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  1. hotweldfire

    Fluval 88g pressure level

    Hi All, I'm considering buying aquasabi's glass inline diffuser and they tell me that it needs just over 1 bar to run. Thing is that I'm using this Fluval 88g nano co2 kit and have no idea what pressure it puts out (documentation don't say). Anyone know? [I am aware I should stop using this...
  2. hotweldfire

    Dual stage welding reg

    Hello all Can the regulator experts amongst you have a look at the item below and give me your opinions on its suitability for use with a planted tank? CALOR GAS CO2 TWO STAGE TWO GAUGE REGULATOR | eBay Specifically - does the working pressure look OK? The gauges appear to indicate very...
  3. hotweldfire

    TMC V2 Refillable system

    Anyone use this refillable bottle with the two gauge reg? You know, the silver one with this reg: http://www.surreypetsupplies.co.uk/tmc- ... r-pro.html If so, could you let me know ... a) can you adjust the working pressure on it? I want to run an inline diffuser b) what's the exact height...
  4. hotweldfire

    Cal Aqua double checker

    Anyone used this? It's the one which has two bulbs, one with I assume a usual bromo blue/4dkh mix an th other with a "30ppm reference soluton". I have installed one 24hrs ago on my main tank and it is telling me I am putting in too much CO2. I.e. The test bulb is more yellow than the ref bulb...
  5. hotweldfire

    Properly clear hose

    Could someone direct me to a retailer selling completely clear co2 tubing? Bought some from ADC and from tankscape and both have writing printed on them.
  6. hotweldfire

    Going from timed to 24/7 co2

    Hello all, I have a lunapet solenoid that has been working fine for the last few months until today. I.e. power is off to it and co2 is still running. I have plugged in, waited, unplugged, waited, repeated. No change in bubble rate. Perhaps or perhaps not coincidentally I swapped JBL co2...
  7. hotweldfire

    Need a bottle pressure gauge

    Hi all, I have a D-D reg which fits on to disposable bottles. The thing is a bit lethal as it tends to do a co2 dump into the tank just before the bottle runs out. Unfortunately it only has a working pressure gauge not a bottle contents gauge. I believe this reg used to be sold with both but...
  8. hotweldfire

    Drop checker time lapse & CO2 schedule

    Somewhat confused on the issue of when to have CO2 coming on vs. lights. Here's what I'm currently doing: Solenoid on @ 10:00 Koralia on @ 11:00 Lights on @ 12:30 Solenoid/Koralia off @ 6:30 Lights off @8:30 Part of the reason I have the CO2 come on so early is that my crap regulator takes 45...