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  1. hotweldfire

    Sparkling gourami aggression

    I have a male/female pair of Trichopsis pumila in a 12l nano. No other tank mates (apart from a couple of shrimp I haven't managed to catch and some snails). For the first couple of weeks they seemed pretty happy, with the male following the female around as they explored the tank. There was...
  2. hotweldfire

    Harvesting copepods

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this topic. I have a new nano that's been cycling for a couple of months and am probably going to introduce some shrimp to it next week. In the meantime it has become a playground for an array of microorganisms. Primarily copepods but also a few worms...
  3. hotweldfire

    Tiny fish for fast flow

    Hi All, In my main tank (125l) I'm running a 950lph external and a koralia 1600. Have boraras brigittae in there and they ain't happy since I upped the flow. They huddle in a corner where the water is most still and only come out to play when the koralia turns off. I'm gonna shift them to my...
  4. hotweldfire

    Vietnamese minnows

    Could people who have kept Tanichthys micagemmae give me their opinion on them? Especially how are they with shrimp? I know all fish will predate on shrimplets but will these be any worse than microrasbora? Am considering swapping out my chilis as they're struggling with the temp (22-23c) and...
  5. hotweldfire

    Ruby Tetras

    Does anyone keep this fish? If so, what temp do you keep them at? Currently have boraras brigittae/merah/sundadanio axelrodi (as well as cories and otos) at 25c but want to reduce temp to 22c for sake of my shrimp and don't think my current fish will tolerate that so looking to swap them out for...