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  1. JohnC

    Affordable but good quality tanks

    Hiya, What are the latest opinions of affordable tanks of good quality silicon work, braceless, optiwhite etc? Preferably the ADA clones that are popping up from all the different manufacturers. I've got a fair number of new scapes planned and am looking to balance off the shelf 60cm & 90cm...
  2. JohnC

    Glass Lids

    So... Glass lids, what thickness have people leaned to in the past. My last couple of DIY ones were 6mm laminated safety glass, mainly because the ex had a cat that kept jumping on it and i wanted to make sure she wouldnt go through. I think i could go thinner without the lamination. The...
  3. JohnC

    Cleaning your glassware

    Hi, How do you clean yours? I don't want to take mine off to clean but don't know what brush types i should be looking for. Thanks, John
  4. JohnC

    Improving my Venezia 190 - Filter, Inline CO2 & heater, Spra

    Hi, This Venezia 190 corner tank was my first big tank and real go at the heavily planted aquarium. I've been tweaking things over the last couple of years to get ever better growth out of my plants. I've added a bit more lighting and reflectors, pressurised co2 and eco-complete. Now in the...