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  1. J

    Up CO2 Atomizer - Feedback after 22 months and cleaning ques

    Hi, First, the feedback after 22 months of use: I never cleaned the atomizer in those 22 months. It never leaked and I never had to increase my working pressure. The working pressure is near 30 psi (2.0 to 2.1 bar). So, it is important to have a good CO2 circuit to avoid leaking in tube...
  2. J

    Eleocharis acicularis trimming

    Hi In the nano in my signature, I have a nice Eleocharis background going great since 8 months of immersion without any trimming. I only control the new roots so that they don't invade whole tank. It is now becoming too dense and I noticed subtle signs of potential problems due to the density...
  3. J

    Flourite Black Sand dumping GH and KH

    Hi, Facing difficulties to lower my GH and KH in my RCS 45L, I made this test: I filled half of a drink glass with Seachem Flourite Black Sand. Added RO water (KH 0.6) to fill the glass and stir it. After 3 weeks, I tested: KH 5.4 GH 8 :shock: Just shocked. Is this how my tank would go if I...
  4. J

    Help identify this moss

    Hi, I got my hands on a sample of a moss I never saw before that's now in my tank Any help identifying it? It is much more structred then usual mosses I'm used too and leaves are much longer.
  5. J

    P. Helferi Albino

    Hi, On my Nano that I dry started (see signature), the new leaves of P. Helferi were white. They looked healthy though and didn't bother at first. Now, I notice that those white leaves tend to show on the long term signs of weakness/transparency Not all plants are affected, but mainly those...
  6. J

    Glueing anubia rhizomes

    Hi, I need to attach some of my anubia to stones, but I can't use a fish nylon threads on those small places. I tried Silicone but all the glued rhizomes did rot :( I couldn't get some Super Glue. I found another option called Orca Underwater Glue...
  7. J

    Rock wool alternative to maintain humidity

    Hi, I grew my Anubia Nana petite emersed this way, see the rockwool on the wood to keep anubia roots moist: I'm looking to a biodegradable alternative to cover my anubia roots and keep them moist, the time they root in gravel. As they will also root in the wool, I would like something...
  8. J

    How long CO2 canister should last, bps based?

    Hi, I use between 1.5-2 bps CO2, 8h a day. My 2Kg (4.4 lb) canister lasted only 2.5 months before I see a drop in canister pressure (meaning end of liquid phase, so only few days autonomy). Is it normal for my bubble rate or it means I have some leaking?
  9. J

    Anubia barteri var. nana petite emersed

    Hi, For my nano (still emersed setup like a tropical terrarium), I just got some Anubia Bareteri var Nana petite (the very small variaty). I put some plantlets on a branch of my wood, 1-2cm above the soil. Soldered them with some nylon and glued one with some silicone. I'm wondering if the...
  10. J

    Dry start: my 11gal nano (Title was: Hardscaping my 2nd try)

    Hi, I'm really novice to any scaping and would like your feedback/ideas on this one: 43L, Aquatic Nature Cocoon 7, dry starting Many thanks for your suggestions
  11. J

    Excel for a nano

    Hi, I'm going to setup a low tech nano shrimp only tank: 11gal tank with 2x11W PC light. It will mainly grow crypts/swords. I ordered some excel hoping to use it instead of CO2. I'm not used to liquid CO2 ferts at all. Will excel be enough CO2 on such a tank or no? If I plan not to do...
  12. J

    Nano Light Help: Aquatic Nature Cocoon 7 or 6

    Hi, I'm nearly starting a new nano aquarium. I was about to get a Dennerle Nano Cube 30L, then, I saw those Aquatic Nature Cocoon aquariums http://www.aquatic-nature.be/2eng_cocoon.html It will be Flourite Black Sand based for shrimps only, and maybe later some microrasbora fish I ordered the...
  13. J

    Crypts and Echino, no stems in a Hi tech

    Hi, This is my fisrt post here. I have a 60gal tank, 2x54W T5 (+3h 4x54W burst period that I could shut soon to reduce light). Dosing EI + pressurised CO2. I'm looking to remove all stem plants, except maybe a small group of only one kind for aestetics as a spot. I thought replacing all...