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  1. hotweldfire

    Does hair algae grow emersed?

    I'm experimenting growing some mosses emersed in clear plastic pots (the ones edamame comes in from Pret). Said moss is mini xmas and had a fair bit of hair algae on it when I pulled it out of the tank. The moss is doing really well, lots of bright green new growth. I just give it 15 minutes air...
  2. hotweldfire

    Surface scum

    That's interesting. I was getting this really bad but then introduced amazon frogbit and the problem is well and truly gone. Haven't seen it for months but prior to that it looked like the exon valdez had crapped in my tank.
  3. hotweldfire

    Green thread algae

    Got 2 T6s with gullwings on 6 hrs a day. BTW sorry to Sentral for the total hijack
  4. hotweldfire

    Green thread algae

    Interesting. I was eyeing up some of that stuff in a shop the other day but couldn't quite bring myself to go there. Am hoping my rampant vivipara will start to diffuse the light in the tank so reduce the algae.
  5. hotweldfire

    Green thread algae

    Thank you mate, that makes sense. There is an alternative explanation though. The hair algae is primarily on the moss. This suggests that it is dirt - i.e. low levels of ammonia that it is able to utilise faster than the moss which is also a debris sponge.
  6. hotweldfire

    Green thread algae

    Mate, I hear what you're saying. I understand that one shouldn't rely on presence of pearling as an indicator of plant health. However, all I can see is healthy growing plants. Can't see any deficiencies. I think it's interesting that you said algae can pearl too, which it does in my tank...
  7. hotweldfire

    Green thread algae

    Then I reckon hair isn't CO2 related algae. Excel has very effectively killed BBA and cladaphora in my tank but has absolutely no effect on hair, even when dosed neat with affected hardscape above water during water change and left on for 20 mins without water going back in. I wrote about my...
  8. hotweldfire

    BBA and High Flow

    My experience is limited but I think pertinent. I have an Eheim 2071 running at half speed (so probably about 600 lph) with outlet at back right pointing across the back of the tank. Then a Koralia 1600 at the front left top corner pointing back across the tank to the right but angled down to...