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  1. glenn

    Scaping tools experience

    iv used TGM 30cm pincets and 30cm scissors straight. the pincets are awsome and delicate, iv planted HC, UG and others ems with ease using them. the scissors are also good but i found them fairly weighty when using them for long periods of time and hurt my wrist :crazy: but they do another type...
  2. glenn

    Hydor inline heater on a Tetratec EX1200

    hmm, i might run a smaller filter (105 maby)next to the EX1200 then where its sole purpose would be for the ETH and a inline diffuser or reactor. -sory for the hijack :silent:
  3. glenn

    Hydor inline heater on a Tetratec EX1200

    does this mean that i will need to buy a adaptor when i use the 200w version on a EX1200?
  4. glenn

    Tank for moss and emersed growing - DONE :)

    Re: Acrylic tank for moss and emmersed set-up cant beleive i only just noticed this! :shifty: it looks a very cool project tony and you must be excited as to weather it will all come together and work for you, it must be handy having a friend with access to machines that can do that sort of...
  5. glenn

    Where can i buy sharp scissors?

    solingen steel type scissors is what you want to be looking for, its the rolls royce of scissors :lol:
  6. glenn

    Heated Cable

    there fine if you are using it to just heat the tank, although it proabably wont mannage on its in a big tank. there is no hard evidence that they aid plant growth despite manufacture claims :lol: and most cables are sold with suction cups to hold them down. have a look...
  7. glenn

    ADA Thermometer

    i had a look on TGM, they only have one :( (of that i could find) they will probably get one on for you if you can get it from anywhere else.
  8. glenn

    ADA Thermometer

    a quick search on google, http://www.adana.co.jp/_e_product/173_index.html i never new ADA had a range of thermomertes, they look pretty cool, sorta like a lilly pipe. they do sell them but i dont think you can buy that sertain one from that site i beleive thats just a product list.
  9. glenn

    DIY Project Replaced the Juwel Plastic Brace

    prehaps if i cut to the start of the circle you see on the brace in the picture, that would leave enough flat to atach the acrylic?
  10. glenn

    DIY Project Replaced the Juwel Plastic Brace

    hi, this is my brace on my juwel rio 180. (the old style one) will it still be possilbe to do with the curvy brace as it seems weak as it is, and the plastic is thin on the underside?
  11. glenn

    Ladies Tights.....

    i doubt you could find a pair of tights finer than a co2 diffuser...but its a good idea...just streach some over a hose end and blow in to it whilst the end with the tights on and see how fine the bubbles come out? :mrgreen: