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  1. hotweldfire

    Ordering from U.S.

    I was in contact with them a couple of weeks ago to buy a light and they tell me they no longer ship internationally as it's too much hassle. Might change their mind for a bulk order. Let me know if you put one in. Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk 2
  2. hotweldfire

    Best shops for aquatic plants in london?

    Third that. Exceptional range and quality. If you can't get down there then ADC is also good. More mainstream as primarily Tropica which tends to arrive on a Thursday afternoon (just nabbed some stuff today) but Greg knows his stuff.
  3. hotweldfire

    Recommend Custom Aquarium supplier?

    Just came across this lot: http://rak-aqua.co.uk/category.php?id_category=50 Cannot vouch for them as haven't used them but currently in discussion with them over rimless/braceless versions of their opti-whites. Prices seem extremely competitive. Radik, I believe, has used them so maybe he can...