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  1. Sentral

    Low Tech / Low Flow Plants for Betta

    Hi all, Hoping someone can give me some advice on what plants will tolerate/thrive in a low tech and low flow tank that currently houses a betta? It would be great if anyone has had experiences with this kind of setup :) Cheers
  2. Sentral

    ADA 60H - Memorable Tank Name

    Looking forward to seeing this one grown in a bit! I actually really like the dimensions on this, too.
  3. Sentral

    Another Hello from Bristol (ish)

    Also from Bristol, howdy!
  4. Sentral

    In Vitro Tubes

    Perfect. How long can I keep these for in vitro? Ta
  5. Sentral

    African antics... NA120

    Love it! Real nice fish :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Sentral

    Parva Beach - Where Corydoras Holiday

    Very nice :)
  7. Sentral

    Amano RIP?

    Terrible news, Amano has done so much for this hobby. RIP :(
  8. Sentral

    Cheap 88g C02 setup

    Cheers guys, I'll be using a nano diffuser as the tank (Fluval Spec) has a built in filter. Might look into modifying the powerhead and position the diffuser underneath but we shall see!
  9. Sentral

    Cheap 88g C02 setup

    You can get the tanks much cheaper than that, near £5 each here http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=231324691814&globalID=EBAY-GB - assuming these would fit. Think I'll get a proper reg with solenoid and the soda stream adapter. How long do these last? Thanks Sent from my...
  10. Sentral

    Cheap 88g C02 setup

    Thanks for the replies all, I've just been reading the thread about soda streams and could be a good idea. The tank is tiny, only 19l so not too worried about the cost, can't go the FE route due to no room for the canister. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Sentral

    Cheap 88g C02 setup

    Hi all, I'm looking at getting a regulator for a disposable 88g tank and seen this http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=221779812864&globalID=EBAY-GB would I need a needle valve for this? The seller states that I do not, but not sure how accurate that is. You can get...
  12. Sentral

    miniMal (thread closed)

    Really like this, great job!
  13. Sentral

    600 litre Low Tech Discus Tank

    Really nice, I'd love a discus setup if I had the space! Have you thought about adding a few more crypts along the edge? Perhaps some more Wendti?
  14. Sentral

    Shrimp Studio Forum

    What others are there? The only other active one I know of is ShrimpNow, but even that place isn't that busy...
  15. Sentral

    Shrimp Rack build.....

    Looking good! Those KK's are stunning... I'd love to move on to TB's but I'm still at the RCS/CRS stage! I wouldn't trust myself at the moment... Any chance of posting pics of the racks and tanks again? Ta :thumbup:
  16. Sentral

    Picked these up at LPS

    Bargain! Gaining in popularity quite a lot now, which means hardier livestock. Make a great change to the humble RCS though!
  17. Sentral

    Smallest Nymphaea species for aquarium use?

    Quite a nice little plant!
  18. Sentral

    [NANO] Double Opti White - Cherry/Sakura/White Pearl Breeding Colony

    Lovely tanks, looking forward to seeing progress. I live in Wimbledon and on the hunt for some CRS, any ideas besides Maidenhead?
  19. Sentral

    Am I being too fussy?

    I made the mistake of using planetedtanks. Awful service and terrible quality of plants, you'll get decent sized and healthy plants from aqua essentials or green machine.
  20. Sentral

    Using standard water filters is it ok?

    I use a generic brita filters for water changes for my shrimp tank, reduces the harness and tdi of my water quite well, works out a lot cheaper than using RO and no waste either.
  21. Sentral


    Everything I try to grow gets eaten by s ails in my garden :(
  22. Sentral

    Need plant ideas for new 30L tall!

    For a 30l tank it wouldn't cost much at all just to buy a decent substrate, cat litter is awful stuff and too light. I had hair grass under a 9w light in a 30l and it died, slowly! Mosses are probably the way to go, and hydro seems to grow anywhere I put it
  23. Sentral

    LED/Drivers - Advice needed

    Hi all, I've got 6 3w LED's and the driver I'm using is 18w 1.5A, but after wiring it all up they don't power up. I tested them with just the power supply without the driver (for about 2 secs!) and they work fine. Anyone got any ideas? This is the driver; Thanks
  24. Sentral

    live food culture....

    Some insect larvae can eat small fry and baby shrimp, but I've never had any issues. I doubt what you see includes daphnia, as it has to be introduced. I remember a guy at my LFS said there are daphnia 'spores' in the air! Lol...
  25. Sentral


    I guess this is similar to buying off te shelf ferts vs EI salts, you're basically paying for water vs actual product. I might look into this when mine runs out, I've still got a quarter of AE's version.
  26. Sentral

    Elos Fertilizers, who is using it?

    Forgive my ignorance, but how is this stuff any different? Nutrients are nutrients...
  27. Sentral

    Can I give my Oto's a luxury holiday?

    As long as the water params are the same you'll be fine, and they'll love it! If you want to supplement their diet you can grow algae on rocks in a small tank on your windowsill, then place them in to be devoured :)
  28. Sentral

    TMC nutrasoil

    I've got some of this I'll be using for my rescape, first impression is good but feels pretty soft to me, not too sure how well it will hold up in the tank. I'm guessing it'll be fine if you don't disturb it, but bear in mind if your'e the type of person that likes to rearrange their plants...
  29. Sentral

    PFK Special Offer

    They've been doing it online for some time, you can get lots of other titles as well ;£
  30. Sentral

    Feeding Tetramin flakes/any flakes

    I currently keep CPD's and they never to go the surface. All flake food should eventually sink, I just crush mine up and sprinkle it around the outflow.
  31. Sentral

    Just for fun 5l bowl

    Great idea with the CD! I love the shape of these bowls. I reckon you could get a more suited light at some point to make the whole thing look a bit less imposing, maybe have a look at some LED solutions? I reckon a bit of gnarly wood and moss would finish it nicely :)
  32. Sentral


    There is some sound logic there! It's great that we live in an age where we've got so much control over our water, but it still takes a fair amount of effort to keep them stable! I wonder how long it'll be before our tanks are completely digitally controlled and self-contained? Just out of...
  33. Sentral

    Cheap Co2 reactors

    I always assumed that you use these externally, surely nobody actually had that monstrosity inside their tanks?! Tempted to get one and make it watertigh
  34. Sentral

    Inert versions of Seiryu stone

    £60?! Yikes... What sort of size are those?
  35. Sentral

    Help buying laptop

    I would tell them to go to an Apple store :)
  36. Sentral

    RO unit installation in a flat

    Look for the water feed for your washing machine, mines under the sink. You can get Y-adapters then push fit connectors with a tap to your RO unit
  37. Sentral

    Inert versions of Seiryu stone

    Hi guys, My water is pretty hard and using Seiru stone isn't helping. I'm after the same sort of rock but that is completely inert? I've seen these on tgm, anyone used these yet? ADA Manten ADA Yamaya Any other alternatives considered :)
  38. Sentral

    Carls 46x25x25

    Great start, I've also got that heater and it struggles to keep my 25l cube above 21c, but that's in my cool basement flat. :p My vote is a few otos and shrimp for the cleanup crew
  39. Sentral

    In Vitro Gel

    I did wonder how well they would last. Are there any better affordable systems that you know of? On another note I knew someone who nearly burnt his house down growing 'tomatoes' :)
  40. Sentral

    In Vitro Gel

    Interesting, you can get hydro units called 'oxypot' which are simple and cheap, also something like this would be ideal http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewit ... 8965682298
  41. Sentral

    would this led light unit be ok for low tech ?

