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  1. hotweldfire

    Office nano

    Got this 30x20x20 off Ryan some time ago (don't know where he got it, maybe he can tell us). Was meant to go on my office desk. My health and safety were asked if it was OK (mistake to ask them) and they said no. Firstly, water, electricity, no no. Secondly, we have a strict no pets policy they...
  2. hotweldfire

    Desert's Edge

    Hi All, I've kept a tank for about 7 or 8 years now. Low tech, crypts, valis, cories, harlequins etc. Originally it was a Juwel Rekord 60. Had it for about 3 or 4 years at my last place. Moved it to my current place. Then a year later moved it upstairs to the bedroom. Few months later it...
  3. hotweldfire

    Larry's Glade

    Hi All, This is my first journal, first Iwagumi and first attempt at a second tank. It's going to be a slow burner as I don't really have the cash for all the gear I need so the shrimp and plants in my main tank are going to have to subsidise this one until it's up and running and can pay for...