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  1. glenn

    Scaping tools experience

    iv used TGM 30cm pincets and 30cm scissors straight. the pincets are awsome and delicate, iv planted HC, UG and others ems with ease using them. the scissors are also good but i found them fairly weighty when using them for long periods of time and hurt my wrist :crazy: but they do another type...
  2. glenn

    How Many Pots?

    2 should be ok, its just the carpet wont be as dense to begin with than if 3 pots were planted but wait a few weeks and it will spread... :)
  3. glenn

    How Many Pots?

    i would say 3 pots for a nice spread of plantlets. you could get away with 2 but it would be less dense and take longer to bulk up. but yeah 3-4 pots, presuming 1-2-grow are the same size as other pots :roll:
  4. glenn

    RAF Donna Nook Grey seals

    great photos, John...caption contest for pic .4??? :wink:
  5. glenn

    Planting Hairgrass

    what i done with the runners is cut them of at the base then carefully (maby in a shallow dish of water) 'roll' them back up in to a plantlet again and re-plant. :D
  6. glenn

    UKAPS Members' IAPLC 2010 Showcase

    well done to all UK entrants and beautifull tank dan and george. check out 643, whats going on with that? where are the official results as some are missing in that link???
  7. glenn

    Exam results

    there is alsorts now, things like citizenship, the option to do 3 gcse's in science (core, adittional and tripple) some schools make RE mandatory also. at my school you can also do things like NVQ's and a media diploma. i done a hospitality and catering qualification at a near by college one day...
  8. glenn

    What forums are you on?

    just UKAPS for me thank you...
  9. glenn

    Exam results

    ISA's are the easiest thing...the teachers basically tell you the answers, or atleast mine hinted at them :shh: lol and in september i shall be doing A-levels in biology, geography, psychology and something else i havent chose yet... :roll:
  10. glenn

    Exam results

    im happy with mine but i dont get how they get worked out. i got A* in chemistry, biology and physics and my ISA but the overall adittional science grade only came to a A??? :roll:
  11. glenn

    Exam results

    im collecting my GCSE results tomorow, not nervous at all. i always tell people who are nervous before exams or exam results, -now isnt the time to be nervous, its to late to be nervous, you should be nervous in the classroom months before your exam when you can actualy do something about the...
  12. glenn

    Ideas for empty tank (80lt)

    nice size for a grow tank, its pricy planting a 300l so you could use the 80l to grow some plants in the mean time to save some £££ :?:
  13. glenn

    My litlle 250L garden.

    yeah nice tank, can you give us a plant list?
  14. glenn

    Long-Term Low Maintenance 120cmx60x60 Tank (new video on page 6)

    Re: Low Maintenance 120cmx60x60 Tank wow nice tank and good journal, the plants do look alot more healthy since 2008. and your photography has improved to, nice photos of the anubias!
  15. glenn

    complete newbie wanting advice

    reading these wont hurt. http://www.ukaps.org/EI.htm http://www.ukaps.org/higher-tech-tank.htm http://www.ukaps.org/plant-maintenance.htm http://www.ukaps.org/drop-checker.htm
  16. glenn

    Plant ID please.

    This came with my riccia and has continued to grow despite being tied to fossalised rock. i think it it glosso :?: (sorry for such a big image, i wasent asked what size i wanted when i uploaded it :s)
  17. glenn

    Aquatic Magic has malicious software???

    hi, just been on Aquatic Magic and my browser bought up a warning message saying its a site that has been reported as an attack site :?: :?: just thought i would let others know incase you dont get warning. :)
  18. glenn

    No bubbles on plants....ever!

    it could be that in your tank the o2 dissolves in to the water before you get a chance to see visable bubbles because the flow is good enough to take it away. where as in your vase (i presume there is no filter) their is no flow so the area around where the plant releases the o2 becomes...
  19. glenn

    Wabi filtering & heating advise.

    i dont think there are filters that small. you could instead put a small pump in there with a hose running out in to a bucket and have the filter and heater in that bucket???? just a though.
  20. glenn

    'patience is a virtue'

    that blyax rely sets the scape of and gives more depth, well done! :)
  21. glenn

