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  1. JohnC

    Anyone any good at pleco ID'ing?

    Hi peeps, Am aiming at renovating a tank for a friend and, as ever, there is a big pleco that I feel is going to be an issue for the "out of the box", badly maintained, Rio 240. I managed to grab a couple of photos (not great) and have been searching through the L-lists to get an ID but am...
  2. JohnC

    Angels and Amano's

    I'm pretty sure i know the answer to this one, since the Angels are renowned for sticking anything they can in their mouths and predation of cardinals.... But.... I've got a tank with three medium angels that I want to put amano's in. The tank is going to have a full tear down and scape...
  3. JohnC

    Catching young plecs...

    Hi, One of the tanks i'm looking after has a bit of a plec population explosion. The youngsters are now big enough to sell on but i'd like a bit of advice on the best way to catch them. Anyone point me to a cheap and easy fish trap or ninja technique that will avoid me playing "chase the fish"...
  4. JohnC

    Golden RAMs

    Hi, I'm loving the Golden RAMS i got for my corner but I did the same stocking I used for my other dwarf cichlids in the past of a male and two females.... Was I wrong in this for RAMS? do they pair up and not bother about other females? or is it advisable to have another woman to stop him...
  5. JohnC

    What algae busting crew is suitable - Tiger Barbs

    Hi, I'm wanting to suggest a clean up crew for a tank with a bunch of tiger barbs but i understand they are not safe to keep with Amano's and Otos.... does anyone have any experience of this? Is a bristlenose plec or two the next best alternative? Cheers in advance, John
  6. JohnC

    Hisonotus leucofrenatus

    Hisonotus leucofrenatus or Black Oto's as they are otherwise called. I've been offered some of these and am being slightly put off by the information on the max size i'm finding on the net. Can anyone confirm how big these lovely fish grow? Thanks, John
  7. JohnC

    Ichthyobodo? second opinion please....

    Hi, I've got a couple of my lamp eyes looking off. Swimming slow and top fins down. One is much whiter then usual with a patch you will see on the photos. The second is in one of the photos with a slight white patch and a ragged tail. I'm very inexperinced in fish health and i've been lucky so...
  8. JohnC

    Tinfoil Barbs & Golden Severums?

    Hi, Can anyone confirm my id's here. BIG fish. I think Tinfoil Barbs and Golden Severums with a loach at the bottom there. Am I correct? Thanks, John
  9. JohnC

    Oto Eggs - Semi Urgent.

    Hi, I've just noticed some small white oval eggs in my 70L DIY tank. They are on leaves, in small lines or groups of 3 or 4. The only thing in the tank are 3 oto's, 7 amanos and 3 nertite snails. Have my oto's bread? I presume the amano's will eat the eggs very soon unless I move them. I...
  10. JohnC

    Is it fine to keep a single oto with no chums?

    Hi, Wanna move an oto into my 10L from the 3 i have in my 20L. They ok by themselves or do they like having others about with them? Thanks, John