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  1. John S


    That's a poor response from Aqua One. I've had 3 of their tanks in the last 10 years but I won't be getting another. It's a shame I'm no longer in contact with the work mate who also had this problem as I could have got the pictures from him he had on his phone. It may have added a bit of...
  2. John S


    I'm not sure they pursued it with Aqua One. The tank was over two years old.
  3. John S


    Not what I wanted to hear. You are the second person I know who has suffered the same failure in the same area. I have one of these and was thinking of getting rid of it. I think now that decision has been made.
  4. John S


    What a nightmare. Which model of Aqua One tank was this?
  5. John S

    need advice

    Like Ian said. I've kept them for years in very hard water. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  6. John S

    Angels vs shrimps

    I would imagine 0 red cherry shrimps. I've had Angels eat Cardinal Tetra.
  7. John S

    Guppies in CO2 tank

    I had guppies when I first went over to Co2. They looked OK but they either stopped breeding or the fry didn't survive (can't say for sure as I never saw any fry). A few months later I took them out and gave them to a friend who wasn't injecting Co2 and within weeks his tank was full of babies.
  8. John S

    Flourish Excel & Amano shrimps

    I don't think any shrimps do well when over dosing liquid carbon.
  9. John S


    Clown Killis.
  10. John S

    Fish dying since starting EI...Coincidence?

    Just an unfortunate coincidence or something else going on. It won't be EI related. As everything in EI is estimated you're right to treat your tank as 180L.
  11. John S

    Harlequins playing dead

    I know this is an old thread but did this get resolved? I've had a couple of Harlequins start doing this in the last two days. They look dead for about 5 minutes, still fully coloured, they then start to swim but shake for a couple of minutes like they hare having some sort of fit. A couple of...
  12. John S

    Would loaches disturb my gravel?

    What type of loach were you looking at getting?
  13. John S

    EMERGENCY? Help!

    Maybe get some Seachem Prime for your water changes. It will help with amonia.
  14. John S

    Siamese Algae Eaters

    They will help but make sure you get a true SAE. Many shops label the Flying Fox as a SAE. They are not the same fish and the Flying Fox will jump. I've had one on the carpet as soon as I opened the lid to feed. See here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=19176 There are other ways to get rid of BBA...
  15. John S

    Newly Acquired Fish Dying - Advice Appreciated

    How old is the new tank and how did you cycle it?
  16. John S

    May have nearly gassed my fish

    I think your Pakistani loaches will be OK. When this nearly happened to me the first indication that something was wrong was the Pakistani loach loosing its colour, the markings had almost gone. It quickly recovered after a water change.
  17. John S

    Banded panchax advice

    Thats a shame. They're lovely looking fish.
  18. John S

    Banded panchax advice

    Have you got covering plants at the top of the tank? I had four rocket pancnax a couple of years ago. They seemed quite happy amongst the plant at the top of the tank (PH of 7.5+ and hard water). I then made the mistake of cutting back some of there cover and unfortunately lost all four in the...
  19. John S

    New fish at LFS - settling in time.

    Many stores don't sell the fish on the day of arrival and leave them for 24 hrs before selling.
  20. John S

    Introducing new fish at night?

    I'm sure that would be fine. I did read an article once that mentioned that for certain fish you should introduce them with the lights off. Probably the biggest concern is how long your journey home is.
  21. John S

    Cardinals with EI + hard water

    Hi Madlan, I don't have my water stats but I'm in Welwyn Garden City so I suspect my tap water parameters would be similar. I got 12 Cardinals about 18 months back. I don't use EI (yet) but do 40-50% water changes per week anyway on a 160L. I've lost 2 in that time due to whitespot, other than...
  22. John S

    Please help with fish identification

    Other than the head shape, the colour and stripe make it look like a SAE or Flying Fox.