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  1. John S

    Intense Inline CO2 Aquarium Atomizer

    I've always used inline atomizers and about 6 months ago my one developed a very slight leak in the body. I got a new intense one from one of our sponsors which has been fine until the last week. The Co2 level started to drop off in the tank. There is plenty in the bottle and the working...
  2. John S

    CO2 Bottle Thread Adapter

    I know this has come up several times on here but I couldn't find an answer when searching. I have a reg that takes re-fillable botlles but want to run disposable welding ones so I need one of these: One site listed them but hasn't had any for ages. Does anybody know of a place that sells...
  3. John S

    Regulator Creep

    I've been using a D-D CO2 set up on a 60L tank with disposable bottles running at 1bar. Its has never moved from this setting regardless of wether the Co2 solenoid is off or not. Last week I switched to a refillable bottle. I have set the working pressure to 1bar. Once the Co2 goes off the...
  4. John S

    JBL Permanent CO2 Test Kit

    OK, I have followed Cegs article here: http://www.ukaps.org/drop-checker.htm The issue I have with my set up is after adding the reagent to the 4dkH solution the mixture is almost clear with just a blue tinge to it, it looks nothing like it does in various articles even if I add more srops...
  5. John S

    DIY CO2 - Nearly Gassed Fish

    I had a lucky escape yesterday. I’ve used a DIY CO2 set up on a 60 l tank for months, with a mixture of 2 cups of sugar, ¾ teaspoon of yeast in a 2L bottle, without any issues. I changed my mixture on Saturday night and by Sunday morning it was fizzing away as usual. About half an hour before...