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  1. John S

    Speed Fit Pipe

    I have an Aquaone AR850 and want to fit an external filter without butchering the the trickle filter housing. I need to do something like what is shown towards the bottom of this thread. http://tinyurl.com/668x2xj Anyway my question is and it might be a stupid one, is it OK to use the speedfit...
  2. John S

    Cracked Eheim 2324 Canister

    I recently got the above filter 2nd hand from Ebay. Today I got time to install it. On adding water to the canister to cleann it the water leaked onto the floor. Closer inpection shows a crack in one corner down by one of the feet. This is obviously an expensive part to replace and would...
  3. John S

    Reflector Refurb

    Hi, The paint on the relector in my Aquamode 600 has started to flake and turn brown. I'm looking to repaint it but do I need a special reflective paint or just an off the shelf white? Any help appreciated.