    Inline diffuser VS In tank diffuser

    and have a read of this thread---->http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=4962
  22. glenn

    Inline diffuser VS In tank diffuser

    so do you have a splitter on your co2 tubing one to the atomizer co2 intake and one to the aquamedic 1000 intake?
  23. glenn

    What powerhead do I need?

    a korila 2 would be suited to a 300L tank i think. what filter do you have on it at the moment?
  24. glenn

    My first iwagumi 60x30x30cm

    wow congrats on your UG carpet, many find it troublesome (me included) and sorry about it uprooting, i guess it needs trimming regulary with sutch good growth :roll: (lucky you :) )
  25. glenn

    TTEX1200 flow with equipement?

    hi, how much do you think the flow on a TetraTec EX1200 will be reduced by putting a Hydor external heater on the inflow and a Aquamedic 1000 reactor on the outflow? enought to leave me needing another filter in a 180L even with a korila 1?
  26. glenn

    Check out this fella

    :shock: and this is in Devon? thats wicked!
  27. glenn

    Shrimps 'swim towards the light'

    lol, that seems very far fetched...i wonder how much antidepressant is going in to have that effect, you would think it would get diluted instantly to such a small ammount to have no affect.
  28. glenn

    "Fifty Shades of Green" - (1600 Litre Sanjarami)

    that stone placement below the tree stumps is sweet, i love the main stump it looks so natural. i cant wait to see it planted! :thumbup: :thumbup:
  29. glenn

    What/who are you listening too?

    if you like that then check these two out, by far the best acoustic guitarist iv ever heared in my life -->http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9_UdD6eXl4
  30. glenn


    yes... :jawdrop what a waste of money and good tec :( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAl28d6tbko&feature=related
  31. glenn


    thats a funny video...as if he put it on his motor bike, :shock: thats tempting fate!
  32. glenn

    Which Koralia?

    just to give you an idea of power i have a korila 1 in a 15 litre 30cm tank with no problems...(no fish btw cause they probably would be stuck to the glass :lol: )
  33. glenn

    Tonys 'Triassic Hollow' 420L - Now FOR SALE !

    Re: Tonsers 420L "Triassic Hollow" - Day4 what back ground are you going to be putting on it tony? (or are you leaving it bare) i think a frosted back ground would look awsome on this! :thumbup:
  34. glenn


    they do look nice and most of apple stuff is so user friends (apart from the mac what with swapping buttons and stuff) but this mad me laugh! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  35. glenn

    A Shady Glen - The Recovery - Photographs

    Re: Aqua Journal May 2010 - A Shady Glen looking good :thumbup: at this stage i would have been tempted to stick a humidifier in there, a pool of water and some poision dart frogs...its could look so nice as a viv :mrgreen:
  36. glenn

    UKAPS @ Interzoo 2010

    Re: Interzoo Report (New!!) looks amazing, tropica have a very professional looking stand! are my eyes playing tricks on me :shock: :shock: please explain this photo? and these look cool built in to the bar :thumbup...
  37. glenn

    What are you using to store and dose....

    i keep my main store of liquid ferts in spray bottles and my individual dosing ammounts for each day in test tubes that i kept when i threw out my test kit. when i do my weekly water change in refill the testubes with the right ammount using the spray bottle knozzle and on the day i dose i just...
  38. glenn

    If you ever go to the South Island of New Zealand...

    nice bright vibrant photos. it looks amazing. :mrgreen:
  39. glenn

    Where do you have yours?

    that looks cool! :shock: what are the dimensions?
  40. glenn

    Hydor inline heater on a Tetratec EX1200

    hmm, i might run a smaller filter (105 maby)next to the EX1200 then where its sole purpose would be for the ETH and a inline diffuser or reactor. -sory for the hijack :silent:
  41. glenn

    Should I rinse aquabasis?

    dont wash it, its a powdery crumb so washing it will just be wasting your money as it will just all go down you plug hole. and your capping it so it dosent matter.
  42. glenn

    Hydor inline heater on a Tetratec EX1200

    does this mean that i will need to buy a adaptor when i use the 200w version on a EX1200?
  43. glenn

    Pinsettes and Scissors Questions

    i use the TGM 30cm pinsetts & 30cm scissors. the pinsetts are so nice to use when planting. i found them fine to use when planting my nano as when you hold them you only have about 8" of pinsett to handle. as for the scissors i find them a bit heavy and if i had the choice i would pay a little...
  44. glenn

    Opinions please

    i think 2 korila 2's would be fine, or a 2 and a 1. it depends on where you aim them...i think its best to have the flow going all on one direction. i dont know what the 'eheim directional flow outlets' are? (spraybars) if they are then i would but the korilas in the corners facing the front...
  45. glenn

    marsilea hirsuta: growing upwards?

    when i had it in my tank it was sold to me as emersed and some stems were 3-4 inches. i left it as it was and eventualy i started to see submerged stems form on the runners, thses were sometimes 2,3 or 4 leaves (very strange :roll: ) but the emersed leaves didnt die of so eventualy i just cut...
  46. glenn

    fissidens and liquid co2

    ok thanks, thats good to hear :thumbup: i think i read it on james planted tank website, but if others get along with it thats fine for me...i just need to get some now :roll: :roll: :roll: :?: :?: :?:
  47. glenn

    fissidens and liquid co2

    i have read that when liquid co2 is used with fissidens it has negative effects on it. im particularly interested in the effects on fissidens fontanus? can anyone confirm this? thanks.
  48. glenn

    new expert

    hi, see this thread-http://ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=10505&p=112018#p112018
  49. glenn

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2

    i love a bit of L4D2 (although im not very good lol) but prefer team fortress 2 and counter strike:scource :geek: :geek: :geek:
  50. glenn

    Where do you have yours?

    ^^ looks like there is a lot of weight in that corner from 4 tanks :shifty:
  51. glenn

    A Subset of Sublime Subtropic Sunsets

    lovely shots clive :thumbup: :thumbup: long time no see on the forum...i was begining to think you had gone forever :jawdrop
  52. glenn

    Where do you have yours?

    my nano on my desk with the empty rio 180L next to it.
  53. glenn

    113em Cigarrettes Sans Dormir

    im shure lots of people will be intrested in how you do it. being able to make you own rimless, braceless tank (looking at your link it looks around 200L) at such a large size is an amazing skill. like you say propose it to a mod and it could well become a sticky. :mrgreen:
  54. glenn

    113em Cigarrettes Sans Dormir

    the tank looks great. it must be good to know you have actualy made, scaped, planted and maintained your own tank with such a good result. and +1 for explaining the process of making your own tank (prehaps make a tutorial thread-it could end up as a sticky) and could you post some specs of the...
  55. glenn

    Jewellery Anyone?

    environmentally friendly knuckle dusters??? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  56. glenn

    These look interesting!!

    i beleive TGM use somthing very similar if not the exact one (the jumbo one) to grow their plants. very effective:thumbup:
  57. glenn

    fish n films

    romeo and juliet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXNGr_DqiYs-this is a very nice marine set up
  58. glenn

    how is "putting diffuser undeaneath the intake" different...

    the difference is that a reactor is usualy/meant to be placed on the outlet of a external filter, this stop co2 bublles entering the filter canister. and puting a difuser under the intake goes against the filter manurfacturer's recomendation becuase if you have bubbles of co2 entering the...
  59. glenn

    Full tank shots

    excelent John; lush growth! i second that :thumbup: :thumbup: and do i spot some denison barbs? :geek:
  60. glenn

    removing water marks?

    i had it very bad on my nano tank round the edges. i tryed putting bicarbonate of soda on it then splashing vinegar on and rubbit it with a cloth but to no effect :thumbdown: i presume lemon juice would just do the same :eh:
  61. glenn

    My first tank "Learning curve"

    thats a very nice first layout! :mrgreen: :thumbup:
  62. glenn

    85L ryuboku - The harmonic centre

    your photography is very nice, and i like the change you ahve made to the tank :thumbup:
  63. glenn

    Frog O Sphere

    that is very bad, i cant beleive they have trademark rights on the words 'living gravel' and at $40 :shock: :shock:
  64. glenn

    How/Where did you hear about Ukaps.org?????

    i second that, i would say 80% of the questions on there are either about bettas, stocking huge fish in small tanks, gold fish or asking very basic questions about a fish they just bought but didnt think to ask in the shop-that is probably bad salesman-ship on the shops part though. i guess we...
  65. glenn

    Comp_Nov09: sams opti pico

    how did you make the broken glass is to perfect squares? did you score it with a glass blade then snap it? its very nice!
  66. glenn

    Why does EI in high light tank not cause algae?

    there are 2 stages of algae, first is algae spores and second is the flagellate form. the algae spore seeks out a combination of light and amonia to then turn in to the flagellate (which is what we see as the visable algae) this flagellate seeks a different quary, this flagellate form feeds on...
  67. glenn

    plantedbox shop

    its wicked how you have your own branded liquid carbon! :geek: its a very competitive price also, best of luck with the online shop! :mrgreen:
  68. glenn

    E.I method understanding and where to buy ferts at?

    :text-goodpost: iv never seen this befor, their ferts are cheap in comparison to other online shops. not uk based though :(
  69. glenn

    Time for a new scape (The End)

    Re: Time for a new scape looking good :mrgreen: i think this will look amazing once it matures :thumbup:
  70. glenn

    Planting Eleocharis Acicularis question

    sory to hijack but would you use the same technique for Eleocharis parvula? :mrgreen:
  71. glenn

    Glenns 15L Nano Iwagumi Journal (lots of pics)

    ok, thanks for the advice. i will see if i like it or not and go from there :mrgreen:
  72. glenn

    Quiet closed loop pump?

    well i was looking at these yesterday morning-http://aquariums.ltd.uk/Accessory%20Buy.asp?ID=96&ProdGrp=12 i see you mentioned it, i would go for that one. in the pic it shows it with an atachment for external use and without it for internal use...i think :| i was thinking of buying one of the...
  73. glenn

    Glenns 15L Nano Iwagumi Journal (lots of pics)

    fastest rescape ever 'ey? what do you think...(the smallest stone is different btw)
  74. glenn

    Glenns 15L Nano Iwagumi Journal (lots of pics)

    thanks for the replies :thumbup: about the hardscape, i would apose the smaller rocks towards the bigger one but when i tryed it the opposit sides of the rock that you would see IMO look quite bad...but im giving it a go now and will hopfully get pics up tonight :roll: thanks for the...
  75. glenn

    Quiet closed loop pump?

    will it be inside the tank or outside?
  76. glenn

    Comp_Nov09:Small Wonder

    hi andy, did you use the media provided with the mignon 60 becuause i have the mignon 150 and the ammount of media provided is poor and i dont no if it would benifit if i just stuffed it with floss or if that would dammage it and the way it works.
  77. glenn

    Glenns 15L Nano Iwagumi Journal (lots of pics)

    hello, this is my first propper fully commited planted tank,(i have kept plants but they were just thrown in) i was tired of waiting to get the stuff i need for my 180L so in the mean time i thought i will set up a nano and i had most of the stuff needed for it any way :mrgreen: specs tank-...
  78. glenn

    Tank for moss and emersed growing - DONE :)

    Re: Acrylic tank for moss and emmersed set-up cant beleive i only just noticed this! :shifty: it looks a very cool project tony and you must be excited as to weather it will all come together and work for you, it must be handy having a friend with access to machines that can do that sort of...
  79. glenn

    Nicks 4x2x2

    i think your lighting is fine, i work it out at about 100 gallons with 216watts it a little over 2wpg. and 2wpg of t5 is a good standard and IMO capable, however it is quite deep :eh: do you have reflectors?
  80. glenn

    Nicks 4x2x2

    WOW! im glad you finaly started this journal after you telling me about this and reading about you mentioning it :thumbup: good luck with it all and one to watch for me... :mrgreen:
  81. glenn

    drop checker help

    the instructions on how to use it are on the ebay page you gave a link to under product features--->instructions.
  82. glenn

    Why Plants ?

    is a no brainer for me... this... :sick: :sick: or this... :shock: :angel: :clap: :mrgreen: :thumbup: new challenges also. :thumbup:
  83. glenn

    Christmas '09 PFK - Planted tank stuff

    cool! sounds like good reading! did you write the step by step george? and when will it be in most good shops by? :thumbup:
  84. glenn

    Crash course Dutch style Aquascaping

    brilliant :shock: :shock: what is that 8 foot? amazing variety and contrast between leaf structure and colour :thumbup: and some beautifull reds in there too! :clap: :clap:
  85. glenn

    how are these plants with liquid co2?

    Marsilea hirsuta Eleocharis parvula i will be using easycarbo? any bad experience between easycarbo and thses plants? :thumbup: thanks for any help
  86. glenn

    Interview with George Farmer

    thats a great interview! sory if i missed but who was it that was doing the interviewing? :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  87. glenn

    60 cm - Old fashioned Dutch style scape

    Re: 4 hills - Dutch styled scape :lol: :lol: :lol: :clap: :clap: :clap: -haha i like that! :thumbup:
  88. glenn

    60 cm - Old fashioned Dutch style scape

    Re: 4 hills - Dutch styled scape wow! :shock: you certainly know how to grow plants emersed, and your frogs looks so amazing and colourfull! :mrgreen: and your old paludarium is very nice! good luck with you new set up! and keep us posted on how you get on :clap: welcome to the forum also...
  89. glenn

    Rise of the Mossoliths

    wow the p.helferi is stunning, did you add any more from the origional pics or have you just taken cuttings and replanted because there is so much more now. congrats on a very successful and beautifull tank! :thumbup:
  90. glenn

    Nano Tropica Aquacube 20x20x20cm [Now planted!]

    cool cool, thanks! btw, in the end i decided on the Azoo Mignon 150, and for £8 i think its a bragain, so i should be hitting 10x turnover in my 15l but i dont know how good it is for flow with the waterfall effect :roll: i have also got 2k of mini landscape rock, some easycarbo, Unipac Black...
  91. glenn

    UKAPS @ Interzoo 2010, Germany

    Re: UKAPS @ Interzoo 2010 :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: how far in to 2010 is it? it sounds...
  92. glenn

    Nano Tropica Aquacube 20x20x20cm [Now planted!]

    hi Stu, the tank is looking great. i was wondering how you find the azoo 60 HOB im thinking of getting one for my 15L, but i will probably get the Azoo Mignon 150, and sory if i didnt see but what do you use for heating? i was looking at one of them mini heater mat that stick to the inside of...
  93. glenn

    watching over fishing

    what channel and whats the name of the program? :thumbup:
  94. glenn

    The luckiest images in the world.

    no problem. and cool, what for though?
  95. glenn

    The luckiest images in the world.

    great photos :mrgreen: your having lots of fun with this new lense by the looks of it :thumbup: and btw its merveille du jour :geek: how can it be ugly with a name like that, moths are amazing! :jawdrop
  96. glenn

    ADA Solar 1

    this is a intresting idea. how slow is it to get to full strenght dan? and how long is the unit, i cant beleive how much light it kicks out for such a short length! :shock: its a beautifull light anyway, i hope you enjoy it :thumbup:
  97. glenn

    What aquascaping tools do you use and why?

    i use the pinsettes too, they are very beautifull to look at and use. i also use the tgm straight scissors which are very nice. :thumbup:
  98. glenn

    Emeresed start up for utricularia graminifolia?

    i had some in my propergator. it died, probably from a combination of changing from a submerged form to emersed form + it being my 1st time trying to grow plants emersed so i probably done somthing wrong... :roll: EDIT: i got mine from TGM also.
  99. glenn

    Tropic_John's Lo-Tech 10US Gallon

    yes, thats an excelent article by Ed with plenty of links. :mrgreen:
  100. glenn

    Tropic_John's Lo-Tech 10US Gallon

    :text-welcomewave: welcome to the forum! :wave: :wave: :wave: you will find lots of helpful articles on the forum, a few under 'Articles' on the bar at the top of the page, and many others as stickys atached to their appropriate section. good luck :thumbup: :thumbup: