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  1. hotweldfire

    Surface scum

    It's a good thought but I've tried to remove with Purigen and no joy. I say it's a good thought because I'm convinced surface scum is the result of poor plant health. I now treat it as an early warning system. Plants might look ok but if you get scum this is likely to mean deficiencies. Have you...
  2. hotweldfire

    Co2 Diffuser

    Radik posted on one of my journal recently about a cheap alternative injected system. Disposable bottles and reg with separate needle valve for welding gas? Perhaps he'll pop up on here and give us a guide :wink:
  3. hotweldfire

    Co2 Diffuser

    They almost all have a ceramic disc, unless you're using a reactor. I stopped using glass because I kept breaking the bloody things. On my main tank I'm using UP inline but in my office nano I'm using a sera acrylic one. Not cheap (about £20 I think) but has built in bubble counter and best...
  4. hotweldfire

    'Featured Scape' ?

    Agreed. Much as I love Andy's tank, bucket of mud is the finest tank I've ever seen. In a class of its own I think.
  5. hotweldfire


    Sorry to hear this mate. Have lost so many fish/shrimp to co2 disasters. No 1 killer in planted tanks I think. So easy to screw it up. Have managed to kill shrimp simply by taking out some plants to sell not thinking that they were a significant portion of what used the co2 in the tank. Came...
  6. hotweldfire

    Advice needed on plants in new Nano setup

    Too much light. Hard to say as don't know what those lights put out but I think you should reduce to 5hrs in the first instance and up the ferts. In my 27l I'm using 2ml TPN & 2ml TPN+ a week - that's with 7 hrs 11w T8 and no co2.
  7. hotweldfire

    Advice needed on plants in new Nano setup

    I see some melt and some browning. But I also see what looks like health new growth too? Perhaps your plants are just adapting from emersed to submerged life? Don't know the leds but perhaps you have too much light? Also how much easycarbo and tpn?
  8. hotweldfire

    Help ! My plants are going from bad to worse.

    Yeah co2 is clearly the main issue. A bit more circulation wouldn't hurt either. I have a 2071 running on a 125 l tank and since adding two koralias have found that my carpet plants took off. Turns the tank into a bit of a washing machine but only have it on when co2 is on so off most of the day...
  9. hotweldfire

    Which new set up should I go with?

    Yeah, I'm getting to a point where I'm thinking seriously about abandoning the co2 and going for a slower and easier low tech life. I agree the margin for error is so much smaller. I've had a whole bunch of disasters with my main high tech tank, not all related to co2 but it was probably...
  10. hotweldfire

    Film on water

    Dunno whether it's the vallis melt or not but I used to have this in a very bad way (mine wasn't vallis melt). Like thick sludge like stuff that wouldn't move at all. Dropped some amazonian frogbit in there and in three weeks problem gone. I think there are a couple of decent threads on the...
  11. hotweldfire

    What did you get for xmas? (fish related or other)

    Quality epic that. Just sold my books on ebay but only because I got them on kindle. Was after an led light from the US but didn't arrive in time. Got a fossil wallet, some shaving gear from Trumper's and a Kingsley Amis book on boozing. Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk
  12. hotweldfire

    Danish Aquarium Fair - Aarhus 2011

    Love that nano. Very similar to tank 4 in the aquatics live competition which I saw in the flesh and was very beautiful: http://www.ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=17152
  13. hotweldfire

    catappa leaves

    The main purpose, I believe, is tannic acid which reduces ph and is supposed to therefore help fight bacterial infections and create conditions more conducive to blackwater fish. Another purpose is that they make good grazing media for shrimp.
  14. hotweldfire

    Shrimp Tank Questions

    I have one and am going to put my cherries in probably two weeks from now. Have managed to kill a few shrimp along the way of setting it up (see link in sig for more details)
  15. hotweldfire

    Mioving a tank

    I did this a few years back. A few months later I moved the tank upstairs. A few months after that it developed a leak. I wouldn't do it again. Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk
  16. hotweldfire

    how many types of moss in one tank?

    What a very good question and one I was struggling with this weekend whilst rescaping using lots of wood. In the end I decided less is more and only used 3 mosses from a possible 12. Still have the option of adding more to bits of stone. I probably will do that but still only add 1 or 2 more.
  17. hotweldfire

    HELP! can't stop fiddling

    I think the risk is when things are a bit awry. You assume you have to fix something but often it is just the tank finding it's equilibrium. Often hard to judge which is which. I'd let yours grow in a bit before messing with it.
  18. hotweldfire

    Lid or no lid?

    I do love those new Eheims.
  19. hotweldfire

    Lid or no lid?

    I would like an open one and some emersed growth but am terrified of my 2 year old daughter finding her favourite fish on the floor in the morning. Have heard too many horror stories of suicidal shrimp and fish.
  20. hotweldfire

    small wiggle white larvae

    Need to identify them first. Are they on the glass or moving through the water? No, the others will eat the shells. Good for them.
  21. hotweldfire

    Liquid Fertiliser - Opinions?

    That's blasphemy around here mate :lol: I use it and it's very good. Doddle to use which is important for me. This for your P@H nano?
  22. hotweldfire

    Greener than the greenest of greens

    What's the wood on the left?
  23. hotweldfire

    Nanos are amazing!

    Thanks mate. Just chucked 10ml of my EI mix in there. Will do that once a week.
  24. hotweldfire

    Nanos are amazing!

    Yeah, I thought the HM was the most demanding one. Considered it for my nano but discounted it. Now that's interesting. Is it an EI type pre-mix? How much you using? Was thinking this morning that maybe the reason my plants are dying isn't the lights but the ferts. "Duh" I hear you say...
  25. hotweldfire

    Nanos are amazing!

    Tom, what you got growing in there? Acicularis in the front, right? What's in the back? Can't get much to stay alive, let alone grow, in my P@H 27l. Been blaming the light but can't get away with that now. You injecting co2? Adding NPK?
  26. hotweldfire

    Your Opinions, Critques & Suggestions on my Tank

    Concur on the blue gravel. I'd tie some moss and fern to the bogwood. I agree that moving the heater to the back pane would be sensible, that way you could hide with some taller plants, e.g. the vallis. Alternatively putting it at the back as horizontal as you can and low might be a way to hide it.
  27. hotweldfire

    Disapearing Fish! + Stange Behaviour

    Got any shrimp? They'll dispose of a carcass as fast as you can blink.
  28. hotweldfire

    Power cut help please

    Sorry mate, don't understand. If the power cuts out then surely the external just stops and nothing flows out of tank and nothing flows in? Are you saying the tank was overflowing?
  29. hotweldfire

    What forums are you on?

    Here (obviously), London Fishkeeping Club, Aquatic Quotient, UKShrimp, Aquascaping World, APC & PFK (haven't been to the latter two for a while).
  30. hotweldfire

    Have i done it wrong ?

    Some plants don't like Excel, Valis is an obvious example. Have seen some people reporting the same for anubias (think I saw a post on aquatic plant central describing what you've got) but never had that experience myself. Never dosed directly on to them when out of water though. Sent from my...