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  1. mafoo

    lower pH with vinegar

    My CRS tank's pH is still over 7 despite having colombo and 100% RO. I think the culprit is the landscape rock i had in it for a about 3 months when i first set up up a few years ago. Ive tried kapta leaves but its still over 7. I was wondering if distilled vinegar would be a safe option to...
  2. mafoo

    Restarting aquarium, need advice

    I've moved house, and while I was waiting for my new place to come through my cousin kindly gave me a place in her house for them to live. Sadly she's not a fish person so what she said were "1 or 2 dead" turned out to be 0 alive and guppie soup. Thankfully most the celestial daneo's in my 130L...
  3. mafoo

    Greatest Product Ever!

    Who knew there was demmand for something that can charge your iPhone and Oxygenate your pond! Portable Solar Panel Power Oxygenator Oxygen Air Pump Pond Pool Aquarium Aerator | eBay
  4. mafoo

    Considering fluval 406 for a 130L tank

    I'm considering getting a fluval 406 for my 130L tank that currently has a 205 attached to it. The growth on the side of the tank where the spraybar comes in is noticably lusher, and I swear that im getting localised amonia spikes in the areas of planting thats too dense for the flow rate at...
  5. mafoo

    Fish for 30L cube

    Has anyone got recommendations for fish for a 30L Cube? I currently have some shrimp and an otto in there. I did have some Neon green raspboras but there wasn't enough horizontal space for them to assert their territorial nature so i moved them to the 130L tank. I was looking at getting some...
  6. mafoo

    Black Ottos

    My LFS had some fish they labelled as "Black Ottos" I was wondering if anyone had seen these before. They evidently grow the same size of normal ottos. They definably weren't Hypoptopomas. The only reference i can find to back ottos is "Histonotus notatus" Anyone seen them before?
  7. mafoo

    Yeast reactor goo

    The weirdest thing happened to the mix in of of my DIY yeast reactors, it turned into GOO! And very viscous goo at that. I've never seen this happen before - I'm guessing its some kind of protein soup from the yeast.
  8. mafoo

    Eheim 2213 Noise

    My new Eheim 2213 is making an incredibly annoying noise. This isn't trapped air, or rattling impeller shaft. This is a strong vibration. It sounds akin to having a air pump on constantly and its driving me nuts. If you push down on the lid it lessens it slightly, but only slightly and thats not...
  9. mafoo

    Staurogyne Repens vs Rubensis

    Is there any difference between the two?
  10. mafoo

    30L Fluval Ebi

    I thought I'd start a journal as it goes along. 30L fluval ebi. Substrate: 1 Bag stock fluval shrimp stratum, 1 bag Colombia Florabase Hardscape: Bogwood Plants: No idea. So far Bobilis Deformis, a little fissidens fontamus and some mini pelia on the bogwood. Rough Hardscape...
  11. mafoo

    External Filter for 30L Cube

    I've got myself a 30L Fluval ebi. Its a nice tank (yay glass) but the stock filter defiantly makes a racket - and takes up precious space. Im thinking of either getting a Boyu EF-05 or using the Eheim Classic 2213 that i have coming tomorrow that i bought because i really couldn't turn it...
  12. mafoo

    Fluval Ebi Suggestions

    Hey all I recently bought a Fluval Ebi for rather cheap and i was wonder what planting suggestions people had for plants and hardscape. I think I'm going to try and have the substrate sloped - going to see what MAs in west london have in stock. Not sure if i should go for soil or get some...
  13. mafoo

    RO for shrimps

    Is it a good idea to add minerals to the RO water before using it in a shrimp setup? If so, what brand do people recommend and in what dose?
  14. mafoo

    Baby CRS and CO2

    I've been having terrible luck with the survival rate of the CRS fry in my shrimp tank. Im wondering if it has to do with the CO2 injection, as all my other parameters that i can test for a pretty much perfect (55L aquarium, tetratec 400 with intake sponge, tds 150, nitrate 5-10, nitrite...
  15. mafoo

    Tropiquarium 88

    My Tropiquarium 88: My first attempt at a planted tank. DIY CO2 reator, 2x18w lights, sand substrate. March 2012 August 2012 November 2012 March 2013 I got sick of cutting back the eustralis so I took it out. I also removed the posmogon and styrogyne as it was getting a bit...
  16. mafoo


    Hello all im a relitive noob at all this ive got several tanks, all of which are faily low tech. My 120+L main tank which is suppose is "jungle" style planting. Ive been collecting a lot of rare plants off ebay. Some rare java ferns, most types of moss that ive given up on in favour of the...