loss due to evaporation? Its a lovely tank =] :thumbup: