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  1. martin-green

    Fountain at night

    As it is dark, I thought I would share a fountain or two. (With lights) For me, a fountain should be just that, a fountain with no fish or plants. (Lights optional) I couldn't show the one in my avatar as it is too cold and has been turned off by my frost stat (Project on here from 2017)
  2. martin-green

    Why it's not a good idea to.............

    A water storage tank as a sump for a water feature. I have to admit, I did, but it always needed "tidying up" It didn't take that long to figure out what was wrong, but I thought I would leave it and see how bad it can get........... Yes, the surrounding soil pushed its way in, even though...
  3. martin-green

    New year, what new project?

    So, its a new year, and a new season (almost) what will you be doing this year?
  4. martin-green

    Guess what I got in the post

    A while ago I ordered a solar pump (with battery back up) well it has arrived today so I am going to make a video of it working .........But its too dark now, in the mean time here is the solar panel
  5. martin-green


    This is a sump pump Sometimes people will use one of these in their pond to supply a waterfall or even the filter. They soon find out that in most cases its too powerful for a filter and can not pump solids to be filtered out, and pumps far too much to be used as a waterfall. People buy them...
  6. martin-green

    Solar pump any one?

    I heard that solar pumps have improved.............so I got one
  7. martin-green

    Too cold for a fountain, an idea......coming soon.

    As my avatar shows I have a fountain in the garden, but when its really cold and I get ice, its not really a good idea to let the fountain run, (But not for reasons you are probably thinking of) so I have been looking and I have come up with an idea. Pictures and more to follow. (Waiting for...