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  1. J

    Boiling plants

    Hi there, I have a snail problem that has recently got quite bad! am i able to boil my plants to get rid of the snails that are on them? Or will my plants just die?
  2. J

    C02 run out already?

    My c02 is showing no pressure after 10 days. The bottle weighs 500g. my tank is 400litres. Is it usual for the c02 to run out so quickly? i wouldn't have got it if i new it was goin to run out this fast! It doesnt appear that i have any leaks in the connection points because they look like they...
  3. J

    Help on prunning these plants.

    If you guys could give any info you know about how to properly prune these plants, that would be great. Java Fern - Amazon Sword - Vallisneria Spiralis - Sagittaria Pusilus - Ceratopteris Siliquosa or Fine leaf Indian fern - Hygrophillia Difformis or Wisteria - Hygrophilia Rosanervis, by...
  4. J

    First planted tank

    Hi guys, Id be greatfull if you could tell me if im missing anything for my planted tank. I think ive got everything covered but im a newbeee so i dont know much lol. Heres what my set-up includes; Tank size; 400 litres - 100 us gallons Lighting(t5 with reflectors); 2 x 54watt, 2 x 39watt - 10...
  5. J

    Where can i buy sharp scissors?

    Hi guys, just wondered were u got your scissors from as the ones i have cant be any blunter! I dont really wanna spend mega money on them though. Thanks
  6. J

    People with JBL proflora m602, HELP.

    I am unable to open the valve on the cylinder. It opens a tiny bit but does not release any pressure. Any help would be great. Thanks
  7. J

    How many bubbles per second?

    Hi guys, just got my c02 system and ive set it all up just wanted to ask how many bubbles per second should i have? thanks
  8. J

    Will c02 kill fish due to ph changes?

    I understand that putting pressurized c02 into an aquarium will lower the ph of the water. I also read somewhere that it doesnt affect the fish because it doesnt change the kh which is whats is harmfull to fish, is this true? If its going to harm my fish i will not get it, i will be getting a...
  9. J

    Do i need c02?

    My aquarium is a juwel rio 400 (400 litre - 100 US gallon) All my lighting is T5 - i have 2 x 54watt and 2 x 39 all with reflectors which apparently double the output of my lights, is this true? If this is true i have 3.7 watts per gal, if not i obviously have half of that (1.85 wpg). Do i need...
  10. J

    Carpeting Sagittaria Pusilus

    Will Sagittaria Pusilus carpet if you just plant in one clump? Or do you have to plant in several clumps for it to carpet?
  11. J

    Why are my new Sagittaria Subulata turning brown/yellow?

    Ive recently added some plants into my tank. The plants i have are, java moss, java fern, amazon sword, Vallisneria Spiralis, Sagittaria pusilus. These are all doing fine in my tank so far but my Sagittaria Subulata has turned brown and yellow, does anyone no what this could be? My aquarium is a...
  12. J

    Flourish excel with Vallisneria Spiralis

    Will the excel i use ruin Vallisneria Spiralis plants? i heard that some vals dont like it but ive just order some Vallisneria Spiralis and im wondering if they will be alright with the excel? Thanks
  13. J

    What is the perfect c02 system for a juwel rio 400 aquarium?

    i would really like to put loads of plants in my tank and i understand that i need a c02 system, ive read up on some of the information given on this site and others but it all seems so confusing. I cant work out which system i need? also my tank does'nt have much light, could this be a big...