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  1. Mark.A

    Converting Low Tech Tank Ferts from TNC Compete to DIY?

    Hey all! Looking for advice on how I can best change my dosing over from TNC Complete to DIY Salts for my low light/low tech tank. I know EI was designed with high light/high tech tanks in mind so I want to figure out what I would need to dose to roughly equal what I am dosing now with TNC...
  2. Mark.A

    Dosing as soon as planted?

    I'm going to be dosing TNC Complete and EasyCarbo, would it be best to start dosing either / both as soon as I have planted? I'll be dosing daily with dosing pumps if it makes any difference.
  3. Mark.A

    Phosphates 2.5+ in my tap water.

    Hey all, I am currently cycling my tank and whilst I was testing the tank water for ammonia I figured I'd test my tap water for Nitrate and Phosphate. Nitrate is almost zero (maybe 1) but Phosphate is 2.5 possibly slightly more. I was planning to dose TNC Complete once the tank is setup but now...