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  1. Stickleback

    Moving my 500L ratchet strapped tank from Jakarta to Saigon (video)

    Hi. I pop up here every few years. I'm currently living in Jakarta, but moving back to Vietnam. I have a really great tank and cabinet to take with me, so I thought I would document the move here. The sealant went on the tank a while ago, so I used a ratchet strap to hold the thing together...
  2. Stickleback

    My Aquarium in an Earthquake (video)

    Hi Apologies for the terrible quality of the video, but thought you lot might be interested in this. We just had a big quake in Jakarta (6.4) and I live on the 41st floor, so it gets very swayey. The first thing I noticed was the water really sloshing about in my open topped aquarium. A lot...
  3. Stickleback

    Any top tips for growing Glosso in a low tech tank?

    I have had a number of low tech tanks and have had brief success with Glossostigma elatinoides. It would spread out across the substrate, but subsequently would melt. It is rumoured that glosso can be grown in a low tech no CO2 environment. So I was just wondering if anyone has any top tips to...
  4. Stickleback

    Using Untreated Teak Wood

    Hi Everyone. I'm back again after being away for a few years. Setting a tank up in Jakarta this time. I found this amazing teak wood in the Indonesian countryside. Pretty big, the large one is about 130cm wide. Only cost £20 for both so pretty chuffed on that. I was just wondering if anyone...
  5. Stickleback

    Any way to fix a seized pump impeller

    Hi Guys Not posted for a while. I had to leave my last tank unattended for a while and the external water pumps ran dry. The impeller is completely seized up. I was just wondering if there is anyway this can be recovered. It's one Eheim and one Tunze pump. Would be annoying to have to throw...
  6. Stickleback

    Ants/Termites eating my wood.

    Sorry, this is a ridiculously specific problem: I have an outdoor aquarium on my balcony in Vietnam. I have a lot of wood protruding from the tank and a lot of plants etc on the wood. It attracts a lot of fauna, most of which I welcome. A few ants, or they may be termites, made it their home...
  7. Stickleback

    The Kraken Archipelago of Vietnamesia

    I have finally started a journal. I'll start it off with a little video...
  8. Stickleback


    Hi Guys This is totally off topic, but I would like to see what you guys think. This is a video I recently shot in Namibia. I have been developing some new photography techniques, hope you like.
  9. Stickleback

    Fish Tank in a Submarine

    I was just watching Crimson Tide. In the crews quarters in the sub they had a fish tank. The concept blows my tiny little mind.
  10. Stickleback

    Can you disassemble an aquarium?

    I have had an amazing braceless aquarium and cabinet made for me out here in Vietnam. I could never afford the same in the U.K. At some point I will be heading back to the U.K. The trouble is the tank takes at least 4 people to move it, but if i could simply take it back as the 5 sheets of...
  11. Stickleback

    Do Geckos Really Eat Fish?

    I have an outdoor aquarium set up in Vietnam. It is all going really well, but I have quite a few fish going missing. I told someone at work and they said it is the geckos fishing for them, wiggling the end of their tail in the water to lure the fish. To be honest I dismissed it as rubbish...
  12. Stickleback

    A Few Photos of My Fish Bowl

    Been playing with my camera. Hope you like.
  13. Stickleback

    WOOD PORN. Depraved photos of contorted shapes. (Pic heavy)

    Having moved to Vietnam a few months ago, I am now setting up a planted tank. I thought I would share a few pics from the wood supplier out here. F.Y.I. The prices range from £6 for the smaller bits to £45 for the largest piece which is 2m in length (see first photo).
  14. Stickleback

    Which is your favorite terrestrial plant?

    Mine Platycerium grande
  15. Stickleback

    Outdoor Planted Tank. (Vietnam) Possible? **Pics Page 4**

    Hi Everyone. I would really appreciate some input in to this little project. I have just moved out to Vietnam. I am setting up a planted tank at work and I have a brilliant spot for it on my balcony. I was just wondering what the consensus is on outdoor aquariums and their viability. I will...
  16. Stickleback

    Are my tank dimensions safe? Opinions please.

    Hi Guys Have recently left the U.K. and moved to Vietnam (will stick with UKAPS rather than VAPS for now though). Shipped all my filters here (was interesting getting those through customs) and am now setting up a planted tank in Nam. I have just had a quote for my tank, but I wanted to have...
  17. Stickleback

    Scuba Diving in a Fresh Water Lake.

    Hi Guys I am about to move to Vietnam! Between finishing here and starting there I have a few weeks away from the grindstone. I want to go on a dive trip and was wondering whether anyone here knew of any good fresh water dive sites. Someone suggested Lake Malawi. That looks amazing, but in...
  18. Stickleback

    Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

    Anyone know any good shops in Ho Chi Minh? I have a job interview out there and would love to see what there is to see? Many Thanks R
  19. Stickleback

    When Algae looks Good.

    This is my very low tech, sunlight only tank and, as is usual in summer, the algae really goes for it. I quite like it. I'm sure many will disagree and I welcome their comments. Anyone else got any pics or opinions of when algae looks good.
  20. Stickleback

    Top Tips

    Your top tip in one paragraph. I'll kick it off with... Use your water change water to water your plants, they will love you for it.
  21. Stickleback

    Himalayas Showreel and a Timelapse of my Tank.

    Hi Here's some stuff I have done recently: Himalayas Showreel Timelapse of my tank. Hope you like. R
  22. Stickleback

    A interesting bubble counter

    Saw this on ebay and though someone here might like it. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Gas-Apparatus-Che ... 500wt_1156
  23. Stickleback

    My Aquarium Just Got 9 Grand Cheaper.

    Sorry I know this is well off topic and probably quite controversial. But imagine we were all looking to buy our first aquarium but had been priced out of the market by older aquarists who once buying their aquariums had put restrictions on how many new aquariums could be built. They bought as...
  24. Stickleback

    How often d'yer wash yer balls?

    Hi How often do you rinse you bio balls, or whichever bio media you are using? How often do you replace your bio media? Does anyone else use their old bio media as mechanical media. I have just started doing this as I have 3 filters and media is quite expensive. Seems like a sensible idea in...
  25. Stickleback

    The Banyan Forests of Stickleback Island

    Having had my tank for a year and a half, I thought I should start a journal. I have been reluctant to put pictures up, I continually though it would be just how I want it in a months time. It still isn't, but it definitely will be in a month or so ;) Thanks to everyone on here for all the...
  26. Stickleback

    A Few Hypothetical Questions.

    A few musings... What would happen if you dosed a low tech tank with high tech levels of CO2? What would happen if you didn't do any water changes on a High tech, EI tank? Why don't rivers have more algae, considering the high light levels, surface agitation and lack of CO2 injection? A...
  27. Stickleback

    Top tip for useful info.

    Just saved myself a post and saved someone bothering to answer me by consulting WolframAlpha search engine. My question was: "How many grams of Magnesium in 100g MgSO4?" I simply typed that in and here is the answer it provided...
  28. Stickleback

    Interesting LED Bulb

    What do you guys think of this bulb? Has potential? http://www.lampspecs.co.uk/Light-Bulbs- ... light-240V If so, what size aquarium do you rekon it would be suitable for? Have a good weekend. R
  29. Stickleback

    Low Tech, Natural Light Only.

    Hi Guys Due to the positioning of my tank I get a lot of natural light. That played havoc with my high tech setup. I have now gone low tech, natural light only and it seems to be working well, although it has only been a month. It gets 3 hours of direct sunlight in the early morning and then...
  30. Stickleback

    Growing Bonsai on Wood in Aquarium.

    Hi Team Do any of you guys know any good Bonsai Forums? I have Mangrove, Banyan and Giant Redwood seedlings growing on a bit of wood sticking out of my tank. I guess I will have to Bonsai them, so was just wondering if any of you guys have any advice or know of a good forum? Here's some pics of...
  31. Stickleback

    Good Canon EF-S Macro Lens. Any Suggestions?

    Hi I would love a good macro, I was just wondering if any of you lovely people have any lenses that you have found to be particularly amazing for aquarium photography? R
  32. Stickleback

    Magnesium Sulphate Added to Trace Solution. O.K?

    Hi Is it O.K. to mix the magnesium sulphate I need to add, with my trace mix for EI dosing? Thanks R
  33. Stickleback

    How long do EI solutions last for? 6 months?

    Hi Can I make up a 6 month batch? Or would it degrade in that time? Thanks R
  34. Stickleback

    Seeing All Pictures Uploaded?

    Hi Guys I love the forum as a great mine of information. However what I enjoy more than anything else are pictures of peoples tanks, tanks that have inspired them or nature that has inspired them. I know that pictures are not technically uploaded to the site, just linked to, is there any way...
  35. Stickleback

    Cleaning Exterior Glass?

    Hi Having finally got my tank looking how I want it, I now notice how quickly the exterior glass gets dirty. So i was just wondering how everyone cleans theirs. I would imagine window cleaner and aquariums are best not mixed, but if you spray it on to a cloth and use it, is that safe. Thanks R
  36. Stickleback

    Giant Redwood and Banyan Tree

    Giant Redwood and 2 Banyan Trees in the sunlight this morning. They are growing on the exposed wood in my tank. The foreground leaves are Mangrove seedlings.
  37. Stickleback

    Drop Checker Becomes Clear Immediately

    Whenever I refill my drop checker, within an hour the liquid goes from dark blue to clear. No matter what happens to the CO2 levels in the tank it stays clear. It didn't do this when I was using RO water. I have searched the forum and while a couple of people have experienced the same problem it...
  38. Stickleback

    Noisy Aquarium Pump (Tunze Silence 3000lph)

    Hi Guys I have my aquarium next to my bed, so silence is valued above all else when it comes to equipment. I bought the Tunze "silence" 3,000lph a month or so ago and have found it to be anything but. Even having let it bed in and having done all I can to dampen vibrations it still hums a...
  39. Stickleback

    Some chap walking his fish.

  40. Stickleback

    Running bio filter at different speed at night?

    I have a complicated filter setup because I have a low cabinet and so cannot buy a filter that is large enough, that will fit. I have made a filter from two unpowered pond cannister filters and a powerhead. The trouble is the aquarium is right next to my bed and the 3,000lph pump is too noisy at...
  41. Stickleback

    University Challenge

    The only question I got right in last nights University Challenge. It went something like this: Haemoglobin and Chlorophyll are identical molecules if you replace the Iron in Haemoglobin with which element? 5 points for the first correct answer. .
  42. Stickleback

    DIY Filter Schematic.

    Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone would be interested in looking at my new filter schematic and giving some feedback or pointing out any potential problems. The problem I have is I feel my tank is under filtered. I have a 300l tank next to my bed, but the cabinet is relatively low so no space...
  43. Stickleback

    Metal Pipework O.K?

    I want to up the filtering on my tank. At the moment the inlet and outlet are 16mm Eheim u-bends. I am finding it really difficult to find anything bigger than 16mm. No one seems to make dedicated aquarium u-bends above 16mm. Has anyone else had this problem? Anyway, unless someone can point me...
  44. Stickleback


    Just a quickie: If adding tap water to the aquarium via a hose, is it O.K. to add the dechlorinator as you add the water rather than premixing the whole lot. I have a cold water tank so the temperature side of things is not a problem. The filter would not be on, so am I right in thinking that...
  45. Stickleback

    AGA 2009 Results - XL Category Winner

    Can you believe that this won in the Extra Large category? http://showcase.aquatic-gardeners.org/2 ... l=3&id=186 Am I the only one who thinks that this looks like a window box from a caravan park in Bognor. People go to such lengths to create beautiful, natural tanks and this wins! I would...