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  1. JohnC

    Tank base padding for large rocks

    Hi, Was just about to actually buy some under gravel filter trays to use as a base below large rocks in the new scapes and thought i'd come here and see what everyone else has used/is using. To save some pennies if I have it already kicking about. So, suggestions for areas under heavy...
  2. JohnC

    Redmoor past it's best...

    Hi, I've broken down the rio180 a long while ago now and am looking at the redmoor roots that i've taken out. They are fully dried but have changed appearance from the original reddish hue to a more manzi look and rough feel. Additionally they feel brittle and my gut feeling is they are a...
  3. JohnC

    Stinking Manzanita

    Hi, I've been presoaking batches of Manzanita to get rid of tannins and make it sink but some of the buckets have started to really stink of rotting fart gas. Should I be worried about eventually sticking this wood in my tank? Thanks, John
  4. JohnC

    Rock Testing

    Hiya, I'm struggling to find something in my kitchen/house to test a rock. Vinegar isn't making it fizz. Can anyone point me to a household strong acid that I can pour onto it to check? Ta, John
  5. JohnC

    Fixing/Joining Wood Pieces

    Hi, Quick question. I'm trying to scape with a large collection of wood pieces that I would like to secure to each other to form something more solid as a type of "claw". Suggestions on methods of joining the branches? Cable ties Silicon (will this be strong enough?) Hot glue gun? Thanks, John
  6. JohnC

    Redmoor with Seiryu Stone or Dragon Stone?

    I should possibly add with a base of gravel and sand...... My feeling is Dragon Stone being browner would look more natural with the gravel & sand then the grey of the Seiryu stone. What do you all think?
  7. JohnC

    Collecting your own wood in the UK

    Hiya, After buying another bunch of Redmoor wood (does this actually come from the Redmoor area?) and drooling over the stuff Tom Barr finds by the truckload in the US I got wondering what and where should we be looking for when collecting wood ourselves in the UK? I've seen the video of...