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  1. Aron_Dip

    BBA or something nicer

    It looks too twiggy to be bba.. If you zoom in on the pic you can make out some branching witch is a tell tail sign of stag horn.. Also when you take bba out of the water I noticed it looks fluffy or blob like if that makes sense lol
  2. Aron_Dip

    BBA or something nicer

    Hi, Hard to tell but looks more like stag horn than bba. Take a look here for lots of help on algae problems James' Planted Tank - Algae Guide Cheers
  3. Aron_Dip

    Still suffering with Black Beard Algae (BBA)! :(

    Sometimes it takes a day or 2 to turn (did for me when i had some) You could also carefully take the stones out and brush them over with a tooth brush dipping in Exel or easy Carbo.