    I would ask the seller what the LED's are used in there, you could also look at DIY it'll work out much cheaper
  42. Sentral

    Cheap Pressurised Co2 solution

    good to hear you got it sorted out. It's usually best to put your CO2 1-2 hours before lights on as it means the plants have lots of CO2 straight away, and off 1 hour before lights off so they can use the remaining gas, aiding your O2 levels for the dark period :thumbup:
  43. Sentral

    Random shrimp deaths in mature tank

    6.4 - 7.6 for cherries, although generally they're usually quite hardy. Very odd, sounds like a bacteria infection perhaps
  44. Sentral

    Barclays PINGIT

    Square were the first to release something like this, and there are several solutions present which integrate with iOS and mac. The issue is they can't be used in the UK because we have chip&pin
  45. Sentral

    The price of Glosso these days. Dear me.

    Mental image of a football game involving green and black neon tetras...
  46. Sentral

    Striped rcs

    You might have discovered a new strain Viv, Sakura Stripe? :)
  47. Sentral

    Fire Red Cherry shrimplets..

    Freshwatershrimp.co.uk sell ebi gold, very overpriced though! Shame the uk is so far behind when it comes to shrimp!
  48. Sentral

    Fire Red Cherry shrimplets..

    Very nice, good colour in the offspring. Is that fluval stratum you're using?
  49. Sentral

    Glass diffusers

    They're fine, put them in front of your outlet to distribute
  50. Sentral

    Striped rcs

    I had one that had similar although not as defined. Just a lower grade cherry. I noticed the marking did vary though, initially wasn't visible then came and went. Probably due to different conditions/stress levels? Will be interesting to see offspring
  51. Sentral

    Testing KH - API KH Test not correct?

    Thanks Darrel, but why doesn't the reagent change colour? I'd like to be able to test kh myself
  52. Sentral

    Testing KH - API KH Test not correct?

    Hello chaps, I'm having issues testing my KH... Using the API KH test, following the instructions step my step and doing it a few times, I still don't get any reaction. The instructions say keeping a drop until the orange reagent turns to green, I've got up to 30 drops and it just stays...
  53. Sentral

    Substrates, Cat Litter, shrimp

    Incase anyone is wondering, using Cat Litter increased GH by about 3-4 and PH is unchanged. (This was far from scientific by the way, just what I found) I got mine from eBay, pretty sure they've still got some :thumbup:
  54. Sentral

    Which Shrimp to Breed for my Dennerle 30L Nano ?

    Red Sakura, Blue Pearl or yellows should be easy :) I've not seen orange sakura on sale yet, does anyone actually have them in the UK?
  55. Sentral

    CO2 diffuser position

    Bear in mind it'll probably have a negative impact on your filter bacteria due to decreased O2 levels. A few people seem to do it this way without any ill effects though but I personally wouldn't. What system are you using? If its a decent reg you could get an inline diffuser
  56. Sentral

    Long-Term Low Maintenance 120cmx60x60 Tank (new video on page 6)

    I've only just come across this. Wow! It's the type of community aquarium most people wish to have. Lots of interest and very healthy fish and plants. Must be happy with it!
  57. Sentral

    Bogo Vista - Nano

    I'm really not a fan of this style of aquarium to be honest Gill, but I am looking forward to what you do inside it ;) Good luck with the new position also!
  58. Sentral

    Substrates, Cat Litter, shrimp

    Thanks all, I've had success with Sakura so moving up to CRS/CBS and perhaps hong kong blue shrimp. I've got catapa bark/alder cones that I can use as a buffer but was a little concerned about GH
  59. Sentral

    Blue Aura Shrimp

    Is the norm to cull (kill) the offspring that don't show the colours or are they moved on?
  60. Sentral

    Otto disappeared

    It's also probably worth mentioning how these are caught in the wild with poisons and the stress they endure to get over here. Might take a few weeks for them to settle in any new tank, make sure there's lots of food for them to fatten up with as well :)
  61. Sentral

