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  1. John S

    Journal Freds new pond build

    Looks absolutely fantastic Fred. Well done.:clap:
  2. John S

    UV Filter Recommendation

    Not yet. Car needs taxing this month so will be when I get paid next. I'm looking at getting a stand alone unit like yours. :thumbup:
  3. John S

    UV Filter Recommendation

    That looks just the job. Thanks for posting the picture :thumbup:
  4. John S

    UV Filter Recommendation

    Thanks for the info. My hose size is 38mm and the fittings on these units look a lot smaller but I will search for something similar.
  5. John S

    UV Filter Recommendation

    Anybody got any thoughts? APS do some that look like clones of the Bioforce ones, has anybody used them?
  6. John S

    UV Filter Recommendation

    For years I have run a Hozelock Titan 5500 with a Bioforce 9000 UV filter. The set up has always worked well for me and helped produce reasonably clear water. A seal failure on the filter has let water into the quartz tube. The tube has gone brown and will not clean and the electronics are...
  7. John S

    ID Growth on a goldfish?

    I can't tell you what it is but I have one that looks exactly the same. It's 6 years down the line now and is still going strong.