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  1. darren636

    Can you name this scape?

    That's bloody inspired!!!!
  2. darren636

    Can you name this scape?

    There's something up ahead in those trees, and it ain't no man.....
  3. darren636

    Can you name this scape?

  4. darren636

    My 3 tanks

    Shut mouth!
  5. darren636

    "Triple That" by Yoda

    That's the best gully I've seen since Saturday on the south west coast.
  6. darren636

    My Current Tank

    Some mini alternanthera would look great behind the sp Japan.
  7. darren636

    60cm - Shallow

    That hygrophila is an interesting proposition. I assume it needs lots of management to keep it short?
  8. darren636

    After 3 weeks

    Its gonna be a riot in there soon.
  9. darren636

    Little underwater garden.

    It looks good, nicely laid out. Plant selection is top
  10. darren636

    Deleted thread

    You sure its non co2 tank? . Its looking great, btw.
  11. darren636

    Deutch 10,000 litre paradise... not Mr Knott either

    Nice tank, bad fish selection
  12. darren636

    "In Dreams" by Yoda

    Liking the close-Ups. Its a miniature world
  13. darren636

    Low tech tank pictures

    looks like cryptocoryne legroi to me. Mine are very similar, although i have 2 batches that have slightly different colouring.
  14. darren636

    My greenscape updated

    some celestial pearl danios in there too.