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  1. darren636

    over the rim drop-checker

    Couldn't sleep last night due to realisation that my drop checker is the largest thing ever created. It literally takes up all the space in my house. So, I saw a very cute ' hang on' drop checker, now I can't find it - any suggestions?
  2. darren636

    eheim ecco pro 300 priming

    That's it! Another snapped bit of plastic. second hand filter with no instructions on priming etc. Can someone explain how to close these filters without breaking the handle doo-dah? I hate these stupid, needlessly fiddly filters. I'm gonna punch myself in the face with rage. Good day.
  3. darren636

    extending eheim spraybar

    hey everyone, i really have to decrease water velocity from my standard spraybar- my boraras simply will not venture out- they get blasted by the flow. so was hoping to hear if there are any off the shelf, cheap extensions i can buy that are compatible. basically i need to run the spray bar the...
  4. darren636


    anyone have experience with these filters? Thinking about the largest one in the range. Any good or bad points ?