    Substrates, Cat Litter, shrimp

    Hello guys, I'm currently using akadama in one of my shrimp tanks, but it works out fairly expensive due to shipping, i'm going to set another tank up so I was looking at car litter as an alternative. Does anyone have experience using the popular tesco type; and the buffering capacity of it...
  62. Sentral

    Celestial pearl danio

    Not too sure on the age but breeding should start once they've been conditioned on live foods and good water, the males will show bright orange and you'll be able to see the black spot on the female. I've got 4 as well, they do spar quite a bit but it's not too bad, I like watching them dance...
  63. Sentral

    Low maintenance Fluval Edge 46 litre

    Very well scaped, especially taking into account the low lighting. I've always liked the design of the edge but they get a lot of hate from fish keepers due to the smaller surface area; but I don't think it's an issue in a planted tank. I wasn't aware these were LED though. Probably easy enough...
  64. Sentral

    evolution aqua pure aquarium balls

    I've seen them advertised before, probably useful in emergency situations but if your filters are running correctly I don't really see the need in magic potions!
  65. Sentral

    Blue Aura Shrimp

    Very nice! Wish my lfs had more than just CRS. Look forward to seeing what the offspring is like!
  66. Sentral

    Evaporation - annoying

    A dehumidifier is basically just a fan with a cooling element inside; the moisture in the air condenses as its passed through by the fan and drips into the container. They're fairly expensive unless you can find a 2nd hand one, and bear in mind they use a bit of electricity to run. Prevention...
  67. Sentral

    Nano stem plant ideas please

    Very nice scape, I love the grass and beach area. Can't help you on the stem choice I'm afraid though! Where's the best place to get these invitro pots online?
  68. Sentral

    Mail order fish?

    http://www.tropicalfishfinder.co.uk/ Searches lots of retailers so should find why you're looking for :)
  69. Sentral

    What to feed my Otts and plec ie cucumber

    I feed mine with courgette and cucumber, occasionally plec algae tabs. Pets at home usually have otos
  70. Sentral

    LED lighting high vs low wattage LED's

    As already been said; you can make your own LED rig for not much money. Radik helped me out when I initially built one last year. I've just purchased a couple of these for a new setup though http://www.ebay.com/itm/ws/eBayISAPI.dl ... 0356170265 You just need a 12v power supply :) easy
  71. Sentral

    Red cherry shrimp maturity

    Lovely shot! :)
  72. Sentral

    Members Backgrounds

    I've got a degree in multimedia and communication design, currently working for the most valuable company in the world ;)
  73. Sentral

    Galaxy Rasboras and feeding

    Flake is fine, I finely crush and place in a area of turbulence so sinks quicker, I also feed mine daphnia once of twice a week as well. They feed from the column mainly but they appear to graze on microfauna from rocks/gravel a well.
  74. Sentral

    A little birdy mixture from yesterday

    Very nice, what lenses are you using?
  75. Sentral

    [Nano] Blackford Hill

    So wild, I love it. Thought about some cherries in there? Or would they be a tasty snack for the fish?
  76. Sentral

    Tricolor - Pico Cube - 1-2 Grow

    The Shard - Pico Cube - New Pix :) I like it, but I don't think you should be keeping fish in there, even of they are little tiddlers
  77. Sentral

    Inexpensive Black Sand?

    Well I'm not sure if there are different types, but the "black" unicrap sand that I got wasn't black at all, the dye just rinses off.
  78. Sentral

    [NANO] Double Opti White - Cherry/Sakura/White Pearl Breeding Colony

    Double Opti White Nano - Cherry/Sakura Breeding Colony Nice tanks, it's great to see nicely aquascaped shrimp setups! Any shots of the cherries?
  79. Sentral

    Another newbie has a go: Dartmoor tor-inspired (maybe!)

