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  1. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    ADA style cabinet?

    saintly that looks awesome :)
  2. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Auto dry salt dosing, possible with this?

    hmmms.. maybe its pectin based then. well if its veggie then we have no worries.
  3. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Auto dry salt dosing, possible with this?

    the only thing that bothers me is that gelatin is made from animal bone.. wonder what it will leech thats all.
  4. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Auto dry salt dosing, possible with this?

    itll be dead nifty if this all works! are we happy with the dissolved capsule being in the tank? any idea whats in the shell?
  5. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Auto dry salt dosing, possible with this?

    PVA! yes thats em! I add about 12 grams of salts every time to my tank, so a 1 gram capsule would be a bit small, maybe they go bigger.. like horse tablets or something!
  6. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Auto dry salt dosing, possible with this?

    how about putting the powders in tiny PVC bags? all you fisherman will know what I mean. would be easy to make them up On hitting the water, the PVC bag will disolve into an inert nothing, leaving the powder perfectly packaged. the only thing would be the humidity melting the baggies...
  7. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    New 500l tank project plans

    awwww.. thats a shame.. i was hoping for some top building tips!
  8. Matt Holbrook-Bull


    just got some of this to see what you all rave about! :wink: how much do you think I need for 235litres? Is the stated capacity accurate of 100ml per 400litres?.
  9. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Luminaires with 2 switches.

    You could use a stand alone timer switch that you could mount on the unit somewhere of course, such as a heating system timer or something that simply switches a neg and pos contact. Or you could separate both switches into 2 wiring looms, then install a mains cable for each. Alot of units...
  10. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Latching pneumatic switch - is there such a thing?

    it would be nice if this type of solenoid was more common place.. they do get very hot and use silly current!!
  11. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Idea for an Internal Reactor

    Back when I was doing DIY, I built something very similar to this. Ade is dead right.. alot of dead spots and also alot of wasted gas. I had far better results using an inverted jam-jar, with a flow passing across the opening, was much more stable as well.
  12. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Semi DIY

    you should be able to get a regulator for about £65-£75 depending on where you shop. there are often some good deals on ebay, BigDanne got an entire system for bugger all! so, reg £70, cylinder, £30.. and some kind of reactor/diffuser.. all in all, about the same price as a £100 D-D system.
  13. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Semi DIY

    In all honesty, Id steer clear of disposable systems entirely as theyre extremely expensive to run on any decent sized tank. A refillable system, which is what im guesing you meant, isnt that expensive, you can always get a solenoid later and just turn the co2 off/on by hand, or do as some do...
  14. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Easy water changing...

    this is turning into a facinating thread guys.. what do you think about the temperature difference on inverts like Shrimps? I have a handful of shrimps and Ive never had them worry about a water change, infact, they seem to be far more active for the hours after a waterchange. I do try to...
  15. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Easy water changing...

    interesting, they told me they didnt as Id asked specifically for those readings. for me the added nitrates are a bonus, as its one less thing to add for EI. My tank grows far better on tap water than it ever did using RO. Also, carting about 120litres of RO every week just isnt feasable...
  16. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Easy water changing...

    not the case. I have a full water report from Wessex water with the assurance that they dont add any type of chloramination. Scary NO3 though huh?
  17. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Easy water changing...

    I dont actually have any chlorine in my water, but Id do it this way even if I did, just add the dechlorinator BEFORE you add the replacement water.. job done. I normally get the tap going, having matched the temperature by hand (im quite good at it now, can do it within 1 degree), then use...
  18. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    Easy water changing...

    stick a hosepipe in the outlet hose.. throw hose out the window.. pump away. if you have a garden, put a water butt outside the window and save the water, garden plants love it. stick hose in inlet, put hosepipe end in the container of water (whatever that might be).. pump away. I actually...
  19. Matt Holbrook-Bull

    My new gadget - a surface skimmer

    i had one of those once too, i think i cut it up to make something :lol: