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  1. JohnC

    Aquatics Live - Cheap Parking....

    Hi, Thinking of being a nutter and just driving down to Aquatics Live. Any advice on cheap parking around the venue? I read on the PFK forum the olympia parking is like £25 a day. Thanks, John
  2. JohnC

    Aquatics Live 2012

    Hi, Question - I'm thinking of coming down from Scotland for Aquatics Live. Is it worth me coming both days? ie will there be enough going on to occupy me or will I see it all in one day? (i then spend the second day visiting friends in London). :) Best Regards, John
  3. JohnC

    PFK subs offers

    Hi, The new pfk subscription offer is pretty good this coming month with a Cristalprofi e700 external filter on offer. I did some checking up and my current subs runs out in 2 issues. Currently I think the direct debit just renews the subscription when it runs out (trying to check on line...
  4. JohnC

    Isn't UKAPS great.

    Just wanted to say it. Thanks guys! John
  5. JohnC

    Robot Fish

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/earth/hi/earth_news/newsid_8772000/8772020.stm 8) would make catching fish in a planted tank so much easier.
  6. JohnC


    Hi, Just tripped over this... http://www.pbase.com/plantella/image/115133759 On oliver knott's site. Thought it would be right up the street of some of our iwagumi fanatics. :D So cute. Best regards, John
  7. JohnC

    Lead weights....

    Hi, Just having a ponder. I fitted out a Biorb for a friend the other day (god i hate those things) and for ease of use kept the lead weights on the couple of bunches of low light/cold water stems i chucked in for effect. Question - Are the lead weights that stem bunches come with actually...
  8. JohnC

    Is the carpet out of fashion?

    hi, general question, are planted aquariums with a full glosso, ricca, hc or whatever carpet out of fashion now? I'm noticing alot of new blogs with mix'ed substrates, paths and sandy open areas? for the older guys in the hobby here whom have followed ADA comps for years, do trends in scapes...