    Imageshack.us couldn't be easier.
  80. Sentral

    A Guide To Crystal Red Shrimp

    Great guide! I also think it'd be great if you could share some images of your set up and products that you reccomend and uk suppliers :)
  81. Sentral

    Advice on Keeping Crabs

    I've seen these also, how are they with shrimp?
  82. Sentral

    What dslr ?

    450/500d vote, I love mine. Plus you can use your lenses!
  83. Sentral

    Iwagumi using UG

    http://www.thegreenmachineonline.com/pr ... aminifolia Does state it was out of stock from October but may be in now, worth a try. I'll be watching this closely, I wanted to use UG for my iwagumi but used hairgrass as I wasn't reasy for the challenge at the time! It is a very nice plant.
  84. Sentral

    Iwagumi using UG

    Wow! That looks stunning. Might be of a little interest http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/plant ... setup.html
  85. Sentral

    sodium thiophosphate

    Sounds interesting, but what about chloramines?
  86. Sentral

    20g new red cherry setting up help please

    We need UK suppliers for shrimp substrates, it's not economically viable to spend £40 on a small bag getting it hopped over from Germany! A lot of the guys over on shrimpnow say that the active substrates lose their life very quickly with tap.
  87. Sentral

    "Green Mountain" - 60lt Cube - blyxa melting

    "Green Mountain" - 60lt Cube - 3rd times the charm Amazing growth! Awesome. Do you have pics of the light? I've just ordered 5 Crees and a few other bits for mine
  88. Sentral


    Have you thought about investing in an RO unit? Would be a lot less hassle and you'd get 99.98% pure
  89. Sentral


    I use API tapsafe, does both and it isn't too expensive but it's much better value to get pond stuff as been mentioned Surly this is pointless if you're using a dechlorinator anyway..?
  90. Sentral

    20g new red cherry setting up help please

    You only need these shrimp specific substrates if you're using RO water as they'll buffer the PH and give you a good GH. If you're using tap water they'll stop buffering within a few weeks rendering it pointless spending all that money! Akadama is real cheap and inert, so you could control PH by...
  91. Sentral

    Shorter Vallisneria nana?

    Hi guys, I'm after a plant that I'm not sure exists... Basically I want Vallisneria nana but shorter, 20cm max height ideally. Anybody know if it's possible to keep it down? Or an alternative? Many thanks
  92. Sentral

    Three Peaks Iwagumi

    Looking forward to seeing it growing in :) Celestial Pearl Danios to be more accurate! One of my faves, I love them! Good tip, this is what I did also.
  93. Sentral

    Interview with James Findley

    What is the long plant in the background?
  94. Sentral

    Interview with James Findley

    Must be quite a while ago; He's still moaning about LED's and mentions that there aren't any other planted tank stores in the UK. Very interesting though, thanks for the post.
  95. Sentral


    I'll be ordering the starter kit next month as I'm nearly out of my tpn. I'm assuming measuring doesn't need to 100% accurate, with digi scales or anything?
  96. Sentral

    [WARNING] Shrimp and Pesticides

    Very informative and well written George. Nice work! Just out of interest, who was that supplied the pesticide info? Also great input Tom, maybe we could try and hunt that video down as it'd be a great example of what to look out for. I think I can say this has been somewhat of an eye opener for...
  97. Sentral

    Where ti buy akadama south london surrey area

    Doesn't make a difference does it? Link to the post please :)
  98. Sentral

    Looking For Reputable CRS Breeders In The UK

    Try beeshrinp.co.uk and kedsgrove tropicals on eBay for online stores of shrimp. Also have a look on aquatics classifieds, it'll be much cheaper and perhaps local. http://www.planetinverts.com/ is probably the best resource out there!
  99. Sentral

    Putting the co2 diffuser next to the filter inlet?

    Remember all that Nitrosifying and Nitrifying bacteria in your filter needs oxygen to function. By pumping it full of CO2 this would probably decrease the effectiveness of the nitrification process. It isn't to the extent that you'll see major issues, but it may also effect the filters life...