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  1. Raquascape

    Aqua soil in netting

    Hi guys, I was thinking of adding some long plants in the background of my scape. Maybe plants such as a tall hair grass or vallis, I’m not sure and if you have any suggestions please do tell! I’m just unsure of how to introduce the plants to the back as I just have a very thin layer of...
  2. Raquascape

    Scaping and scooters

    Anyone on here in the scootering community? If so share your pics! Here's a picture of my vespa carrying hardscape back home from the lfs lol! Cheers, R
  3. Raquascape

    Water changes and new tank set up

    Hi guys, When performing a water changes do you de chlorinate before you add the water back in the aquarium or after? Also when starting a new tank does the water need to be de chlorinated when there is no livestock? Cheers! R
  4. Raquascape

    Breaking up large landscape rock

    What's the best method for turning large rocks into smaller, detail rocks? Cheers guys, R
  5. Raquascape

    NACD Aquariums

    Thought I would just say how pleased I am with the service from NACD. They build your tank to order, water test it for 4 days and post it with tracked delivery. Would highly recommend.
  6. Raquascape

    Best filter setup?

    I hear Seachem matrix is a must for a filter, along with purigen too? Has anyone got suggestions for an ideal external filter setup? Cheers guys! R
  7. Raquascape

    NACD Nature Aquarium

    So the time has come, I’m currently planning my very first high tech aquascape. The tank will be a 60x30x35 NACD. I have plans for a Nature Aquarium style scape using Wood and rocks. I currently have a friend building an ADA style cabinet out of 18mm MDF as I have been advised in another...
  8. Raquascape

    IKEA drawers for 60cm aquarium

    Hey guys, I’m currently planning an aquascape! I have these IKEA drawers in my room which would really be a great place to situate it. I was wondering if they could withstand the weight. What do you think? The tank in question is 60x40x40cm. Thanks for the help in advance, R