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  1. John S

    Aquarium plant food uk

    Many of us here probably started with this: https://www.ukaps.org/index.php?page=dosing-with-dry-salts The mixture here is for a 20 gallon tank but you can just up or downscale the ratios depending on your tank size.
  2. John S

    EI Calculator - Is it correct?

    No problem, we've all been there:) Clive has beaten me too it but I was just about to point you in the direction of this as you are not the first person to question the details: https://www.ukaps.org/forum/threads/ei-newbie-totally-confused-lol.16457/
  3. John S

    EI Calculator - Is it correct?

    I've just run the calculator for KNO3, 800ml bottle, 40ml dose and 126 Liters with a result of 30.82g to add to the solution. I then run it with 126 US gallons and get 116.65g which is what you have in your original table?
  4. John S

    EI Calculator - Is it correct?

    When you put your aquarium size in are you sure you selected 126 Litres and not US Gallons?
  5. John S

    Too much osmocote plus?

    I did something similar and had the same issues. To be honest it only got worse even with large water changes. After about a month almost every plant was either dead or dying. I stripped it down in the end and used far less osmocote. That fixed it.
  6. John S

    Dry ferts - please help me with the maths

    If I were you I'd read this: http://www.ukaps.org/index.php?page=dosing-with-dry-salts The calculations in this are based on 20 gallons, your tank is about 30 gallons so just add another 3rd of the powders. It doesn't need to be spot on.
  7. John S

    Another EI Newbie Question!

    I use de-ionised water. I found that cooled boiled tap water with my trace mix caused the tank to cloud when dosing, de-ionised solved the problem.
  8. John S

    Switching to EI dosing...please help!

    See here: http://www.ukaps.org/EI.htm
  9. John S

    ei dry salts

  10. John S

    EI Recipes

    When I used tap water my tank would go slightly cloudy after day 3 from some reason. I switched to deionised water and its been fine ever since.
  11. John S

    Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) Purchased from Internet

    Well they've got 100% feedback, so quite a few people happy with 'empty bags' :lol: As Alastair says though, I'd be wary if its genuine KNO3 on reading this thread.
  12. John S

    EI and water changes

    Hoggie, I always thought gravel cleaning was discouraged with planted aquariums, what issues can it cause? I don't want to find out myself :lol: